M.A.C Hug Me

Buying new bullet from M.A.C

After a half-day spent at the spa and experiencing cauterize (warts removal) for the first time that which ironically didn’t know I have…

I went shopping with my husband and bought some furniture at Dimensione (thanks to payday!). Actually, I really want to buy wow magic sing but that can wait 🙂 My husband and I wanted to revamp our love nest with modern things and hopefully my mini-beauty library because all my books are pricey and valuable to me that I can’t bear to see in a durabox only. Seeing my collection really makes me happy… kanya kanyang trip lang yan hehe…

After the furniture shopping… I went to beauty store! it’s my reward naman to my self 🙂

With that said, I have a new goal this 2012 for my vanity table project… I want to fill my lipstick organizer with M.A.C bullets (lipstick) It really looks nice on my vanity table 🙂

Trying new shades that compliments my skin

I tried almost all the best sellers and 2 of ’em won my heart!

1. Plumpful

2. Hug me

Now, I am showing you hug me first 🙂

(It's not red, my camera setting is in vivid sorry!)

It’s a great day time lipstick and absolutely my go-to lip colour. It gives me a pink-beige nude look and gives fresh look which I am looking for a nude lipstick. Not all nude lipstick compliments my skin, it’s either I look like sick or dead person hahaha! I am so happy that I found my match when it comes to nude shade for lips 🙂

Thanks to Ish Dizon of M.A.C Trinoma for always guiding me on what to buy whenever I am fantasizing everything at M.A.C store 🙂


Cosmetic Acrylic Organizer

Hi everyone! Few hours from now we will welcome the year 2012 🙂 and before it ends, I made it a point that I will finish organizing half of my vanity desk.

Acrylic Organizers

I was so excited to buy everything when I was doing a little shopping 🙂 The little spot at the Landmark is so heavenly for make-up organizer fanatic!

Lipstick organizer (Php 99.00)

(lipstick organizer turned brush holder 🙂 Php 99.00

Perfect for holding my everyday make-up brushes 🙂

Blush/Compact face powder organizer (Php 300++)

Half of my accessible vanity desk 🙂

I even have Nail Polish organizer from 88 store 🙂

All of my favorite products that I use everyday are all accessible now and the rest are well kept in dura box and train cases such as make up tools and cosmetics.

That’s all!



I am still half-way organizing my vanity desk until I am contented. I just need to complete all the essential organizer and ready to blog 🙂

I  store all my make-up & beauty tools  in a train case (click, click here) and in a 4-layer durabox green drawer even the one that I use for everyday but unfortunately it takes time for me to find what I really need so I bought this clear acrylic lipstick organizer in Rustan’s.

I just need one for vanity desk so I can easily pick my favorite’s for the chosen bullet for the day. I love this one because it’s a bit roomy 🙂 it can accommodate 2-3 lipstick depending on the size. If you have MAC bullets, two pieces will be fine in one square without popping out!

And for those I use occasionally or depending on my mood… stays inside the train case and durabox.

Thanks Mary for your wonderful entry! I am so inspired to finish my vanity project and buy those MAC inspired beaker 🙂

This is how I organize my everyday lippie loves in clear acrylic organizer.

Pink as you get!

It took me quiet some time before I appreciate pink shades of lipstick. I find it awkward and feels like a living Barbie doll added the pounds.

That’s why since college, I am using red shades of lip colour from glosses to lipstick and all sorts of lip products that will give a life in my face.

Recently, Pink shades is coming back again! I am so intrigued as I always see celebrities wearing one and models from billboards really sporting the pink colour like Sam Oh etc! I am amused.

Come Friday, I gave into the craze. Not too experimental but I looked for the right shade of pink for me.

I know that M.A.C. Twig compliments my skin but I still want to buy other shades to check upon!

TWIG (picture not mine)

Then will top itwith MAC glass= perfect.

I also like in2it Pink shades in satin and my favorite right now is from Maybelline…

Maybelline's Water Shine 3D Collagen 402 (picture not mine)

(The Landmark at Trinoma is currently on SALE! 20% off in beauty products. I only got the lipstick in in2it for Php 230.++ and Maybelline water shine 3D collagen 402 for only Php 299.00 🙂 )

I only use it with minimal make-up on and ta-dah it looks so pretty! If you find your pink shade… goodness you’ll swear on it!

I also noticed it gives more livelier and younger look! swiping ages to your face just like that which I recently appreciate when I tried it.

How I wish, I am attracted to pink shades way back in college and discover the beauty of it.

Oh well! enjoy and happy finding your perfect pink shade for your lusty lips 🙂


too lazy to take foto right now 😛

Watsons Lip Balm


I’m a sucker with beauty products and I confess I don’t have loyalty when it comes to brand of beauty looties… everything has a power to make me weak and try it 🙂 Although be warned my addiction can be annoying… It has a downside too! Some of them are expensive and not effective on me. As they say you’ll never know unless you try!

Moving on I was in Serendra today for business meeting, sometimes I hate waiting in vain LOL I tend to entertain my self doing window shopping rather than die in boredom. Since I was craving for pizza, I asked Serendra’s concierge where I can find Sbarro, good heavens! I know, it’s my favorite. Then I went to Market Market just accrossed Serendra.

While inside the mall, I remember my bf’s niece has a new lip balm addiction that her classmates was raving about. I even saw her lips the other night and didn’t bother to ask what she is using… it really caught my attention. I thought it was too “pamabata” the heck, last night I gave in 🙂 She told me it’s a watson’s product!!! Holy Cow!!! it was so cheap compared to my burts bee and chapsticks! (but i still love ’em)

Then I saw WATSONS

Watsons Lip Balm in sweet strawberry 🙂 nice combo with MAC in twig and still you can top it with MAC Lip Glass

Watsons Lip Balm in Luscious Grape with or without lipstick is awesome but you can use it with Lipstick! Nice combo with Chanel's Red Lipstick 45

Sweet Strawberry

You can use it with or without lipstick

Light on the lips no greasy feeling like you ate lechon

You can add more if you want the color pink to appear 🙂

Luscious Grape

Same as above but it can turn your lips into yummy-red in natural finish!!!

Remember in High School days when we use a red candy (Lips to be exact) to add color to our lips?!

I confessed I did it during High School LOL 🙂

So this Lip Balm in luscious Grape will add color to your lips and ta-dah I swear it’s natural look…. but don’t overboard di ka mukhang kumain ng lechon, mukha ka naman bampirang kumain ng tao hee hee 🙂

No Downside so far! It’s only Php 49.00