Belo Underarm Whitening Cream


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There’s a new Underarm Whitening Cream that I fell in love with! After using it for almost 2 weeks now, I already saw and feel the difference. My usual problem is rough skin and before I was using Mosbeau but I dramatically changed due to slow process in delivering. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and every time I have cold wax, the old skin will show again and doesn’t cure redness caused by cold wax which Belo does. Maybe it’s not for me… but hence, I used it hoping for a miracle.

Now that I switched and tried Belo underarm whitening cream my skin is much smoother, no bumps and believe it or not it is really result oriented product. This is clinically-formulated whitening penetrates the surface of underarm skin and whitens it at the cellular level. Infused with Alpha Arbutin and hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid, it effectively targets hyperpigmentation (darkening) while preventing redness casued by habitual plucking and shaving.

How to use it:

Apply a pea-sized amount of cream on the underarm (or desire area that you want to lighten up πŸ™‚ It’s really an all around whitening cream) and gently massage with circular strokes. USE NIGHTLY!

I am so happy that it is really effective in just two weeks. I am using it right now for a week and as I said… it delivers! I have no regrets switching plus it is much cheaper than Mosbeau.

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream is available at Watson’s

Price: Php 799.00 per 40ml container


Get Belofied For More Beautiful You!

I love Belo Medical Group since 2010! I am one of the living proof that Belo can really change your life and can even save you up to the last minute when you have an emergency like a huge zit on your nose a night before your wedding day πŸ™‚ Take note: I am just a regular-girl-next-door, 9-5 chic like everybody else. Belo is worth every penny of your hard work!

Belo Medical Group never fails to amazed me all the time and the last experience was when my husband tried Sexy Solutions. He lost almost 3 pounds in just less than 2 hours and he still maintained it.

Now, Belo has a new interesting FREE APP. Yes! if you like to entertain yourself by using a picture editor, BELO introduces a new Apple App that tickles your fantasy. Since Picnik (A photo editor) closed last summer, I don’t know where I can have fun with my photos, thinking what if I have doll eyes, thinner face (So, help me God) and the list goes on… All those what if’s were answered by this incredible App.

To download the Belofied app, type the word Belofied on the search bar in the Mac App Store. The app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad 2 wi-fi, iPad 2 wi-fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad wi-fi +4G. Requires iOs 5 or later.

Cristalle Henares and Al Galang (one of the app developers)

Cristalle and Al passionately discussed all we need to know in Belofied APP. It wasn’t even confusing for a not-techie person like me. I even made my husband’s picture as a sample to my group mates and I am laughing so hard because I did it so well and even show it off to him! I even immediately informed all my friends to download Belofied and play with it. As for me, one of my fantasies is to have bigger boobs and wish granted in Belofied!

No wonder that the Belofied app has become talk of the town. Just a week after it was launched, the Belofied app immediately cornered the number one spot of FREE iPhone app ranking under Medical Category in the Philippines. It has also banked the top 3 spot of the Free Apps Overall category in the Philippines with a bullet. The app has even placed 17th on the list of free iPhone apps under the Medical Category worldwide. It was such a hit that it was the top app (Medical Category) in 6 countries after two weeks – Bahrain, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates!

Even the Queen of all Media loves to play Belofied and a heart throb like Coco Martin also does it…

I am also glad to met new friends like Fashion Pulis, Fierce Blogs and Call me Kristine.

Fashion Pulis and Fierce Blogs

Those two are just beside our table and can’t help but noticed their impeccable beauties and interesting techie conversation and that’s how I met them and enjoyed their company.

Kristine is the one with pretty black dress with pink shawl πŸ™‚ The first time we had a conversation about beauty stuff… I know by heart we are going to click in a jiffy.


So, what are you waiting for? Get Belofied!

Ums and you know?

Monthly dose of Belo facial treatment

Ums and you know? are my favorite words if I can’t completely express my self or I forgot something… but “you know” is becoming a bad habit when I talk, it’s pretty annoying! you know? LOL πŸ™‚

Anyway, this entry might bore you hee hee…

When a large zit appeared on my nose, day before my wedding day… I cried the entire day because no derm clinic would accept me and the last one that I made kulit was “Belo Clinic”. That day, I am totally crazy, I told the Doctor and even the receptionist I am willing to pay and I dont care how expensive it will be! I am desperate to make that zit zap! But its risky, I said there’s no more riskier-er than having that large red zit yucky one stay on my face and be the star on my big day!

So, what happened!? to cut it short, they just pricked it! injected a-medicine-that-I-don’t-know then I had an ice mask. Total Cost- Doctor’s fee: 0 Service: 500.00 only. Thank’s to Dr. Angela Maria L. Dulalia, my first doctor in Belo Medical Group. She told me, gift niya na raw sa akin yun πŸ™‚ yay! But am really thankful for the one who do my facial, her name is SHIN.

SHIN is a registered nurse, (I know right? πŸ™‚ dope!) she has the hands of an angel haha! I never seen my face so nice after facial treatment, Gawd don’t ask me how many derm or facial clinic whatever you call it- that I already tried! for so many years I searched high and low and I hope Belo is the one!

Moving on, I am loving the result πŸ™‚ my oilyness become lesser haha! So anyway the thing is my favorite Dr. Dulalia has already transferred to Belo Clinic in Tomas Morato boo hoo, the tamad that I am when it comes to visiting vanity clinic… it will just not work for me. I had no choice but to consult a new doctor that will continue monitoring my facial churva.

Her name is Dr. April R. Geraldez, I like her too. She’s not a snob and really gives attention to her patients. As per usual, she’s pretty too. Anyway, I love Belo staff… all of ’em are nice

Oh well, ang mahirap lang sa favorite nurse ko… lagi siyang fully booked. Would you believed I booked my December treatments noong November pa πŸ™‚ grabe, magaling naman kasi si Shin. Today, I had my basic glyco facial and powerpeel. I love it! super smooth ng skin ko after the powerpeel, but I’ll just have powerpeel once a month lang. Too mahal! haha yung facial cleaning, okay lang kasi I really need it. Yung powerpeel pwede naman raw once a month.

I already booked the facial tratments that I need, so kita niyo naman ang appointment card ko… ganyan ka busy si Shin hehehe πŸ™‚ and the doctor said, hindi na raw every week ang cleaning ko… (thank God!) twice a month na lang raw! yey πŸ™‚ I just need to save big time for my february treatment, kinday pricey but I believe it will also compliment my skin.

One of my promise to my self this 2011 is to take care of my skin na talaga, naku… napagkiiwanan na ako ng husband ko noh πŸ™‚ alaga siya ng dermstrata… sayang kasi di ako hiyang doon haha. Anyway, I am investing in a right way, mukha ko yata toh noh LOL have a nice week ahead.

side note: There’s always a way to be your best. Beauty should begin in the heart and soul otherwise cosmetics are useless πŸ™‚