MUA Portfolio: GMA TV Show

Dear Readers,

You all know that I am so into beauty products and it really makes me happy whenever I buy and use one. There’s a euphoric feeling whenever I am learning a new skill on how to apply makeup by watching youtube videos and reading beauty manuals. Glad that my family and friends allows me to do their makeup for past years 🙂

Painting was actually my first love (read this) Now, that I am truly inspired and eager to enter the world of Makeup Artistry… I will do it with all my heart and forever. This is a talent that God gave to me which I am thankful to share to everyone. With that said, I am now taking classes for Professional Makeup to enhance my skills in all aspects of makeup techniques. Without further adieu, let me show you my first makeup gig for TV SHOW and everyone knows how tricky when it comes to film & editorial.
Model: Zeryl Lim
(Starstruck 5 Finalist, Host & Model)

Event: GMA TV Show

Zeryl with Sheena Halili

Zeryl with StarStruck V finalist Enzo Pineda

L-R -.-. Enzo Pineda, Zeryl Lim, Sheena Halili and Rocco

For inquiries, e-mail me at or contact me at: 09228163714

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Belo Essentials: Underarm saver!

We are having such a stormy weather and glad that my office announced that we don’t have work today. Since I don’t have anything to do, I will blog today 🙂

I am sharing you my favorite underarm weapon. I must confessed that I am one of the mortals who are not blessed with not-so-good underarm skin. I am suffering from chicken skin due to cold waxing and uneven skin tone. Most of us wish our underarm is perfect right? especially us ladies.

I have blogged about Belo underarm whitening cream since the first week of using it. Now it’s almost a month and I even let my sister touched and even my husband for the love of god! my underarm. The verdict: They both said it is smooth regardless of cold waxing! yipee 🙂

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream

I obviously use it every night. I don’t know how long this will last vs Mosbeau. My skin is acidic so I am most prone to darkening of skin plus my hormones is currently at war which leads to more body hair growth. ( I truthfully dread on it)

I also switched deodorant upon using the underarm whitening cream and it is a good combo. Belo Essentials whitening anti-perspirant deodorant (24H) whitens skin and controls darkening before it starts. Now if you are wondering about the price, it’s really affordable. 25ml sells for Php49.** not more than Php 50.00.

I can’t really say how dramatically my underarm changed but according to my husband and sister and lightened a bit for almost a month of usage but they are (also me) 100% satisfied on how my underarm skin felt: SMOOTH. Even my hair starts to grow a bit, still there is no roughness! I swear on it. Now I feel not so embarrassed when my husband is touching my underarm! I know it is weird but some men are so into- underarms haha! 🙂

Get Belofied For More Beautiful You!

I love Belo Medical Group since 2010! I am one of the living proof that Belo can really change your life and can even save you up to the last minute when you have an emergency like a huge zit on your nose a night before your wedding day 🙂 Take note: I am just a regular-girl-next-door, 9-5 chic like everybody else. Belo is worth every penny of your hard work!

Belo Medical Group never fails to amazed me all the time and the last experience was when my husband tried Sexy Solutions. He lost almost 3 pounds in just less than 2 hours and he still maintained it.

Now, Belo has a new interesting FREE APP. Yes! if you like to entertain yourself by using a picture editor, BELO introduces a new Apple App that tickles your fantasy. Since Picnik (A photo editor) closed last summer, I don’t know where I can have fun with my photos, thinking what if I have doll eyes, thinner face (So, help me God) and the list goes on… All those what if’s were answered by this incredible App.

To download the Belofied app, type the word Belofied on the search bar in the Mac App Store. The app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad 2 wi-fi, iPad 2 wi-fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad wi-fi +4G. Requires iOs 5 or later.

Cristalle Henares and Al Galang (one of the app developers)

Cristalle and Al passionately discussed all we need to know in Belofied APP. It wasn’t even confusing for a not-techie person like me. I even made my husband’s picture as a sample to my group mates and I am laughing so hard because I did it so well and even show it off to him! I even immediately informed all my friends to download Belofied and play with it. As for me, one of my fantasies is to have bigger boobs and wish granted in Belofied!

No wonder that the Belofied app has become talk of the town. Just a week after it was launched, the Belofied app immediately cornered the number one spot of FREE iPhone app ranking under Medical Category in the Philippines. It has also banked the top 3 spot of the Free Apps Overall category in the Philippines with a bullet. The app has even placed 17th on the list of free iPhone apps under the Medical Category worldwide. It was such a hit that it was the top app (Medical Category) in 6 countries after two weeks – Bahrain, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates!

Even the Queen of all Media loves to play Belofied and a heart throb like Coco Martin also does it…

I am also glad to met new friends like Fashion Pulis, Fierce Blogs and Call me Kristine.

Fashion Pulis and Fierce Blogs

Those two are just beside our table and can’t help but noticed their impeccable beauties and interesting techie conversation and that’s how I met them and enjoyed their company.

Kristine is the one with pretty black dress with pink shawl 🙂 The first time we had a conversation about beauty stuff… I know by heart we are going to click in a jiffy.


So, what are you waiting for? Get Belofied!

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide

Parisian Chic: A style guide by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet (Php 1,265.00)

When I first discovered French literature during my high school days, I fell in love with Parisian style! I always tend to design my room as well as my wardrobe like a Parisian chic. I love the air of elegance and confidence of a Parisian chic as shown in story books, movies, the sexy language and attitude. How I wish I can meet one personally or even visit Paris my self *le sigh...

I even say to my self “think French” when I feel so tired walking or feel tamad to walk!

Parisians love to walk.

Anyway, Here’s a little info from Parisian Chic book that was given to me by my bestfriend Mylene as a birthday present!


  • Dress like a Parisian
  • Belle of the Ball
  • Chez Moi
  • Ines’s Paris

That’s all but it’s a fat book and detailed! lovet 🙂

My favorite part is Belle of the Ball

The Parisian loves talking about beauty, but hates spending hours in front of her bathroom mirror. She is not a devotee of multiple masks and day creams, preferring a healthy application of natural good sense and of course, the following top ten tips!

The top ten tips are so cool and real 🙂 I’ll share five:

  • Wear makeup every day, even on weekends. Your family wants to see you at your best, too!
  • Don’t go bankrupt buying expensive face creams— the best beauty parlor is your local dentist. An attractive smile and great teeth are the best way to forgive and forget the rest.
  • The most important beauty routine of all? makeup removal! And deep cleansing, even without makeup. Makeup in bed is strictly forbidden.
  • Drink carrot juice. It tastes good, makes us happy, makes us beautiful—logical.
  • The Parisian is happy to retouch her makeup during the day with a dab of powder from her compact (always on hand). But she might just as easily forget. And when a tired face rings alarm bells during the evening, there is just one solution—it’s time to get some sleep!

and some french tip from Yahoo SHE:

Best Beauty Tip: How to Look All French

“Always wear lipstick,” says Terry de Gunzburg, French makeup artist and creator of By Terry. “French women do not wear a lot of lip gloss; they favor lipstick, often red, and never leave their apartments without it.”

M.A.C. in Viva Glam Nicki Minaj lipstick

Nicki Minaj 2012 (Php 1000.00)I am happy that the make-up artist named Mimi in Trinoma made my reservation for two bullets possible. One is for a friend and who else? moi.

As you all know, I am currently collecting M.A.C bullets (lipstick) to fill all 14 slots in acrylic organizer and I need 3 more to complete my M.A.C collection… which I have a strong feeling will last for 2-4 years. After that? I’ll make it as a display and well preserved. See me rock it 🙂

Anyway, here’s a swatch upon using Nicki Minaj:

Having Iced Hibiscus Red Iced tea at Starbucks (my favorite drink since College!)

Watching Fountain Show at Ocean Park Manila (looks like I don't have a freaking neck!) lol


  • Compare to Lady Gaga, it is much brighter but not closer to Pink  Nouveau (not limited edition shade of pink hurrah!)
  • On yellow undertone skin, the color stands out because it’s like NEON to me. For me it’s a cool party color.
  • Satin


  • Because I am 50/50 morena and tisay, this colour is really good for morena
  • I am acidic and it has the same effect on me like Lady Gaga, which draws a white line inside my lip (I think due to dryness or I’m not hiyang) after 2 hours.
  • Based on my skin, it’s much better if I blend it with other lipstick to avoid white lines inside. (but the photos above has no other combination, just with and without EOS lip balm)


If you are collecting some M.A.C bullets like I do, from best sellers like Lady Gaga, Wonder Woman and Nicki Minaj, you might want to include this! but if you have the same skin type that I have (Yellow town and acidic) you might want to think twice before purchasing this for a price of Php 1000.00. If this is a staple color in M.A.C I wouldn’t buy it 🙂 It’s so neon hehe, note really my style.

note: I just realized that in making a lipstick swatch, it’s really different when you applied it on your arms and lips! So, beauty junkies, when checking for reviews online… opt for those who wear it on their lips 🙂 it is much okay.

more about my Style & Beauty

Old glamor style of 50's

(an excerpt from interview guide that has been published for stylish bloggers, it was truly a compliment for me as a beauty blogger to be considered as one, will send the link soon!)

Tell us about your personal style: feminine, classic, and understated and definitely an expression of who I am.

What are your favorite shops: I am more of a beauty junkie than fashionista, but I love Tyler, The ramp, La Senza, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Missy (Bayo) and 7 for all mankind. How I wish I am more in love with local brands aside from Tyler and The ramp, but as a “plump” pinay I accepted the fact that most of large sized clothes from local brands doesn’t fit me and hello for “free size craze“. Fit is so “important”, you might caught yourself falling in love with a dress but  no matter how nice it looks on the rack, if it doesn’t flatter you well, let it go. I learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Queen Rania of Jordan and Ivanka Trump. For modern day, I am so into- Sex and the City and Mad Men clothing. Simply, ravishing.

Things you don’t leave the house without:

1. Make up Bag (Sephora)

I must admit, I can’t go outside with bare face except when I am working out. With my make up bag, there’s a wet tissue.

2. Wallet

Never leave the house without extra cash even it’s only Php 100 or Php 50. I learned my lesson in a hard way! Inside: Wallet size wedding photo, ATM (I don’t own credit card-ever, it’s dangerous to your health) Identification Card (in case I get lost lol) and I am proud owner of Tom’s World fun card.

3.Notebook and Pen

I love writing to-do list in a busy day, jotting down notes in a business meeting and writing inspiring words.

4.Hand lotion

I am currently in love with heathcote and Ivory country blossom hand lotion and coco Chanel. Both are great hand lotion and I love smooth hands and smell good all the time.

5. Alcohol

For sanitation purposes


I feel much closer to Him

7.Cell phone

But I don’t bring one during family day, same goes with my husband when we are dating. It’s one of our marital rules


My Jurassic Ipod that I earned during my stay at the Senate under Sen. Villar. It has a sentimental value because I asked for an autograph personally. It was 2 years ago, I can’t hardly see the ink boo hoo.


I don’t bring huge bottles of perfume that’s why I also buy smaller version of my signature scents.

Make up essentials:

My easy to reach beauty counter!

updated makeup essentials

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Toner– I have an oily, acidic and acne prone skin. I know right, it’s a fight for ages… but since I used a toner before applying make-up, I have an occasional attack of oiliness which I only retouch once. Hurrah!

Dr. Feelgood primer of Benefit– This makes my make up stay longer for more than 8 hours.

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush– gives a natural glow on my skin same goes with my old time favorite NARS orgasm.

Studio MAC fix in NC35–  My trusted foundation powder. Sometimes I still applied it using wet sponge to make it more visible, I swear it still works, like the good ‘ol times for makeup application style.

Lipstick- MAC Brave (Satin- Nude pink) my all around lipstick but if I feel more adventurous or lazy to apply makeup, I go for MAC Russian red (matte). It really gives life to my boring skin in an instant! I skip any lip conditioner when applying lipstick, it works well on me.

Benefit Mascara– Who doesn’t want more flirty eyes?

Shu Uemura eyelash curler– cult favorite and mine too. It doesn’t cut my lashes or pulled plus “parang tinupi” na eyelashes look.

Stila Bronzer- for contouring.

The magical makeup for brows!

Benefit Browzings in Medium– My partner in crime to have that beautiful eyebrows well defined. The kit has brow wax for setting and brow powder to fill in all gaps in the brow hair plus it has a compact mirror, two small brushes and a tweezers.

MAC Brow set in Girl Boy- Also a partner in crime when I want to have a softer look when using a bright colour lipstick. It’s a cult favorite and a must have! This is a no-brainer product.

Make up brushes- I have 3 sets of makeup brushes, 1st  is an easy to reach set from vanity desk (as seen on picture), 2nd brushes that I used occasionally in train case  and 3rd MAC 217 and MAC116 my all around makeup brush that I always carry with me.

I really invest in good quality brushes, it might be a little expensive but it will last for 8 years with proper care. I have brush guards for extra protection and to make it stay in shape.

Brushes make all the difference in makeup application.


Diet tips:

I am in a yo-yo diet for years but as for my advice, don’t take diet pills especially the one that you can’t understand in Chinese or unfamiliar alphabet and wrong grammar instructions. I’ve been there done that, and it has taken its toll on me. Don’t even skip meals and avoid sodas if you can.

Take diet as a serious lifestyle change and stick with it not because you want to be a skinny bitch. It’s more mental challenge, because if you will starve yourself to death and go back to your bad eating habit again, it’s useless and will make you sick.

Right now, I am taking the natural way with Doctor’s advice and its effective, slowly but surely because I am not healthy anymore:

Portions of food:

  • ·         Vegetable – size of your fist
  • ·         Pork/beef/white meat- size of your palm
  • ·         Rice/Potato/Pasta/bread- ¼ or none at all. It’s safer for adults to totally avoid rice in take as per my Doctor.

I don’t eat pork & beef anymore, 4 months and counting. I don’t drink soda, coffee and any kind of juice. If I really want to drink something aside from water, I’ll have Passion Red Tea from Starbucks once a week or a month. My sugar in take is limited and only if needed. I don’t use much oil when cooking so thank you to Non stick pans. If you need oil, use coconut or soya. I rarely eat junk food and if I do, it’s only Cheetos.

Just make sure you don’t starve yourself and move, have small 6 meals in a day, instead of bigger one, hit to gym or jog for 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you can only do it once a week, again make it a lifestyle.

One more, “Think French” I love Parisian vanity, they love to walk! So, the tamad-to-walk that I am, I remind myself “Think French

These changes are good for a lifetime and not a short term commitment.

Note: I used to weigh 150 pounds (height 5’1) and lose 30 pounds after 2 months in year 2007. I gained it all again because of unhealthy lifestyle and now my body is different due to age. 4 months ago, I was 160 pounds and now I am weighing 140 pounds. (no diet pills and crazy work out) My goal is 120 for healthier me. No insane cravings and I thank my Doctor for that!

A lady must remember that:

In style: Don’t follow trends just to conform, dress according to your body type, comfort and your personality.

note: words and photograph by me. Please don’t steal!

Tuesday Top Ten

Hi everyone!

(source from a blogger friend named Lily)

1. SONG:

I am currently listening to old tunes from D’ Sound and Hotel Costes (I have the complete 10 albums of Hotel Costes), it is so hot right now and I think listening to music calms me.

2. APP

I am not really a gamer or app addict but heck, Temple Run is addicting.

My latest store and still beating!


I am currently obsessed playing and collecting colours from M.A.C lipsticks and loving the Shiso cream combined with loose powder. I don’t really need to re-apply, a blotting paper will do. (the trick: I added toner before applying all)


Ahh, I am way too picky now in every thing since ulcer pain existed in my life. So, I am fish and veggie type of gal for the past 2 months and present- forever.


I am not into show right now (boring) but been doing a lot of movie marathon from the Oscar’s 2012 and present. (e.g. The Artist, Hugo, The help etc… lovet!!!)


I still love my signature scent D&G light blue but lately been wearing Salvatore Ferragamo classic because it is so bagay this summer or J&J baby cologne regular/heaven!


Drama. Drama. Drama. My heart is now made of steel from back stabbing fake people! phew.

8.  BLOG

Still beauty bloggers, Interior design and homemakers out there!

9. Flowers

Tulips and roses.

10. Drink

Water like forever. ( I used to be a coke-lover)