Happy Colours for Nails!

Fun Nail Colors!

It wasn’t my plan to buy nail polish since orly, chanel and dashing diva polish already owned my heart 🙂 but when I saw that Elianto is having a SALE for nail polish… I didn’t think twice and bought the colors that looks fun to me.

I know… summer color much? but happy colors makes me happy 🙂 I am currently wearing the yellow one as shown in my previous post. I don’t mind experimenting when it comes to beauty products but when it comes to clothing, I stick with black, white, nude and pink if I want to look perky- that’s all. I can’t sport happy colors when it comes to clothing, it’s not bagay sa akin hehe 🙂 Anyhoo- I only got it for P50.00 each! YAY! great huh?

So far, people seeing me with this color on my nails says: “Oh yellow” haha, is that a compliment? 🙂 LOL whatever.


I didn’t know why I have to write about what colors I like when it comes to clothing hehehe nevermind.


Make-up Haul

Month: November 2010

I am still in my mini-getaway and am happy to be pampered like a princess and shop like a pro! 🙂

I had my hair colored which I am obsessing for months before the wedding and facial cleaning due to heavy make-up worn last Friday

As you all know, I am forever searching for make-up goodies that is suitable to my skin and it’s so hard to pick because I am oily and acidic!

Goodness it’s a blessing and a curse as the same time? Why I say so… Blessing because having an oily skin will not make your skin age fast, while being an acidic is a curse because not all make-up goodies is available for use.

Creamy and liquid base make-up are something I can’t use on a regular basis or even occasionally because it melts like crazy on my skin like you can also put an egg and start to fry it on my face! blech.

Hokay, let’s see the pics!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin in 180 Sand Beige

That’s why I don’t like surfing blogs! why? I am truly influenced buying good stuff from trusted bloggers like mimi! She’s a friends from livejournal for 3 years now or more… She really write good stuff when it comes to beauty products 🙂 Her taste is impeccable, love it: http://lacklusterr.blogspot.com/

I tried it a while ago and I must say it’s not cakey, although I still don’t know if this one is long-wearing since I need to take it off after an hour because my skin is still in a healing process due to peeling from my last procedure in belo clinic… so, yes my skin is peeling right now 🙂 for the love of vanity! You think it’s easy to have a ready to go look?! haha you must invest! LOL

Oh may I add this one is affordable 🙂

Such a MUA (Make-Up Addict) 🙂

I also bought new Lip colour!

Elianto Moisture Lipstick in Sweetie Red

I love the colour, it gives more life to my face even without eye make-up.

When it comes to lip colour, eye shadows etc (except for foundation and face powder) I don’t have loyalty to a certain brand! I like trying everything 🙂 but when a make-up will cause me an acne or feel itchy… I toss it without thinking twice.

But if you’ll ask me my most favorite lipstick brand(s): MAC, Chanel and Clinique.

I also bought baked blusher (marble)

Elianto Baked Blusher (marble)

I fell in love with the color, but I don't know if it's bagay on my skin 🙂

Well, i hope this blusher works for me but of course I won’t compare it to my ol’ fave NARS 🙂

tada! no surprise 🙂 Naubusan ako ng so I need to buy this.

That’s all for the month of November! Actually my moolah goes to spa and facial treatments in Belo because of my wedding 🙂 Now, I am back to regular facial cleaning that won’t hurt my wallet! Cheers!

Reddish Hype

Nail Polish from Elianto, Base and Top Coat from Revlon 🙂

Red is all over the place especially when it’s hearts day or ho! ho! Merry Christmas! But as of me Red is a color that makes me feel oh-so lady and think of happy thoughts. Fierce color indeed!

Eye Candy!

As much as possible I don’t want anyone like professional manucarist clean my finger nails due to its sensitive and thin skin. I always end up with bloody nails instead of a simple hint of “Mertayolet” 😦 So, I am hands on cleaning my fingernails from simple buffer from The Body Shop  and a nail clipper! But If I want to do the basics, I have cuticle remover and all those basic materials needed for cleaning luckily I am not suffering from bad ingrown 🙂

I have a few colors in the rack that I usually put on my nails whenever I am in the mood in perking it up!
Though I am not that adventurous in color but the boldest are color Red, Purple, Black and Green.

So I am being adventurous… Red is the lucky color for this week!

Happy week ahead 🙂