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Hip Hop Dance Class at Capital G

Rycher of Philippine All Stars

Yesterday (9/12) I attended a hip hop class at Capital G Studio & Clothing Shop, located at Robinson’s Galleria. It was their 1st year anniversary and they celebrated it with one week of free classes with finest dancers in the Philippines that are willing to teach for free.

Passionate students

My brother (Igie), who is a good dancer with a swag of hip hop blood, invited me and my friend to attend the class. I once danced in front of a large crowd way back in College because I have to, as part of Student Council and graduating student. It was quiet an experience and honestly, I am not a good dancer like my brother and my sister who really belonged to dance troupe. They even do break dance and me, I only enjoy Jazzexercise, Zumba, Aero and Yoga haha! So, I decided to go with my brother to see if I can add Hip Hop Dance to my fitness routine.


Our dance instructors is one of the Philippine All Stars! He is a great motivator with passion in dancing like the students in the class. It was filled with dancers with oozing love for dance! I end up watching 70% of the class because it’s like watching step up live, right in front of your eyes. Rycher has an expressive hand moves as his body flows with energy, he just lights up the entire class and it was amazing.

I also met Cielo of Philippine All Stars. We had a small chat about hip hop dance and I told her that I never did it before and the experience was fun. She encourage me to dance more. What’s great about this studio, they find what the students want and works for them plus they even offer a class for as low as Php 100.00 so everyone can join with quality dance lesson and finest instructor. Worth every penny and time spent… this studio has a heart! If there’s an Academy, Capital G is a good school for everyone.

Overall, adding dancing to my fitness routine is good but hip hop? will try to study more about that genre! for now, Zumba will be on my plate and watch out for that! I love sharing to all of you my challenge for my self. To lose 40 pounds before 2013, okay.. sounds delusional.. make it 20 pounds 🙂 I know I can do it. I have a goal and wonderful reason why I am doing this, and I am going to get it no matter what happen!

Happy Anniversary to Capital G  and I hope you’ll have more studios in the future to help aspiring dancers and youth out there to be at their best through dancing. This is the first studio that I know who has a pure passion in dancing and have a heart to reach out with the students. Cheers and more power to you!

AGY with Teacher Rianna

Inversion in prayer pose with AGY Teacher Rianna

As a homemaker, teacher and makeup artist, just anyone like you… I need to find a “me time” to have balance in life. Perhaps, some of my readers have kids too and even I am not yet a mother, with all things you need to attend to, finding a time for yourself is a bit challenging in your plate. I guess, whatever we do in life… let’s try to give time for ourselves and take care of our body.

In my blog, I always highlight the importance of having “me time” It’s not being selfish, because I truly believe that you can’t give or love others completely if you don’t love yourself first. Fortunately, I am happy that my husband gives me my personal space to do things like exercise, shopping, time with friends and things that highly interest me, likewise, I also give him and spend most of his me time with sports, shopping and his car (yeah boys).

He is happy for my progress right now in improving my health and my willingness to lose weight because my body is suffering so much from various illness. If he can only track down every restaurant and food I take, he will surely try to stop me from eating too much sugar! 🙂 Support system is really important! Surround your self as much as possible with positive people with almost same lifestyle, it really helps.

In my previous class in AGY at Beyond Yoga I met a new Teacher named Rianna together with her sisters that are so yogini.

(The yoga sisters) L-R Teacher Rianna, Raissa, MOI and Rainna

In above first photo, like Teacher Monica, Rianna will help you to reach your potential in bending your body or stretching parts of your body through AGY. I swear, there’s calmness in their voice that makes me push harder. Soft and commanding!

Again, I had a hard time just simply switching my other legs to the other side!

Maybe it’s due to my body size and flexibility. I can’t even reach my feet with my hands, that’s how hard it is but I am trying from time to time.

This position looks like easy as a breeze and so relaxing! I sweat like a pig just doing this!

This pose and some positions that comes with it is so hard for my body but really feels good afterwards. As long as I follow the instructions and do it with all my heart and soul, I am all good.

As you can see in the picture above, it’s not only me who has bigger body. The one that wears blue shirt is a first timer and I can see my self in her during my first time in the class. I laugh and not comfortable, plus having trust issues with the hammock but glad she fights for it. She’s eager to learn and that motivates me much more to do more pose for fundamental AGY. In my other side is Raissa and she’s so awesome and I admire her so much that I even had the urge to asked her, how long has she been practicing yoga and had that flexible body. Well, the answer it runs in the blood and years of practice. She said that I can do it too 🙂

You’ll feel at home in Beyond Yoga. They will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, all your imperfections will be gone in this magical place. My body has found a perfect yoga practice, The Anti-Gravity Yoga.

Also, I lost 7 lbs of water weight after following strict diet and exercise routine for 2 weeks up to present! yey to me, hope it I’ll be consistent to this. So, help me God.


Thank you so much to my dear teachers and classmates who applauded when I did the inversion for the nth time in prayer pose! Again, readers… you must trust yourself, the teacher and the hammock for successful AGY Class! Happy week ahead and stay tune for my latest AGY adventure this Friday: Flying Fitness

“The most successful people are those who are authentically themselves, who add value,
who inspires and who take risks daily.”


For inquiries:

Phone +63917-5BEYOND (239663)
Email inquire@igobeyondyoga.com
Website http://www.igobeyondyoga.com

Anti-Gravity Yoga (AGY)

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”- Napoleon Hill.

When I hit 160 pounds this year, I nod and told my self “Where is that 118 lbs healthy girl way back in 2008?” I lost her and the healthy ways. My health and lifestyle was in perfect shape back in the good ‘ol days. I tried so hard but I think not harder to bring the sexy back. It is the lack of conviction and focus that I don’t have. With baby steps, last year, I avoided any soda and I am glad, coming this November 2012… it will be my first year without even a sip of soda and I am very proud of my self for totally erasing it to my life.

Then, I practice running once or twice a week and right now I am hitting the gym as my usual start. I pray to God and keep thinking that I can do it. That I need to do it so I can have a healthier body especially when my husband and I decided to have a baby. My goal is to be more flexible, healthy and active. It will make me happy and all the people around me.

I officially practiced yoga in year 2010 before and after my wedding. My first teacher was Anna Unson-Price  I tried my best to give time on this, right after my work at the heart of Makati. Juggling work and newly-married life was never easy for me. Yoga helped me along the way to balance everything, as to be a good employer, love my self and be a good dutiful wife. It relaxes me and makes me more focused and disciplined.

Again, I stopped with the class yet forget to continue due to busy life. I guess, it’s not enough excuse not to give even 30 minutes of your time to exercise. I am lazy! I have my own yoga mat and there are a lot of yoga videos out there yet, I don’t take the step to start it again nor getting serious with my exercise, it’s a big dilemma!

After months of yoyo diet and exercise, I am proud to say that I have been consistent for five months right now (consistency is the key!). It’s better to start right and determined than to be one lazy monkey in a day. I am happy with my development, I took swimming seriously and not think about my skin getting burnt, I run and practice basic yoga at home and hit I go beyond yoga.

I was introduced to this few months ago during a blog event for sexy solutions. I tried few fun pose and all I have to do is make time for it. Today, I took a full time class without a hurry and worrying about my business and work. I kept in mind that when I do this, it’s me and yoga only!

The staff of  Beyond Yoga in Quezon City are very accommodating and helpful to all my questions. They assisted me very well and I fell in love with the facility and their dainty comfort room. Yes, I love clean and beautiful comfort/dressing/powder room 🙂

My teacher was Monica for Fundamental AGY.

“As soon as she enters a room, one can’t help but notice her confidence and commanding presence. “You are as good as the chances you take,” says MONICA ELEAZAR-MANZANO, who, at 28 years old, is more than grateful for all that she has accomplished.

A yoga practitioner since 1999, it was in 2009 when Monica decided to complete teacher training with Greenpath, and in post-natal yoga with Dr. Jean Byrne. Aside from being a yoga instructor, Monica is the founder of FLOW SurfYogaSamba, which has pioneered events that combine surf, yoga, and samba. She is also a Retreat Master for Bahay Kalipay in Palawan. Did we mention that Monica also has a brown belt in Taekwando?

But Monica’s greatest accomplishments are the roles she plays as a wife to Montri, and as a mother to her young son, Santiago Andres, who have both inspired her to become an advocate for Natural Parenting and Waldorf Education.When not on her yoga mat or planning for her FLOW retreats, you might find Monica enjoying a good read, dancing, or at the beach with her son. Her zest for life is not only evident, but inspiring.”- Profile on I go beyond yoga
The first time I met her, as a makeup artist an beauty junkie… I can’t help but study her face and all the colors I can put to make her more prettier than she is 🙂 She has a lovely skin tone and wonderful set of eyes! but again, I am in a Yoga class hee hee.

She assisted me very well as the clueless and scared that I am. I have a lot of fears especially doing exercise with elevation. I had my worst fear when I rode Singapore’s Universal Studio crazy roller coaster! Since then, I am scared in heights! even the smallest ride here in our country makes me feel oh my!

I took the risk and trusted her as well as hammock at that holy hour. My body and mind is prepared and open to take new challenges and I am ready. Monica was very patient, I have difficulties of stretching my body due to a lot of fears!

Fear of my bones get broken, my head will knock down on the floor etc! Monica, erased it all. She made me feel at ease in her class, she didn’t give me a hard time and took time to motivate me to get the pose that intended for the class.

Front: Teacher Monica, Back: L-R my classmate and I

Teacher Monica stretching my legs!

She made me feel comfortable and she gained my trust by her words. I don’t know what you call when they are talking during the class, but her voice and chosen words made me feel relaxed and it felt like we are the only people in the world. Free and relaxed! It is like reaching our limits and seems nothing is impossible.

I feel embarrassed as I asked her if the hammock can hold me and she said “A baby elephant can hold that, are you a baby elephant?” She has a confidence that can affect you. She will make you feel great and awesome! She made me trust my body more when it comes to challenging it for more activities. Monica is like Hillary Clinton of YOGA world LOL 🙂 simply astonishing.

I am simply grateful to have her as one of my teacher in I go beyond yoga because I can see my self as a regular there right after I finish my first 3 AGY Classes.

They also offer Dance which I am highly interested too! Now, I found a yoga that makes my body happy. I’ll be forever student of this craft, being a teacher on this is not on my plate haha!


If you are planning to take AGY class, make sure you are decided. In preparation, make sure you have an active lifestyle if not, take time to hit the gym or exercise at the comfort of your home for 30 minutes. Take this for 1-2 weeks before you go all the way for AGY but it’s up to you. It is much better that your body is prepared for something much bigger than your usual routine. This what I did before i took AGY class.

Talk to your teacher first if you have vertigo, concern in spinal or lower back problems etc. Anything that concerns your physical body! It is much better to be safe than sorry.

It is also important to follow instructions during the class, if you can’t get in the rhythm, don’t be shy. Approach your teacher and ask for help.

I also wore my favorite shirt from Sexy Solutions 🙂


For inquires:

Phone +63917-5BEYOND (239663)
Email inquire@igobeyondyoga.com
Website http://www.igobeyondyoga.com

Makeup by Say Artillero in Phil. Cosmetics Expo 2012

                                 with special guest Erich Gonzales
I waited a month just to attend this beautiful event! Why? if you are a makeup junkie & and love beauty products as well, this is a good event to attend to. Hoarding is the key word for amazing discount awaits! I am now broke but happy 🙂
I am happy to see my favorite local brand SNOE Inc. in Booth 6

A vast quality beauty products that your skin will love!

I can’t simply wait for their complete line of cosmetics, buy for my own, use it for clients and of course an opportunity to be a guest makeup artist in the future.

I also found 2 of my favorite online store there, Digital Traincase and Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione I am so happy to spot them! shopping minus the shipping cost! Yippee, plus I have an opportunity to look and try new makeup trends.

I am also happy to meet and have a makeover by Say Atillero  a fellow beauty blogger and youtube sensation in our country. Her tutorials are easy to follow with and the products she’s using are good quality. I discovered MEMEME because of her!

with Say, as usual, sporting my naked face again so we can see the difference once she use her magic on me LOL

Whenever I go out, I don’t totally put heavy coverage on my skin and try to conceal my impurities. Ever since I experienced acne battle! I try to let my skin breathe when I have to work long hours.

I just use Shu Uemura Hard 9 brow pencil, Suesh eye shadow for contouring with no primer and Body Shop BB cream.

Without further adieu, here are more photos and comments:

Prepping my face with MEMEME primer

MEMEME Face Primer:

  • It smells good (first primer that I used with a scent)
  • Made my makeup stay for 6 hours

Then she applied MEMEME concealer then liquid foundation.

Concealing imperfections

The concealer was good and it did hide my pimple scars but not my dark circles. I also love the liquid foundation but it doesn’t give me the glow that I like from my favorite drugstore brands such as Revlon and L’oreal.

Say, didn’t put makeup on my brows and eyes as I already have neutral shades on and I don’t want to over do it.

As you can see, my impurities are still bit visible in closer look. The bumps are hard to conceal but possible with layers of makeup to achieve flawless look, I noticed that too in airbrush makeup using high end brand. Have this in mind, we are beautician not a magician haha!  The trick is, don’t do close up na lang LOL

Overall, Say did a  good job giving me a flawless finish that I like. Her hands are light too and the brushes she used didn’t made my skin react. Some brushes makes my skin feel itchy, that’s why I am very keen when it comes to tools and sanitation. OC for short!

Wish I can say something about lipstick from MEMEME, but when it comes to color and consistency, my heart still belongs to MAC, NARS,VMV and Chanel… so hard to fall in love with new brand again that gives me the satisfaction in just 3 hours.


So, thank you so much Say! I really had fun with our makeup session 🙂


Excuse me for my messy hair, I just like the way it is 🙂 Haha, so much for beauty junkie.

For more pictures go to my fan page! 🙂

Testing VBLOG!

Hello everyone!

I have new added feature for my beauty blog! I decided to enter the VBLOGGING! regardless of my puffy face, I will try my best to share you how I do makeup and random personal videos that I am pretty sure will make me laugh 10 years from now.

So, here are the first crazy videos!

August Favorites

The NO MAKEUP 100% NUDE FACE & Lipstick Mania!

(Now, you’ll see me looking like a “manang” to a glamorous chick! Thanks to makeup 🙂

Here’s my photos from yesterday!

On my youtube video, you can see snippets of my life and what I look when I don’t have a makeup so you can see the difference once I use my magical hands 🙂

Hopefully I can make a decent vblog on how to apply makeup and please do enjoy my videos because I am enjoying doing one especially when when I make my husband laugh because he is my camera man here since I don’t have the whole set up yet haha!

So excuse me for blurred shots because I am still a poor vblogger that only use apple & DSLR as a video cam haha 🙂

That’s all,

Sofie M.







Makeup Tools: ECOTOOLS Bamboo 5 piece brush set

I bought these Ecotools makeup brushes from Ivy Genato, owner of Polished in the City that sells high end and hard to find nail polishes.

Ivy Genato is a budding entrepreneur that will soon have a big name in the industry as I can see it. She is full of passion, focused and driven. Ivy also owns a nail spa which is located in the heart of Quezon City. Even the Beauty Director of Summit Media, Ms. Agoo Bengzon (which is my number one beauty source)  featured her online store and products in Instagram that gained a lot likes and inquiries.

It was a fast and easy transaction and the product was wrapped properly and arrived at my doorsteps intact 🙂

I love collecting and using Ecotools  brushes because of its fine texture and very light. It’s earth-friendly and affordable too! sad to say, there is no official store of Ecotools here. Not like in Singapore, Watsons has it. So, I have to order my Ecotools from friends abroad and trusted online store such as Polished in the City.

More reason I love Ecotools

  • Glides perfectly with any makeup brand
  • Doesn’t make my skin itchy
  • Soft bristles
  • lightweight
  • brush hair doesn’t fall easily when washing

Although majority of my professional makeup brushes that I use for clients are MAC, I also love to use Ecotools Shading Brush that blends well in powder eye shadow and Concealer Brush, hands down!

Mineral Powder Brush

Concealer Brush

Eye Shading Brush

Bird’s eyeview: BABY KABUKI

Baby Kabuki

Kabuki brush is good as a buff powder to cover the areas that needs more coverage.

Cosmetic Case

The cosmetic case has a convenient zip-top case and easily to clean too! All are handy and travel friendly.

Glad that I spotted this for my personal use.

That’s all,

Sofie M.

(This is not sponsored/paid post)

Featured in my professional portfolio: http://makeupbysofie.wordpress.com