Travelogue: Ilocos Sur

We always look forward to holy week vacation due to busy schedule of my dear husband. This is the longest days we can be so-disconnected in city life. It’s a good thing once in a while. This year my husband opted to go for a long drive, take note: during peak season, NLEX and SCTEX can be your worst nightmare. We’ve been stuck for an hour just to get ticket. My husband said that in U.S. there is no such thing like that, why can’t it be free, if not now, when? le sigh.

My husband was the one who always make our itinerary, it is very detailed all the time πŸ™‚ from the hour we should we wake up until dinner time! he is full of surprises man. I am, on the other hand, in-charged in everything! from being a mother-packer to master chef. I lovet!

This year around, it’s different. We visited not only one church as we used to be, prayed, discovered new culture and take tons of picture. Walkathon is the main event! so to speak. In our 5 days in Ilocos Sur, we only spent three times walking beside the beach and took the plunge for 10 minutes. I guess, we are sawa na kaka-swim sa beach.

From the place we stayed in “Camp Hope” which was owned by a rich family (former Gen. Reyes ++) in ages, the place is to die for! It’s a front beach with a divine fish pond- right before your eyes! Oh my, I just fell in love and from the healthy brekky they served.

Crisologo Museum

I couldn't stand Mr. Sunshine anymore and bought me a hat for Php150.00. My first kikay hat πŸ™‚

Calle Crisologo

Cafe Leona

Baluarte ni Chavit (Hacienda)

Not even wearing a makeup cos it will literally melt in your face! anything when you are doing a walkathon.

Narvacan Beach, sporting my no-brainer warrior yoga pose πŸ™‚

The famous- Vigan Garlic Longanisa

Pinsal Falls, Sta. Maria

Suso Coral Beach

Old abandoned bell tower (picture not edited)

I feel that husband wants to learn rock climbing! (at Biak na Bato/ Bat Cave in Candon)

Inside a rock mini cave on the way to huge bat cave!

Emote time! a great rock formation.

We shared one bed, and I am so okatokat (scared) on the other one! hehe πŸ™‚ I am claustrophobic, so if there's affordable bigger room, we get it.

This is where we usually have our food trip together with an old dog πŸ™‚

How can you not fall in love with place πŸ™‚ so peaceful, no banging sounds of party. (yeah, I am a boring person)

Ahhh, moments like this.

Sta. Maria Church (where my husband was totally amazed)

Sta. Maria Bell Tower

Husband and I really had a good time, discovering new things together, laughing and flirty glances. Priceless.

Places: Ilocos Sur, Sta. Maria, Narvacan Beach, Suso Beach, Candon and Vigan.

Travel time (Holy week): 12 Hours MNL-VIGAN

Stop over: 3 times, max 30 minutes.

Transportation: Car


WIFE: The domestic lioness

Always give the best

Hi everyone!

When you become a wife, your time and decision is not based on yours alone… not like before when we were still single and imagineΒ  what more for other homemakers that is already a mother πŸ™‚ That’s why I would like to share to you some of my “weapons” as a homemaker and a career woman without kids yet.

I admire all the wifey’s who can do well in all areas (mother, wife, business/career woman, me time, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and a whole lot more) As a woman, we are expected to be multitaskers. Truth to be told, sometimes we forget ourselves- which is a no-no.

I am so into woman empowerment and hail to Beyonce Knowles forΒ  always making strong statements in her songs and videos as well. Remember “Who run the world- G I R L S” yeah, I like the song and it is on my ipod playlist.

In this song, DANCE FOR YOU… it shows some appreciation for his man to all the wonderful things he has done for her. Sometimes, actions speaks louder than words! πŸ™‚ Will I dance for my man? YES!

There areΒ  3 (three) things why I am a beauty addict:

1. It makes me happy to take care of myself inside/out.

2. To inspire the ladies who sometimes forget themselves.

3. To be always look good for my man.

We don’t have a helper, I do all things for my husband personally and I am good with it combined with practice, trial and errors plus advice from my grandma and aunts.

I do our laundry, cooking, cleaning, sewing- everything and I need to get ready for office by 6:30 a.m. How I do it? (have a clear and peaceful mind haha) I wake up earlier to cookΒ  brekky for him and will leave a cooked food or easy to prepare lunch. I’m home by 6 p.m. and sometimes I still manage to go to market and buy fresh ingredients for our dinner.

We do our grocery every week and I am learning to cook a lot of different recipes but when we are both in a rush, I must admit preserved foods and having dinner together in a restaurant is our last option. When it comes to laundry, during week ends I make sure everything is well done and thank you for laundry nets because it makes our undergarments intact (no to bacon undies!) I also try to do the laundry after office hours in every 2-3 days so it will not pile up. I am a sucker for econo pack laundry powder and it saves a lot!

When it comes to cleaning, during week days… I clean every night after serving dinner and checking a lot of things. Because I don’t want to disturb my sleeping husband during the wee hours πŸ™‚ Then its like spring cleaning during weekends. As a wife with no helper and a husband who is always busy in business? I don’t know how I do it πŸ™‚ That’s why I love Wonderwoman haha.

I also make sure that our nails are both clean and thank God, there’s a nearby beauty salon in our place which only takes 5 minutes away from our home. It’s part of my role to checkΒ  it πŸ™‚ because what our partners looks and all- reflects on us.

As a wife, aside from being all around in the house and everything- just always remember how our partners fell in love with us. Di lang sa kabaitan natin, sweetness and all. Aminin, para rin tayong trophy sa buhay nila. Sa dami ng ginagawa natin, damay mo pa ang drama sa buhay, one of our responsibility as a wife is to look good, smell fresh and make our husband want us more. Lalo na ngayon, 24/7 na magkasam.. challenging ang mystery πŸ™‚

I love when my husband wants to hug and kiss me every night and day so I make sure bukod sa pagiging all around sa bahay, all around din dapat sa bedroom LOL totoo naman e. I have a lot of lingerie and skincare products to make sure its smooth and silky even my hair strands. I always make sure I look great before I go to sleep, kaya kahit bagong gising cute pa din. I even have mint candies beside my bed πŸ™‚ I am so ready, much more ready than a girl scout is.

I also give time going to waxing salon and to exercise no matter what and I have a goal to be more healthier but being fat is not an excuse not to look and feel great about yourself.

Moving on, even at home I make sure my “pambahay” is cute. I always make sure I look good and sweet to my husband πŸ™‚ marami pa akong gustong i-share as a wife but I think this is becoming a novel.

Part of being a good wife is that, I always make sure I have time for everyone too. They make me feel refreshed like girl bonding with friends and my family. I make sure that my world is bigger and less negative vibes! Di maiiwasan yun pero, hangat maari, cut the bad vibes.

Also, aside from the insane time management- don’t forget to pray. It helps to have a relationship with God πŸ™‚

’till next time!

Wedding Anniversary

Hi everyone!

I grew up with the loving arms of my grandparents who always celebrates birthdays, holidays and anniversary. I love how my lolo daddy makes kilig my grandma every year πŸ™‚

I am so lucky to have that kind of kilig moment with my ex-boyfriend, now husband πŸ™‚

It is hard to think of nice memorable gifts every year when you celebrate Monsary, Anniversary and now Wedding Anniversary as first. Well, I am not hard to please πŸ™‚ mababaw lang kaligayahan ko and I am so into- flowers.We also make it a point to have presents, wrapped beautifully with card πŸ™‚ Magtatampo husband ko pag walang card, me too. There was a time, pa bongahan kami ng card. Bawal ang mura, so we have to keep the tag price haha! We always make our Anniversary special together with birthdays. We both loveΒ  behind-the-scenes on how we get our gifts for each other… in short…kung pa ano nag-effort πŸ™‚ Diba its a nice thought kung paano pinili, bakit pinili at iniisip ano kaya magiging reaction.

My gift for my honey bunny πŸ™‚


His gift for me (observe the gift wrapper: :p)




and as usual, siraan na ng diet (forever diet diaries) πŸ™‚

Serious Chef-Wannabe πŸ™‚


yours truly πŸ™‚ my ice cream with rice crispies and heart candy


I really love my husband πŸ™‚ I really love being with him. He never bores me! I’ll do anything for him… in our family. CHEEZY!

Husband’s 30th Birthday

Hi everyone!

Contis best sellers

Celebrating birthday with my husband for almost 14 years can be challenging, as I am in forever research of what kind of gifts to give him πŸ™‚ from cheezy to splurging… name it! (pwera lang bahay at kotse hehe) I love surprising him with giftsΒ  no matter what…

I grew with a family that always celebrate occasions, my grand mother always make it a point that we have cake every year. Our favorite cake is from Goldilocks, Marshmallow cake!Β  We are so crazy about it and even we have the largest cake, it will only last for a day πŸ™‚ I carry that one as one of our family traditions.

Moving on, this is the first birthday I celebrate with my love as husband and wife. He just wanted to spend the whole day with me… cuddling in bed. Now, for a woman who loves to give surprises… how can I make a move with that kind of birthday celebration that he has in mind? So, as my gift to him… I bought him 2 cakes to represent his 3oth! I also planned to make delivery from my favorite spaghetti store, Ambers. The plan was to buy him a cake from Estrels, but when we were talking on the bed, he said he doesn’t like the cake from Estrels because he saw my “post it” from my vision board yay! So, to make the story short… I bought the 2 best sellers in Contis and bought grocery for his birthday food because I don’t want him to spend for his handa. We bought ingredients for spaghetti and he asked his mother to cook it for him since it is his favorite πŸ™‚

Grilling Liempo

A night before his birthday, he also said he wants to grill liempo with me as our highlight of the day πŸ™‚ but that day he suddenly wanted to go in Banawe and buy something for his car.. hmm for him as his birthday gift. When we got home, his mom already started the grilling, it was almost half-way when all is done. The liempo was prepared by his mom and it was truly yummy!

Annoying HBD!

Anyway, I am kinda sad that Contis doesn’t do the word art for Happy Birthday. I was so frustrated on how will I able to get an icing or a design that says “Happy Birtday”… I end up using sprinkles and made the annoying “HBD”Β  greeting. I never like it, but I have no choice πŸ™‚ Ta-dah, my first birthday cake- wording (palm face)

The nick name: I love to call him Nald, Nad (which was the one that fits the cake) or our endearment “Baby” or “Labs” and when I need to be formal or angry: Ronald.

with his nieces and Mom

We celebrated his birthday with his mom, sister-in-law, nieces and with my friend amiel that I invited to take photos for the our celebration. As his only Queen in his life, his wife… I have a lot of wishes for him such his happiness and good health. I love him to bits and he is my life… I will do everything for my family.

In God’s time… someday, we will blow candles in our birthdays with our future kid/s nah πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for that day!

I love you so much my dear husband, my sweetheart ❀


Pepsi Pinas!

As we tried to avoid “coke” sana… Pepsi naman hehe (may birthdayyyy!!!! puede!)

Reminiscing the happiest day

Hi everyone! it’s already week end and I am having happy thoughts reminiscing the happiest day of my life πŸ™‚













MUA: Kris Bacani


The lucky man ❀


Having his "moment"


with my grandmother πŸ™‚


In a few months from now, we are about to celebrate our first year anniversary as husband and wife… that will makes us 14 years now as boyfriend and girlfriend. Thank you God ❀

Sometimes couples forget that marriage is meant to be enjoyed. We are not each others obstacle- we’re meant to be each others strength β™‘

Labs and theme song

Hi everyone,

For sure kayong mga lovers diyan ay may tawagan! at theme song eklavoo πŸ™‚ KAMI MERON!!!!

This is the keso, perhaps pinaka jologs category of my blog πŸ™‚ as mentioned in my first entry about the man I love, a.k.a as Labs and Baby…

I would like to discuss where our endearment “LABS” came from:


Oo na, adik lang πŸ™‚ They are on of the influential tandem during the 90’s and yes, I love 90’s damang dama ko ang panahon na ito, samahan ng street boys aring-king-king at roller boys with Patrick Garcia na una kong naging celebrity crush. Naman!

Siympre, 1997 kami nag simula… gusto ko may tawagan din kami ni ronald ko, kaya naging “LABS” ang resulta- ka-adikan- kay jolens and marvin! Pero, sympre… lumipas ang panahon… naging sosyal ng konti, Baby na. “Be” pag sinumpong ng ka-jolog-an hehe. Pero pag mag kagalit, we call each other by first name he he he or simply tamang business meeting or socializing that we can’t express our sweetness.

Theme Song

Peachy and Wax

Sino ba naman makaka limot sa TGIS? juice ko… iniyakan ko ito at inabangan-abangan πŸ™‚ at syempre isa sila sa mga kilalang love team during the 90’s not to to forget their theme song: “You should know by now” by Angela Bofill

If you want to make me feel *emo* at trip mo ako paiyakin in a good way, play this. I swear, even in karaoke bars… I can’t sing this without getting cheesy, even in our home. Masyado lang talaga ako in love sa aking asawa na hindi ko kayang o.a. na mag break kami, which never happened. Our only “break time” was when he had vacation twice at the U.S. for 6 months, para di masayang ang multiple entry niy. Pero official break up or cool off, like:

1) Wag tayong mag tawagan in 2-3 days (ANO YUN FASTING?!)

2) Wag tayo magkita for 1 week and or a month, I just need time. (END OF THE WORLD)

I swear, even you ask him he doesn’t have an answer to that because we never did. We are not perfect couple but thank God di ko na-experience na mag break kami ng bongang bonga or even na feel— iiwan na kita. Praise God!

We may have shortcomings, some world war scenes pero I am happy because in the end of the day we just can’t live without each other.