I am very keen with skin care regimen. It is very important to have a clean “canvas” (face) as much as possible in able to have more natural polished look.

To have a healthy skin is one my main priorities because even as a makeup artist, sometimes we must let our skin breathe by not applying anything from our face.

Without further adieu, I found a holy grail from our local market. SNOE Beauty Inc. which has a wide range of beauty products! so imagine me whenever I am in their store, it’s like candy shop.

Php 199.00

Obviously I didn’t waste the last drop of EMU.CLEANSE! and that is my 6th bottle to date (Started using it April 2012) I love washing my face especially when I feel my skin is oily and need to refresh. I have oily, acidic and acne-prone skin and this is the only local brand that has a similar consistency to Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Facial Wash. Why did I compare? My skin loves Kiehl’s and when I tried EMU.CLEANSE, I switch from time to time and glad my skin has no violent reaction and I still get the result that I want and much more. I trust both brands when it comes beating the stubborn oiliness of my skin.


EMU. CLEANSE is anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, damage repair, skin regenerator , skin repair, skin protection, moisturizing, non-comedogenic, whitening, anti-bacterial and pain management.

A blend of Emu Oil, Acai Berry and Singkamas that will eliminate surface impurities, protect from environmental pollutants, heal, moisturize while whitening your skin. It leaves the complexion feeling fresh, healthy and radiant!

SNOE is Available in the following locations:

SM Muntinlupa- 2nd Floor, Fashion Ave.
Festival Mall- Ground Floor Behind Jollibee
Cinderella Glorietta 3, Ground floor ( Near the cashier)
SM Valenzuela,Ground Floor Beside BDO
Market Market- Taguig ( Ground floor in front of Forme)
LandMark Trinoma
Robinsons Place Dasmarinas Cavite
Robinsons Galleria
SM Las Pinas
Shopwise San Pedro
One Pavillion Mall, #7 Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City. (We are on the second floor of the Department store.)
SM CITY Sta. Rosa. ( Near BearCuddler by the SM Supermarket entrance)

Tony and Jackey Salons Locations
1. Tony & Jackey Magallanes- 2F Rustans Shopwise Magallanes Gate Way Paseo de Magallanes St., Brgy. Magallanes, Magallanes Village, Makati City
2. Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato- C.T.T.M Square Tomas Morato cor. Timog Ave. Quezon City
3. Tony & Jackey Makati- West of Ayala Bldg., Makati City
4. Tony & Jackey Malate- Unit H Bellagio Square, J Bocobo St. Malate Manila

Salons/ Spa
1. Beauty Glow salon- Visayas ave. QC
2. Salon 28- Pacita rd. San Pedro Laguna

YOU can also do online shopping!

That’s all!

Sofie M.

(This is not a sponsored/paid post)

also featured in my professional portfolio:


MUA Portfolio: GMA TV Show

Dear Readers,

You all know that I am so into beauty products and it really makes me happy whenever I buy and use one. There’s a euphoric feeling whenever I am learning a new skill on how to apply makeup by watching youtube videos and reading beauty manuals. Glad that my family and friends allows me to do their makeup for past years 🙂

Painting was actually my first love (read this) Now, that I am truly inspired and eager to enter the world of Makeup Artistry… I will do it with all my heart and forever. This is a talent that God gave to me which I am thankful to share to everyone. With that said, I am now taking classes for Professional Makeup to enhance my skills in all aspects of makeup techniques. Without further adieu, let me show you my first makeup gig for TV SHOW and everyone knows how tricky when it comes to film & editorial.
Model: Zeryl Lim
(Starstruck 5 Finalist, Host & Model)

Event: GMA TV Show

Zeryl with Sheena Halili

Zeryl with StarStruck V finalist Enzo Pineda

L-R -.-. Enzo Pineda, Zeryl Lim, Sheena Halili and Rocco

For inquiries, e-mail me at or contact me at: 09228163714

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{raw pictures}

Neutral eye makeup

After half a year of make up ban due to major break out, I am beginning to put some makeup on even just for a little. Before, I’d die before going out without any makeup on! I really think that women should never leave the house makeup-less, a little doesn’t do any harm. Please don’t scare the neighbor looking like walking dead outside. A little powder, lipstick or cheek tint will do wonders 🙂

I started wearing makeup again just this week (pity me but glory to my skin) I always opt for natural look but all beauty junkie knows that achieving this tricky simple look is not easy. Since I am always on the go, there’s no time for me to blend with other colors. Glad I found the perfect make up combination and tools to help me finish my eye makeup in 3 minutes. I don’t use mascara in regular days because I still haven’t found the most waterproof mascara to date!

On photo

Prestige eyeliner in Star

I put this in my tear duct to make my eyes more alive (thanks to Michelle Phan for this trick!)

Fanny Serrano Matte Eyeshadow in Espresso

Glad I found an affordable matte eyeshadow that has a good coverage and take note, it’s locally made! Fanny Serrano Matte eyeshadow just launched new matte eyeshadow this month. I am going to buy the best 4 neutral shade in palette that will only cost me a bullet in MAC, yes that affordable and great quality for my skin type.

Makeup Designory Blue Correcton #3

I learned this from my makeup artist Kris Bacani way back 2010. I asked her how did she camouflage my impurities (pimple marks & dark circles) in just applying one product before air brush and glad she shared it and even sell me one 🙂 Makeup Designory is available in Serendra, Global City. Tip: It’s highly pigmented and to avoid build up, add light moisturizer together with it. Use makeup brush and makeup plate to blend!

Shu Uemura 24K eyelash curler

Another cult favorite that only few has it in Manila, glad I am lucky owner 🙂 This is my 2nd 24K eyelash curler and I love it. It is similar to normal Shu Uemura eyelash curler in silver. Why I love Shu? it doesn’t hurt my eyelids and works perfectly in short lashes! with or without mascara. (Can somebody recommend me a good Mascara that won’t smudge?!)

MAC brush 252 and 217

These are the perfect eyeshadow applicator that gives an instant smokey effect! Although when using 252, it fits perfectly in blending. Not good into detailed eyeshadow artsy-fancy. So, 252 is a no-brainer brush for smokey eyes.

That’s all for simple eye makeup in Neutral color!

My current shower buddies!

I love taking a bath every morning using LUSH It’s raining men! The honey rich shower gel  with exotic flowers, sensual honey makes me squeeze more and enjoy my bath time. It has a hint of vanilla that makes it sweeter and smells refreshing before braving the world outside to work. It makes my skin feels smooth and moisturized.

In evening, I opt to use my current obsession with charcoal products. I love Sumi Charcoal Body Soap that makes my skin softer and clean. If you are wondering if it will stain, well it doesn’t 🙂 It is one of Japanese and Korean women cult favorite to detoxify and brighten skin. The smell is pretty decent and doesn’t smell weird once dried up.

I followed this with Avon Naturals’ lightening papaya & soy milk hand and body lotion. I love to smother this new found lotion that I learned from my office mate. The smell is refreshing and it is not sticky. It is also good for  daytime use! Would you believe this is my 2nd bottle in a month? I know haha! I just love body lotion.

Whenever I feel my skin is very dry, I go back to my trusted lotion: Aveeno Moisturing Lotion.

I use Asian Secrets Lulur body scrub 2-3 a week to eliminate dead skin and visit a spa once a month if I am so tamad to scrub my whole body and have my regular dose of sea salt body scrub.

That’s all 🙂

During War: How I am surviving total break out

This is the first time I’ll post naked skin on my blog because I also want to help others who experienced major break out in their life!

Few months ago, it seems the world hated me and doesn’t want me to come out from our home. Cystic acne started to grow uncontrollably in my jaw line, chin and nose. At first I ignored it and just had my regular facial and acne injection. It is the  most painful process to get rid of cystic acne but fastest and stops the bacteria from growing and occupy my entire face.

The first time I had cystic acne that I have to go to Manila Doctors with my dad was when I am 14 years old. That one freaking cystic acne invaded whole right side of my face! The Doctor drained and injected it and gave me oral and topical prescription. That is how dramatic my skin is!

Photo: 1 month ago

wearing orange top: (x3 of TCA, 2nd month of war) I have makeup na there ha!!! kamusta naman yan. No, eyebag concealer nga lang. Juice ko, bumpy bumpy talaga.

wearing blue top: 3rd month of battle: Day 4 of Obagi Blue peel

black & white top: 2nd week of Obagi Bluee Peel

Camera used: IPAD/no filter

Treatment: (Obagi Blue Peel after trying 4x of TCA 20% peel without changes) Blue Obagi Peel is available in Belo Medical and House of Obagi.

Breakout Month: started April 2012- present

Every week was a terrible skin war for me, 10+ of cystic acne shows up without mercy. I had sleepless nights and glad my husband was there to support me. Now, dear readers… I am a makeup junkie but I am x2 addicted in protecting my skin. I always believe that good makeup starts with a good canvas (face) Plus I only use makeup whenever I go to work (basic: concealer, powder, brow makeup and lipstick) and when I am hanging out with friends and having a date, I just double the coverage which is 4 to 5 times a month only.

I also make sure I erased all my makeup using makeup remover and wash it thoroughly. I was also advised to stop using makeup which I religiously obeyed for 2 months. STILL! the acne and pimples shoots like a falling star into my face! It is so horrible and my self-confidence almost died. Going to work like a burn victim or simply looks like an enormous group of bees just attacked me is so much to take but I am mature and responsible person, I need to go to work. But seriously, this seemingly superficial issue of acne can affect an insecure teenager and yes, Adults.


After observing my skin without using makeup and any skin care products, I consulted a Dermatologist and Ob Gyne. I started to have facial treatments (facial cleaning, facial surgery, TCA application from 10% to 20%) changed all topical creams and drink some oral medicine to fight pimples.

But wait there’s more! it didn’t stop there! they are still popping like pop corn for another two months and I talked to my Dermatologist what to do and she advised me to see an Ob Gyne. (But hey, this is a simultaneous treatment with 2 doctors)

Recently I am experiencing irregular menstruation and I found out during my Ob Gyne visit that I gained another 10 pounds since last year. Now, what’s the culprit? My unhealthy lifestyle and worst: PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 12-30 counts in each ovary. I was terribly shocked and cried a bucket of tears. My first question: Baog na po ba ako?!

The Doctor said, no. I have a healthy surrounding (whatever medical term fits) but because of too much weight gain these little monsters appeared. From our last trans v (yes, I always make sure to visit my Ob Gyne every now and then in a year) I was free from PCOS and my weight is healthy.

My hormones are all fucked up so to speak. My Doctor prescribed Hormonal Contraceptive, vitamins, diet plan and she really insisted major lifestyle change which also includes exercise. There are a lot of food that I can’t eat anymore. Plus, thank God, I gave up drinking coke last year.

I am taking Chelated Zinc 50 mg, Evening Primrose 500 mg, Folic Acid and Gynera Hormonal Contraceptive (for 6 months only). I am planning to have baby 2 years from now that’s why I am very serious taking good care of my health. I am taking folic acid, zinc and evening primrose continuously.

Food list that I am not allowed:

  • Caffeinated drinks
  • White Rice
  • Sweets or too much sugar products ( I don’t eat cake and ice cream anymore)
  • Processed food
  • Citrus fruits (to avoid stomach ache causes by PCOS and hello, ulcer pain)
  • Dairy Products

I really have to stay away from caffeine and sweets. Two are major culprits in messing up my hormones.

I am currently using facial mask 2 weeks in a row and it really helps for fast recovery of acne scars and makes my face look refreshed.

  • Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
  • Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (make-up remover)
  • Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser
  • Kiehl’s Acai Damage Protecting Toning Mist (I am using this when am outside and sweating hard)
  • Medicated Astringent (not in photo)
  • BPO cream 5% (not in photo) wonder cream that can make your pimple disappear within a day. (matagal na ang 2 days!


I am praying, crying and talking to my friends, consulting best doctors to understand this PCOS  and I feel so relieved that it has a solution and glad the major one is weight loss and switch to healthier lifestyle. No need for major operations and all. Praise God! Because my husband and I are eager to have our baby making once I reach 29 years of age.

Now, back to acne war… it’s not the makeup I am using or any skin care product. The problem was inside my body. After using 2 rounds of hormonal contraceptive, a month of oral vitamins and strict diet with exercise (swimming) acne attack was totally reduced. In a week I only have 1 or 2 acne. I hope my skin stops breaking out and all the little monsters disappear.

I will visit my Ob Gyne again two weeks from now as I will shift my exercise routine and from there, we will monitor the PCOS count until it gives up staying in my body :). I’ll update you girls 🙂

This is now my face taken in instagram with filter but still the scars are visible but no trace of acne. The Obagi Blue Peel helped my skin for fast healing of scars but be warned the downtime is 2 weeks, as seen on my first photo posted above and don’t ever peel of the skin like I did~ tee hee. I am using topical cream (Hydrocortisone 1%) to avoid too much burn and smothering sunscreen is a must, even facing gadgets!

My acne battle is now in 50%  I still continue acne surgery every 2 weeks and will proceed to TCA peeling after 2-3 months after Blue Obagi Peel. I will have lower dosage of TCA since Blue Obagi Peel is so freaking strong!


My posted medications may or may not work for you, so be warned. Overall, I recommend you to consult a  Doctor first!!!  The whole process is expensive but having a peace of mind to healthier me~ gives me more life which is priceless.

Leave it to the experts 🙂

Belo Essentials: Underarm saver!

We are having such a stormy weather and glad that my office announced that we don’t have work today. Since I don’t have anything to do, I will blog today 🙂

I am sharing you my favorite underarm weapon. I must confessed that I am one of the mortals who are not blessed with not-so-good underarm skin. I am suffering from chicken skin due to cold waxing and uneven skin tone. Most of us wish our underarm is perfect right? especially us ladies.

I have blogged about Belo underarm whitening cream since the first week of using it. Now it’s almost a month and I even let my sister touched and even my husband for the love of god! my underarm. The verdict: They both said it is smooth regardless of cold waxing! yipee 🙂

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream

I obviously use it every night. I don’t know how long this will last vs Mosbeau. My skin is acidic so I am most prone to darkening of skin plus my hormones is currently at war which leads to more body hair growth. ( I truthfully dread on it)

I also switched deodorant upon using the underarm whitening cream and it is a good combo. Belo Essentials whitening anti-perspirant deodorant (24H) whitens skin and controls darkening before it starts. Now if you are wondering about the price, it’s really affordable. 25ml sells for Php49.** not more than Php 50.00.

I can’t really say how dramatically my underarm changed but according to my husband and sister and lightened a bit for almost a month of usage but they are (also me) 100% satisfied on how my underarm skin felt: SMOOTH. Even my hair starts to grow a bit, still there is no roughness! I swear on it. Now I feel not so embarrassed when my husband is touching my underarm! I know it is weird but some men are so into- underarms haha! 🙂