Hip Hop Dance Class at Capital G

Rycher of Philippine All Stars

Yesterday (9/12) I attended a hip hop class at Capital G Studio & Clothing Shop, located at Robinson’s Galleria. It was their 1st year anniversary and they celebrated it with one week of free classes with finest dancers in the Philippines that are willing to teach for free.

Passionate students

My brother (Igie), who is a good dancer with a swag of hip hop blood, invited me and my friend to attend the class. I once danced in front of a large crowd way back in College because I have to, as part of Student Council and graduating student. It was quiet an experience and honestly, I am not a good dancer like my brother and my sister who really belonged to dance troupe. They even do break dance and me, I only enjoy Jazzexercise, Zumba, Aero and Yoga haha! So, I decided to go with my brother to see if I can add Hip Hop Dance to my fitness routine.


Our dance instructors is one of the Philippine All Stars! He is a great motivator with passion in dancing like the students in the class. It was filled with dancers with oozing love for dance! I end up watching 70% of the class because it’s like watching step up live, right in front of your eyes. Rycher has an expressive hand moves as his body flows with energy, he just lights up the entire class and it was amazing.

I also met Cielo of Philippine All Stars. We had a small chat about hip hop dance and I told her that I never did it before and the experience was fun. She encourage me to dance more. What’s great about this studio, they find what the students want and works for them plus they even offer a class for as low as Php 100.00 so everyone can join with quality dance lesson and finest instructor. Worth every penny and time spent… this studio has a heart! If there’s an Academy, Capital G is a good school for everyone.

Overall, adding dancing to my fitness routine is good but hip hop? will try to study more about that genre! for now, Zumba will be on my plate and watch out for that! I love sharing to all of you my challenge for my self. To lose 40 pounds before 2013, okay.. sounds delusional.. make it 20 pounds 🙂 I know I can do it. I have a goal and wonderful reason why I am doing this, and I am going to get it no matter what happen!

Happy Anniversary to Capital G  and I hope you’ll have more studios in the future to help aspiring dancers and youth out there to be at their best through dancing. This is the first studio that I know who has a pure passion in dancing and have a heart to reach out with the students. Cheers and more power to you!