Makeup by Say Artillero in Phil. Cosmetics Expo 2012

                                 with special guest Erich Gonzales
I waited a month just to attend this beautiful event! Why? if you are a makeup junkie & and love beauty products as well, this is a good event to attend to. Hoarding is the key word for amazing discount awaits! I am now broke but happy 🙂
I am happy to see my favorite local brand SNOE Inc. in Booth 6

A vast quality beauty products that your skin will love!

I can’t simply wait for their complete line of cosmetics, buy for my own, use it for clients and of course an opportunity to be a guest makeup artist in the future.

I also found 2 of my favorite online store there, Digital Traincase and Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione I am so happy to spot them! shopping minus the shipping cost! Yippee, plus I have an opportunity to look and try new makeup trends.

I am also happy to meet and have a makeover by Say Atillero  a fellow beauty blogger and youtube sensation in our country. Her tutorials are easy to follow with and the products she’s using are good quality. I discovered MEMEME because of her!

with Say, as usual, sporting my naked face again so we can see the difference once she use her magic on me LOL

Whenever I go out, I don’t totally put heavy coverage on my skin and try to conceal my impurities. Ever since I experienced acne battle! I try to let my skin breathe when I have to work long hours.

I just use Shu Uemura Hard 9 brow pencil, Suesh eye shadow for contouring with no primer and Body Shop BB cream.

Without further adieu, here are more photos and comments:

Prepping my face with MEMEME primer

MEMEME Face Primer:

  • It smells good (first primer that I used with a scent)
  • Made my makeup stay for 6 hours

Then she applied MEMEME concealer then liquid foundation.

Concealing imperfections

The concealer was good and it did hide my pimple scars but not my dark circles. I also love the liquid foundation but it doesn’t give me the glow that I like from my favorite drugstore brands such as Revlon and L’oreal.

Say, didn’t put makeup on my brows and eyes as I already have neutral shades on and I don’t want to over do it.

As you can see, my impurities are still bit visible in closer look. The bumps are hard to conceal but possible with layers of makeup to achieve flawless look, I noticed that too in airbrush makeup using high end brand. Have this in mind, we are beautician not a magician haha!  The trick is, don’t do close up na lang LOL

Overall, Say did a  good job giving me a flawless finish that I like. Her hands are light too and the brushes she used didn’t made my skin react. Some brushes makes my skin feel itchy, that’s why I am very keen when it comes to tools and sanitation. OC for short!

Wish I can say something about lipstick from MEMEME, but when it comes to color and consistency, my heart still belongs to MAC, NARS,VMV and Chanel… so hard to fall in love with new brand again that gives me the satisfaction in just 3 hours.


So, thank you so much Say! I really had fun with our makeup session 🙂


Excuse me for my messy hair, I just like the way it is 🙂 Haha, so much for beauty junkie.

For more pictures go to my fan page! 🙂


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