AGY with Teacher Rianna

Inversion in prayer pose with AGY Teacher Rianna

As a homemaker, teacher and makeup artist, just anyone like you… I need to find a “me time” to have balance in life. Perhaps, some of my readers have kids too and even I am not yet a mother, with all things you need to attend to, finding a time for yourself is a bit challenging in your plate. I guess, whatever we do in life… let’s try to give time for ourselves and take care of our body.

In my blog, I always highlight the importance of having “me time” It’s not being selfish, because I truly believe that you can’t give or love others completely if you don’t love yourself first. Fortunately, I am happy that my husband gives me my personal space to do things like exercise, shopping, time with friends and things that highly interest me, likewise, I also give him and spend most of his me time with sports, shopping and his car (yeah boys).

He is happy for my progress right now in improving my health and my willingness to lose weight because my body is suffering so much from various illness. If he can only track down every restaurant and food I take, he will surely try to stop me from eating too much sugar! 🙂 Support system is really important! Surround your self as much as possible with positive people with almost same lifestyle, it really helps.

In my previous class in AGY at Beyond Yoga I met a new Teacher named Rianna together with her sisters that are so yogini.

(The yoga sisters) L-R Teacher Rianna, Raissa, MOI and Rainna

In above first photo, like Teacher Monica, Rianna will help you to reach your potential in bending your body or stretching parts of your body through AGY. I swear, there’s calmness in their voice that makes me push harder. Soft and commanding!

Again, I had a hard time just simply switching my other legs to the other side!

Maybe it’s due to my body size and flexibility. I can’t even reach my feet with my hands, that’s how hard it is but I am trying from time to time.

This position looks like easy as a breeze and so relaxing! I sweat like a pig just doing this!

This pose and some positions that comes with it is so hard for my body but really feels good afterwards. As long as I follow the instructions and do it with all my heart and soul, I am all good.

As you can see in the picture above, it’s not only me who has bigger body. The one that wears blue shirt is a first timer and I can see my self in her during my first time in the class. I laugh and not comfortable, plus having trust issues with the hammock but glad she fights for it. She’s eager to learn and that motivates me much more to do more pose for fundamental AGY. In my other side is Raissa and she’s so awesome and I admire her so much that I even had the urge to asked her, how long has she been practicing yoga and had that flexible body. Well, the answer it runs in the blood and years of practice. She said that I can do it too 🙂

You’ll feel at home in Beyond Yoga. They will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, all your imperfections will be gone in this magical place. My body has found a perfect yoga practice, The Anti-Gravity Yoga.

Also, I lost 7 lbs of water weight after following strict diet and exercise routine for 2 weeks up to present! yey to me, hope it I’ll be consistent to this. So, help me God.


Thank you so much to my dear teachers and classmates who applauded when I did the inversion for the nth time in prayer pose! Again, readers… you must trust yourself, the teacher and the hammock for successful AGY Class! Happy week ahead and stay tune for my latest AGY adventure this Friday: Flying Fitness

“The most successful people are those who are authentically themselves, who add value,
who inspires and who take risks daily.”


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