President & Founder of Snoe: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

President & Founder of SNOE: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

I heard a lot of good reviews about SNOE and was so thrill to meet the President and founder behind the intriguing stylish and high-end cosmetics which is a local brand. Yep, you heard it right… our very own.During our meeting, I couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful Jen in her age (35) I even asked her what’s her secret haha!

She’s very passionate when it comes to skincare and worships SPF which is contagious.


SNOE is named after the only daughter of Jen, Justine Emmanuella Diaz or Noe for short.

When Noe was born, everyone who would see Noe would say she is a white as snow. Hence the name is SNOE. The logo is the Snoe snow flake:

I love Snow flake, in fact it is the design of my wedding cake πŸ™‚ That’s why I fell in love with the design of SNOE. It has a fine taste especially with the packaging and store lay out! Moving on, aside from being stylish and high-end cosmetics it really delivers beauty and value for money. It was created to cater and benefit all kinds of consumers as SNOE believes that every woman deserves the best and can reach their fullest potential.

SNOW is dedicated in understanding the value of health, beauty and passionately pursue to serve the consumers’ daily beauty needs. The products that is available in the market will have more to come as the continue to create new products to exceed customer expectations.

Soon this brand will be a Filipino market leader in cosmetics, SNOE in no doubt will be the biggest global Filipino brand in no time. The brand represented by the snow flake that symbolizes the uniqueness and diversity of each individual.

L-R: Lan (Web Manager) Moi and Jen at SNOE in Glorietta

Jen showed me her SNOE store in Glorietta and met one of her pioneer staff who assisted me to take a closer look and try some samplers I’m interested with…

This Holiday season, SNOE also offers a perfect gift set for lovely ladies!

Gift package

As I continue to observe and try the products like a kid in a candy store, these caught my attention:

Beso Balm (not tested)

I am a sucker for lip balm! from Burts bee,Β  Carmex to EOS (which is the one I love to use right now) Beso Balm of SNOE is kinda interesting as it plumps, soothes,protects and FRESHENS Breath!!! it has even a warning: Prolonged use may attract the opposite gender and cause intense flirting. Oh lala πŸ™‚

EMU.THOLOGY (not "yet" tested)

I really want to try EMU (for short) as I am into total skin care. It has grade pure EMU oil (ACAI BERRY + SINGKAMAS) it promises to be forever young πŸ™‚

MASK (not "yet" tested)

I love whitening products and this one is for every skin type, from dryness to breakouts to fine lines!

Whitening Detox Clay Mask (not "yet" tested)

Stem Cell sunblock cream (not "yet" tested)

I am so intrigued with Stem Cell products, I haven’t tried anything with Stem Cell and this is interesting huh…

Instant white SPF 45 Sun Lotion (tested)

I love this sun block because it is notΒ  greasy and Paraben free!!! Its like you have nothing onΒ  that any other lotion makes you feel πŸ™‚

Magic Apple Whitening Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Milk Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Another interesting product! it is Cleopatra’s secret to incredible skin. it contains real milk to gently buff away rough and dry skin. It has sea salt that will exfoliate to make the skin bright and smooth all over the body.

Body Ritual Perfum with Anti-Oxidants (tested)

It smells scrumptious, light and refreshing! It feels lusciously good about yourself minus the calories πŸ™‚ It is also moisturizing and contains anti-oxidants.

Happy Heels Therapy Set (not "yet" tested)

For shoe lovers (like me) I think this is good for us for foot whitening spa kit!

Sponsored Products (All tested)

Skin Softener (tested)

I used this product every night for 4 days up to present and I am loving the effect πŸ™‚ I am still young yet I am crazy with anti-aging products. This moisturizer is also good for whitening and contains collagen! It delays the effects of aging.

Will surely buy this again once I empty the bottle!

BB Cream (tested)

I use this during work days as a primer and it works well with my make-up and doesn’t made me break out. Yipee πŸ™‚

No.12 Maximum Whitening soap

Will get back to you once I finish this one:

Singkamas Soap (tested)

I use this soap during night time because of the (smell) It has natural ingredients filled with high-grade whitening ingredients, essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables! It might be a my sensitive nose, but I love what how it works on my skin. Even without lotion at night… still it makes my skin smooth early in the morning. Will surely buy this soap!

Hand Sanitizer (tested)

The first foaming hand sanitizer in our country πŸ™‚

It smells nice, not too sticky!It comes in 4 different scents πŸ™‚

THE BEST EVER! must have hair product (Php 499.00) Tested

I am the kind who loves being so mabango all the time. I want to leave traces of my scent to people I meet everyday as much as possible πŸ™‚ From my hands to hair strands haha!!! yes, a lady should smell nice.

SNOE hair heroes will definitely save you from a bad hair day!!! it helps to save you it from hair abuse such as hair blower, iron and styling products. It has rich formulas that contain powerful healing powers from oils, fruits and vegetables to create awesome hair days, everyday. Not only that, this intense Argan oil is also good as a leave-on hair conditioner!!!

I have only tried the conditioner and I am so in love with it already! The SNOE product I highly recommend (wait for EMU,I want to try that one so badly)

There are 3 products under hair heroes.


I tried the glam jam goddess (smells chocolate!) and glam jam blush (fruity gum!) and it is good for dry skin πŸ™‚ All cosmetics has infused with skincare.


Ground floor Cinderella (Glorietta, Makati)

Ground floor festival mall (Alabang Muntinlupa)

2nd floor fashion ave. (SM Muntinlupa)

Ground floor (SM Valenzuela)


0999-888- SNOE (7663)

0917-558- SNOE, 0922-8436567


MMG compunds, Magsaysay Road, Barangay San Antonio San Pedro Laguna




SHINE: Imee Li

I haven’t met her personally, but I would love to in the future πŸ™‚ She’s an online friend from LJ where I pour my heart out and she never fails to give such a moving advice from time to time. I love to call her mimi and I admire her from head to toe because of her great character, attitude and accomplishments, like her business (I ❀ Berries Frozen Yogurt) etc. Her blog is one of my bible in life.

Aside from her lusty bag collection (Chanel, Givenchy, LV etc) High end make-up stuff, food porn, travel and taste in clothing… damn this woman knows her thing πŸ™‚ most of her to-die-for collection is from her hard earned money and that is simply amazing. I always admire girls who buy their own stuff because I am just like them πŸ™‚ She touched my heart when my husband got sick due to dengue, she informed me about a herbal medicine to increase the platelet of my sick hubs πŸ™‚ During the time I was desperate to get all the help I can get from Politicians to my good friends!

Also, when the right time has come… I will come to her for to end my lust for a Chanel bag, so help me god LOL


(Above pic: my favorite mimi’s swagger pic πŸ™‚ )

My name is Mimi and I love taking pictures of my food and talking about makeup! My family, Andrew and friends are the most important people in my life and I love spending time with them. I love shopping and I admit I have an addiction.

Current Skin Care

* Cetaphil Cleanser- Best cleansers hands down. I’ve tried a ton but I always go back to this. Gentle and effective.

* Clarins gentle refiner exfoliating cream – It’s super gentle and safe to use on a daily basis. I really love this scrub.

* Shiseido Benefiance emulsion- This is my day cream. It’s very rich but it doesn’t make me breakout and it doesn’t look crazy greasy on me, like some other cream

* Dermalogica multi-active toner- I don’t use this often, only when my skin feels and looks dry.

* Dermalogica pre-cleanse – I’ve been using this for about a month and I seriously think this is better than Shu Uemura cleansing oil…seriously. Will review this more thoroughly soon πŸ™‚

* Bio-Oil for those pesky stretch marks -’nuff said

*Lucas Papaw – It’s like vaseline but made out of papaya and some other fruits. It’s from Australia and this tub lasts forever, I use it everywhere from my lips, heels and toes and I’m barely halfway through πŸ˜€

* Shiseido eye cream- very creamy, I have to be careful not to put too much on because i’ve gotten millia from it. Sometimes I use it as a lipbalm.

* Shiseido Benefiance night cream – This is my second jar of night cream. I will keep buying and using this until I find something that works better. I like that it’s super moisturizing yet not so rich that I break out from it.

* Lush Mint Julips- when I feel like exfoliating my lippies. I love how it smells like Andes mint chocolates. Mmmmm


Thanks Mimi for sharing us your skin care xoxo

SHINE: Bhenie Interior-Sta Maria

"an imperfect daughter, sister, family member & friend"

Bhenie is currently residing at Australia and have an empowered job that any woman would love! oh well, CPA ka ba naman πŸ™‚

She’s been a good friend to me since Multiply blogging was uber hot until facebook appeared and conquered the world. Apart from her busy schedule, she managed to send me her favorite beauty products for my Shine entry! cheers ❀


Just to give you of what type of shopper am I when it comes to beauty stuff, I am tightfisted. It’s so hard for me to buy expensive beauty stuff even if I know that most of the expensive beauty stuff are way better than the cheap ones. And I am such a loyal consumer that when a certain product suits me, I really stick with it.

For my hair, I love using tresemme, but I buy them here when it’s on sale. It usually cost $10 per 750ml of either shampoo or conditioner, but when it’s sale, it’s becomes $6.99 or sometimes as low as $4.99 each. Not bad right?


Addendum to the shampoo & conditioner – I like those because for the shampoo, it does not make my hair dry and for the conditioner, it does not make my hair oily. Usually, I observe, even though Pantene shampoo is Ok with me, but its conditioner makes my hair oily.

I am using J&J Body wash. Ever since May 2008 (after we came from Boracay) my skin got so dry, maybe because of too much staying under the sun, that I could not use just any soap or body wash. Some soaps would make my skin itchy or flaky. And same is true with lotions. I used to love, Kissa (the product used to be endorsed by Kris A) lotion was so good on my skin but when it got dry, it didn’t help anymore. The dermatologist prescribed me to use Aveeno. I first bought my Aveeno products from PX goods store in Greenhills & Cartimar. I can also use QV. A friend from Multiply (Meg) sent me QV soap & lotion, and it worked well on me but since it was not available in the Phils then, I stayed with Aveeno.

And since it’s winter here in Australia, I used that type of Aveeno, because of it’s soothing feeling after. But right after taking a bath, before drying my skin with towel, I apply Alpha Keri Bath Oil first, esp that it’s very cold in here now. 

As for other daily stuff, I used that product as deodorant because it smells nice & not that strong. I don’t like the deodorant products here. I am afraid that it will make my dark (because of shaving) underarms darker hahahahah.
Of course, panty liners & feminine wash are given.

My deodorant was sent by Nanay because I couldn’t find it from Filipino/Asian Store here unlike Ph Care which is readily available here 

for everyday use

I admire girls (esp mgateh) who have eyes for make-up. I don’t know why that even if I was using make as early as 5 years old ( I used to join Sagala since I was a toddler), I didn’t have the heart to really invest or have passion about make-up although before whenever I see my aunts applying make up when they were in college, I told myself then that when I get to college, I would also have make-up on. But yeah, maybe people really change J

This picture is my everyday things, Aveeno for Babies is my face moisturizer. Then I just put on J&J Baby powder. For my lipstick, I love the not so glaring shades. The lipstick is Maybelline, the lip gloss/shiner are Nivea & Victoria Secret. It depends on my mood on what to use.

for special occasions

these are the ones I use during special occasions, like when we will attend parties. I use either of the foundation, Avon or Cover Girl. The other lipstick there (black tube) is also from Avon. The blush on & lipstick are from Maybelline.

Yummy scents!

These are my scents at the moment.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Philosophy by Grace & Body Shop perfume oil are for everyday use, it depends on my mood again. Then Bvlgari for femme is for special occasion, the smell is so nice & feminine  will you believe me that this perfume was given to me last 2006 pa! πŸ˜€ that’s how seldom I use it.

If only, I can find GAP Dream here, I would definitely get one as well.

Aveeno junkie πŸ™‚

Last but not the least, just want to show you the pics of my Aveeno! & one of my essentials here in the office now. Bench Hand Sanitizer, this is my favorite scent together with the strawberry!

That’s all πŸ™‚

SHINE: Sofie’s

As a beauty maven and super addicted to beauty products and all sorts, I decided to share to you a collection of blog entries that I’ll write, called “Shine”. It’s about skin products and other beauty loots of people that I know personally πŸ™‚ So, better get ready when I bumped into you because I always have with me my camera and eventually feature you in “Shine”.

Moving on, I’ll share to you my favorite beauty products that I use on daily basis. Blame it to my maternal grandmother as well as my aunts who always reminds us to keep ourselves beautiful, inside and specially out! LOL because it is the first one that is noticeable (c’mon lets get real here πŸ™‚ ).

As a beauty junkie, I may not able to show you everything that I have because gathering the basics almost made me faint already!

It's bath time!


VMV Hydra Balance SMart Cleansing Scrub (Facila Scrub with Natural Pumice)

Belo Gycolic Soap

I love Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz shampoo!!! I swear on that product ❀
but currently I am in love with Palmolive Shampoo in Damage repair and Watson's Coconut conditioner, I love the smell of the two since I am working out everyday, I noticed that my hair still smell good kahit pawisan na!

Close up white now
Colgate Periogard,mouth rinse in fresh mint

St. Ives Body Scrub
J&J Body wash
PH care feminine wash
Nivea underarms spray

The bar soap that I only use was Olay and when Olay body wash appeared on the market, I switched. But I noticed during summer, it’s bit heavy on my skin so I am currently using J&J body wash. I am a fan of J&J specially of 5.5 body wash, I don’t know why it’s phase out couple of years ago na, sayang I love the product. Some body wash causes acne on my body and it’s a big no-no. I also go to SPA for monthly body scrub and other spa treatments or otherwise I’ll feel grose. That same feeling when I don’t have my regular pedicure in salon nearby house.

More for skin!

Honestly, I can’t sleep without doing my night/day routine. It’s all about moisturizing! My maternal grandma, “Linda” is already in her 70’s and she’s very beautiful mestiza.
Right after bath, (during the day) I use Jergens soothing aloe on regular basis, but if I want something girly scent or very dry… I use Chanel Coco mademoiselle, La Mer and Bath & Body works lotion, Victoria Secret in My desire body butter… really depends on my mood.

For my face, I use Belo Chat 2% and DLC Peeling Cream especially after Power Peel.

(during the night) I smother Cetaphil Lotion or Neutrogena body oil (depends how my skin feels, I don’t like rough skin) and use Heathcote & Ivory Country Blossom Hand& Nail Cream with Shea butter, this one I religiously use day and night, I love how my hands feels soft all the time.

Aquaphor is the best healing ointment, the best ever! I use this when a new shoes causes skin darkening on my feet and any skin scratches or something. I even use this for chapped lips, everything! I swear on this product. My hubs mother introduced me to Aquaphor and since then I fell in love. What I do is put a certain amount in different container with label “for feet”, “for lips” etc. I am OC that way.

I also take vitamins (Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Glutathione) I also use Mosbeau whitening cream for some dark areas on my skin! girls hello, as if you don’t know haha!!! I just want even skin all the way, even in nude you can shine πŸ™‚ LOL


I love perfume! I love it when I smell good. I even spray some before I go to sleep! On the picture are my signature smell of all time πŸ™‚ I have more perfumes, but I opt to show you the one I can’t live without (something like that) I used to splurge on one perfume way back 2000′ called “GAP” white. It is the most sexy scent ever existed to my life! I always got compliments wearing that scent! come 2005, it was totally gone! I even asked friends and my ex-boyfriend now husband to buy me a lot of Gap white in abroad since it’s not available here. So boo hoo, no more Gap white and that was the time my perfume collection started.

During day time, I love using Gap Dream, Gap Pink, D&G light blue, Hayden in Green tea & Peony and Ralph Lauren Woman. At night: Salvatore Ferragamo, Bulgari, L’Occitane Verbana, Chanel N5 and Jo Malone. In Bedtime: J&J baby cologne or L’occitane Verbana.

I only use one at a time, depends on my mood.

My everyday Make-up

When it comes to make-up, those are on my easy drawer where I don’t have to make kalkal my two make-up case. It only takes me less than 10 minutes to finish my signature look, but when hitting the gym I don’t put any product on my skin. Also, having an oily skin is both gift and a curse, I don’t use much liquid based make-up and a lot of moisturizer. When I am way to lazy to put much make-up, I only use face powder, do my brows using MAC’s brow set and lip colour from NARS, MAC, Chanel in 45 adventure hydrabase and Dior Addict. I can never go wrong using any of the four when in a hurry. It compliments my aura even If i don’t feel my day. When applying make-up, I use my trusted brushes from MAC, Ecotools and Elianto. I have a collection of brushes but I only took the picture of my top picks or else I this will be a novel entry from a beauty junkie like me.

If you have a question about the products I use, just leave a comment or e-mail me at:

Also, I drink water a lot and other natural fruit juice just to have that glowy skin. Exercise and montly visit to spa is a must for my beauty routine! I have my waxing done before at Skinline located at Mindanao ave. unfortunately it was closed so I transferred to Lay Bare at SM the block.

Napagod ako pag explain! haha!!! Not so high-maintenance, sa dami lang ng ginagamit ko tsagaan lang.


Me and my bes is not into planning when we go on a “date” together! πŸ™‚ that how it works most of the time… So, today I thought we are just eating my favorite Pizza! Until after hitting La Senza Lingerie Shop we saw LUSH store and smelled the strong scent of it πŸ™‚


My preggy bes and her last minute shopping! she will deliver her baby boy a week or two right now and I was freaking out! I am scared super that she might say “Sofie, Baby is coming!”

Lush store assistant and our Shopping Basket - she's so baet!

Ayaw pa-awat! πŸ™‚

Few of my bes crazy lush products! She loves vanilla πŸ™‚

My bes is a vanilla monster now LOL

Aqua Mirablis New Editio Skin Conditioner

The cocoa butter underwater massage bar that exfoliate and cleans. Emerge soft smooth shiny and scented with sandalwood and rose.

(keep refrigerated)

good for cellulites raw πŸ˜‰

(still keep refrigerated)

Sugar Lip Scrub in Bubble Gum Flavour

My LJ friend name Imee Li (mimi) blogged about this @

Be warned she’s very influential LOL

She’s my trusted local guru thatΒ  I have communication personally (oh well using Lj, fb and twitter plus BBM)

So, when I have questions like potions and stuff I immediately ask her πŸ™‚

Honey I washed the kids!

I also learned this from mimi and oh boy she has a lovely posh taste! I love it πŸ™‚

and a lot more!

Shopping inside LUSH shop is amazing, at first you’ll go nuts with strong scent few steps before you hit the store! then when you get used to it… everything will be normal LOL

My most favorite (winner buy) is the LUSH fresh handmade Sugar lip scrub in bubblegum flavour! It’s edible and really works in a jiffy! nom nom. I also love skin conditioner, it’s my first one =) hope it works!

I was very confused what to buy because everything is enticing! It’s like a candy store feeling… I also love the LUSH tinΒ  soap dish! we bought all 2 kinds πŸ™‚Β  (as seen from picture above, square and oblong shape)

Lush tin soap dish

I’m a sucker for organizers and I amazing how Lush has it! too oc πŸ™‚

I tried a lot branded and well known body wash and soap unfortunately they failed me… I have a sensitive skin and when everything goes wrong it all goes back to my basic routine: Olay Shea Butter Soap and La Mer lotion, my forever pals πŸ™‚ So I hope Lush will not break my heart when it comes to soap.


Lush is now opened at Trinoma and now onΒ  it’s 2nd day… I saw on their mini-black card that if you’ll buy two soap products or more you’ll get a free Tin Soap Dish… I asked the saleslady for it since it was displayed big time! (I like freebies, it makes me feel better especially when a product is expensive. We spent almost Php 5,000.++ for it! ) she replied: Ma’m kakabukas pa lang namin kaya hindi pa po yan effective.

Bubble Thought: So why display it?! it’s a big turn off for consumers… dapat di niyo na lang nilagay. That Soap Dish is Php 125.00 din πŸ™‚

Anyway I still love Lush and if that will do wonders to my skin, I’ll be a loyal consumer so as my bes! MUA. xoxo


Thanks to my ever generous bes who loves to take me on a girly girly date always and for Lush Haul.

Visit her website:

To Imee Li who is my LJ friend for years and now my certified local make-up Guru… I love how passionate you are when it comes to make -up and positive outlook in life! keep it coming πŸ™‚ more blogs!

Visit her website:

Let see if the scrub can make my arms thinner! LOL