Shoes 101: to find shoes easily!

Hi everyone!

I always believe in the saying that “Beautiful Shoes will take you to beautiful places” as heard in one of my favorites: Meteor Garden. Since then, I only invest with good pairs. I don’t just buy shoes or anything (except for beauty products) to see them piling up and rot. I always go for the quality, style and compliments my skin! that’ why I make sure that every thing that I have is well kept. Every week, I check my things to make sure its free from dust.

My husband and I shares a life size shoe rack and organized according to his and hers to make life easier 🙂 but mine was a bit detailed.

Shoe box with picture!

I must admit, I don’t memorize all the shoes I have!  some of ’em have came from the same store which means, similar boxes. It always gives me a hard time to find the one that I like to use and it takes time to find it, since I have look what’s inside the box and after that my mood is ruined. So, I took time to take photos of my shoes and attached it on the box where I can easily see it.

I just need to see the style and color of the shoes I want to use and that’s it *hassle-free*. I am a self-confessed high heels lover and got few flats when my feet needs rest 🙂 Anyway, it take me a while to finish organizing our shoe rack. I suggested to husband that I’ll do the same in his shoe collection but he refused since he loves looking around *le sigh. Things is much easier this way, sofie’e way 😀


I love organized things, even our closet has the same color of hangers (Black) and clothes are folded according to color and all pantay-pantay!


I Won! Thanks Elianto Philippines!


Last month, Elianto Philippines sponsored a contest on this blog. P1,500 worth of make-up was at stake.

Elianto Eyeshadow PaletteAlthough Animetric’s World facilitated the contest, it was Elianto Philippines who judged the ten entries which were submitted. Without further ado, the winner of P1,500 worth of Elianto make-up from Animetric’s World is…

Sofie Salvador, Elianto winner!…Sofie Salvador! Sofie tells us all about her make-up brush set from Elianto, now she’ll also take home some make-up to go with it. Check out Sofie’s winning entry here –

Congratulations Sofie! I’ll email you regarding prize claim details. 😀
I’d like to thank everyone who joined. To those who did not win this time, don’t worry, there are a lot more contests coming up. 😀
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O M G! I am so excited!

Black Notebook

I love to doodle and taking notes. It’s like a twitter in a hard copy LOL 🙂

When Twitter and Facebook “What’s on your mind” are  not yet the deal, pen and paper are my companion. I remember back then, whenever I am angry or simply happy… I write everything just to let it out 🙂 I even love to draw a small moving cartoon such as stick people  below the pages of my notebook.

But even there’s already a twitter and FB message status, I still keep a notebook with me 🙂

Moving on… for the past few years my favorite notebook is from Moleskine:

The Black Notebook

It is simple yet elegant 🙂

Love the texture of Moleskine paper 🙂

With or without lines I both love it. I just needed this one with lines because my office notes can be so complicated due to my hand writing and also I love to write anywhere if there’s no line 🙂

Also, I love the cover of Moleskine! The color does not fade easily and free from scratches.

Go and grab your Moleskine now and enjoy taking notes 🙂

The way she showed her Love ♥


Yesterday was the hottest temperature in Philippines… ehem 37.5 C. So hot! I stayed in bed for hours surfing the net and crackberry-ing… ’till I tweeted something that my bes Mylene told me to come over! (well we are discussing about food and stuff) and I took it seriously!!! after 10 to 20 minutes or less… I was already knocking on her door! That fast— zoom.

Look what she cooked for me ♥

Zitti version of Mylene Sarah Intud ♥

Mouthwatering huh?! not too much until you see the other dish that her mom brought to us! scroll it down…




So yummy indeed! I even felt sleepy while eating! I ate 5 small plates of pasta and one whole slice of this sinful cake! Plus COKE! ♥

geesh! I love it… Also I hit the shower just like the old good times! i always do that during our college years at my bestfriend’s house. I love taking a bath! I don’t know why 🙂 and there are certain bathrooms that I really adore! weird huh? well it’s the first thing I adore in a house ♥ Lovely bathroom!

Inside my bestfriend’s spacey bathroom you’ll find goodies from: J&J, Aveeno, Kerastase, The Body Shop etc….

Don’t you just love toiletries?! ♥ Me Likey! I am sucker for toiletries and can really spend so much moolah with those cute li’l things! 🙂

Thank you so much bes for your time spent with me ♥ Love you! and pluez activate you wordpress again haha!

Current Reads

When I am not busy and need to feed my imagination and some sides of my brain I read these books randomly:

The Secret (Thanks to Jojo Terencio for this book)

Well, I like it especially when I need to stay positive. Law of Attraction! 🙂

She's an Icon to me, I like her beauty and style but I need to know her more..

Her book is not actually for dumb blondes so to speak. I find this book great especially for fresh graduates! I had finished this book but I love to read it all over and over because it reminds me to keep focus and stick with the basics. Ivanka revealed the tricks of the trade in corporate world which I find helpful.

The Kennedy's

Aside from Queen Rania of Jordan I am also interested… so interested with the Kennedys. Aside from the inriguing deaths, the way they graced the American politics and not to forget Jackie O’ whew… *again* interesting.

When you are engulfed in flames

This is classic. When I want to laugh alone with a good read… this is my partner! So hillarous and witty!

Sample contents:

* Road Trips – Being picked up by a driver that wants a blow job.

* The Smoking Section – Sedaris tries to quit smoking in Japan.

some excerpt from the Smoking Section:

A Japanese woman we’d met in Paris came to the apartment yesterday and spent several hours explaining our appliances. The microwave, the water kettle, the electric bathtub: everything blinks and bleeps and calls out in the middle of the night. I’d wondered what the rice maker was carrying on about, and Reiko told us that it was on a timer and simply wanted us to know that it was present and ready for duty. That was the kettle’s story as well, while the tub was just being an asshole and waking us up for no reason.

and a whole lot more.

I love to read these books depends on my mood. I find them entertaining, mind boggling and makes me feel good. Learning a thing or two from each is great! 🙂 (sometimes MORE)

Note: Maybe you are wondering if I finished at least one of  ’em? the answer is NO. 🙂 it’s either I am skipping or I am busy with my work, boyfriend, family, friends or another hobby 🙂