M.A.C Hug Me

Buying new bullet from M.A.C

After a half-day spent at the spa and experiencing cauterize (warts removal) for the first time that which ironically didn’t know I have…

I went shopping with my husband and bought some furniture at Dimensione (thanks to payday!). Actually, I really want to buy wow magic sing but that can wait πŸ™‚ My husband and I wanted to revamp our love nest with modern things and hopefully my mini-beauty library because all my books are pricey and valuable to me that I can’t bear to see in a durabox only. Seeing my collection really makes me happy… kanya kanyang trip lang yan hehe…

After the furniture shopping… I went to beauty store! it’s my reward naman to my self πŸ™‚

With that said, I have a new goal this 2012 for my vanity table project… I want to fill my lipstick organizer with M.A.C bullets (lipstick) It really looks nice on my vanity table πŸ™‚

Trying new shades that compliments my skin

I tried almost all the best sellers and 2 of ’em won my heart!

1. Plumpful

2. Hug me

Now, I am showing you hug me first πŸ™‚

(It's not red, my camera setting is in vivid sorry!)

It’s a great day time lipstick and absolutely my go-to lip colour. It gives me a pink-beige nude look and gives fresh look which I am looking for a nude lipstick. Not all nude lipstick compliments my skin, it’s either I look like sick or dead person hahaha! I am so happy that I found my match when it comes to nude shade for lips πŸ™‚

Thanks to Ish Dizon of M.A.C Trinoma for always guiding me on what to buy whenever I am fantasizing everything at M.A.C store πŸ™‚


Sofie’s Must Haves

Hi everyone!

I am going to share you the best 3 must haves that never fail me:)

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

With or without occasion… when greeting the world outside with mascara or none, you can never go wrong with Shu Eumura eyelash curler. I always brag about this trusted buddy πŸ™‚ No matter how short your flirty lashes is, this will do the magic alone.

M.A.C. Boy Girl Brow Set

M.A.C Boy Girl Brow Set! πŸ™‚ I’m obsessed with perfect brows and sometime when life gets in the way, I really dramatically forget to visit a salon to clean my rebel brows because sadly I can’t do it myself *le sigh*Β  So, M.A.C brow set is the solution whenever because it really grooms my brows easy as a breeze. But don’t get me wrong! even with groomed brows I always use this as it lightens up my face. It comes in 3 different tubes πŸ™‚


I love lipstick πŸ™‚ it makes me feel so girly and can give you an instant glow. My trusted brands are: M.A.C & NARS. As much I want to be a gloss-type gal, I am not. I only apply one when there’s an occasion in top of my favorite lipstick.

M.A.C: Russian Red (don’t be afraid to wearΒ  lipstick), Pink Shade: Pink Nouveau, Girl About Town and limited edition Lady Gaga and Please Me. (you can never go wrong with pink shades anyway, just find the right one for you πŸ™‚

NARS: (I only buy the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil) Red Shade: Dragon Girl and Cruella Pink shade: New Lover


Its fun being a girl…. I swear!

Sephora experience

I love beauty store, it has the same effect on me when I am in a bookstore: Euphoria

Sephora store in Singapore



Urban Decay



My favorite purchase πŸ™‚

There’s a lot of types of tweezer and I am amazed… I don’t even know what to pick! My friend just told me, what is my favorite color then go for it πŸ™‚ PINK!


If there’s only a Sephora store here, I’ll be a loyal costumer unfortunately we don’t have it here in the Philippines… so for now, it’s a dream come true to shop in Sephora at ION Orchard, Singapore.

I also bought toiletries in econo pack, huge bottles! if only I brought much bigger travel bag. I really love to shop beauty products πŸ™‚


MAC Wonder Woman Collection

meow πŸ™‚

As I continue my adventure in finding the right make-up for me, MAC is one of my favorite brand. I have no loyalty when it comes to make-up brand yet anything that works for meis ze best πŸ™‚ Not to forget the classy packaging of MAC cosmetics, I just love it. But I must admit, I am collectiing MAC brushes, so far so good πŸ™‚ as I always said, there is something about beauty producst in me. (HEAVEN!)

Anyway, let me share you my purchase today:

MAC WW in Russian Red

Wonder Woman Launching in Trinoma, March 20, 2011

I am 30 minutes late and yes "Marquise d' lipstick" was sold out!!!

Even my second choice Spitfire was sold out just like that. I was suppose to attend yesterday at Greenbelt but I have date with girlfriends… MAC WW has launching in Shangrila and Rockwell. I didn’t ask for the date because I’ll just get frustrated once I don’t get the famous: Marquise d. Anyway, I just want the color because like MAC’s Lady Gaga edition, it is sooo bagay in any outfit πŸ™‚ I even got my Lady Gaga from my bestfriend that was bought in the states pa. So, anyway I don’t want to go empty handed, so I just bought the Russian Red, although it is included in the classic… the casing or whatever you call it, will have to do πŸ™‚

Ish, the make-up artist in MAC is my favorite at Trinoma Temporary store πŸ™‚

Ish Sison, MAC Make-up Artist is truly nice. She is so accomodating, I experienced some snob make-up artist in few MAC store and it is so irritating. Anyway, Ish is the best! She will help you to find the best make-up that compliments in your skin so whatever she recommends I buy it πŸ™‚ effective naman kase! he he

Moving on, MAC Launching in Trinoma has:

place for Photo op

Cool DJ (damn I love the song! I can dance like now na!)

It is so cool even I didn’t get what I want! Well, at least I bumped into my friend’s sister!

with Genevieve Tong, my friend's Jackie Tong- Go sister πŸ™‚

Ate Gen, is uber nice and pretty. I even had to ask who is her Skin Doctor since mine is Belo. Gawd, I am amazed whe she answered it πŸ™‚

Hokay, that’s all folks! I am happy for today’s purchase.

Goodies from Kym!

A good friend of mine named Kym, went home here in the Philippines for a vacay from Canada. She surprised me with a loot bag of wonderful things πŸ™‚

COVERGIRL: lashblastlength

Haven’t tested it, but the packaging is good. Idol ko yata si Drew Barrymore (as if magiging si drew ako after using this haha! LOL) It also comes with eye pencil in Black Onyx. It’s a self-sharpening eye pencil πŸ™‚

lashblast length mascara, stretches the limits!

Nice noh? πŸ™‚ Also she got me something from MAC and REVLON.

MAC Mineralize Blush in GENTLE

Hope it is good as NARS and BENEFIT πŸ™‚ if yes, will collect MAC Blushes then! likey likey likey πŸ™‚ Kudos to you kym!

yummyness ang colour!

Moving on, I am not a snob of drugstore make-up… I love everything that compliments my skin. I am not even loyal when it comes to brands πŸ™‚ especially make-up. Only with needed staples (e.g. foundation, pressed powder and concealer) So, kym also got m Revlon! I am a fan of color stay line up! it really works…

Revlon: ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder

Revlon’s Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brighten Eclatant… Ano raw? Basta di ko alam gamitin ito pero madali lang yan! THANKS to youtube ha ha!!! di ko malamn kung blush on ba ito, pang contour oh pang dewy effect. ANyhoo there’s always a first time! walang basagan ng trip πŸ™‚ Masaya ito, need to try all of this! nomnom

xoxo kym!

Ang Kilay!


Pasok sa banga! aminado ako… kung meron akong pinagdidiskitahan everymorning! it’s my eyebrows. I want it almost perfect… makapal and all! tawag nga nila ay: Artista Kilay. The trendy makapal na kilay na maganda! I likey.

My make-up artist Kris Bacani, recommended Makeup forever’s brow set. I bought it but unfortunately I can’t master it! epic fail. It’s a liquid base make up at nanginginig ang mga kamay ko ha ha πŸ™‚ but I love it. Pero kasi naman, sa umaga I only give 45 minutes (45?!) para ayusin ang sarili ko, kasama na blow dry dun. Anyway… don’t ask me kung how many products I have tried just to have that artista kilay! I am obsess, kung iba sa buhok nagtatagal kaka plantsa, ako sa kilay ko hahaha!!!

Moving on, thank God there’s MAC temporary shop sa trinoma. 10-15 minutes away from our house, so gora ako pag gising ko and bought it. ISH, the make-up artist na nag assist sa akin last night made a perfect demonstration sa akin! Na aliw ako, I was convinced. Winner! Actually nag pa make-up na ako sa kanya ng bongang bonga for a new me kuno this summer. See I am preparing for my long vacation! LOL


GIRL BOY brow set is good for coloured treated hair. It brighten up my face and gives natural look πŸ™‚ Once I decided to go black again, will opt for Beguile. It’s a dark brown shade (if I’m not mistaken) and it really caters to my taste. I love how this product works!

This week, I will buy 2 more products in MAC since it’s a major staple. I need my FIX in NC 35 (naubos na!) and lipstick in wonderwoman collection. I love to have the Marquise D, it’s closer to Muave of Bare Esscentuals which is not available here in the Philippines. I will also have to buy the cosmo and syrup since it compliments my skin. It’s important for me to have a well groomed/set of eyebrows and charming lip colour before I go outside the world.

As I always say, make-up makes me happy. Hitting the Beauty counters makes me giddy, tulala at parang nakakita ng aswang LOL parang candy factory (not the one yung nasa SM na pinaglalaruan ng mga bata ha?! LOL) it’s utopia whenever I am inside! same thing goes when I am inside a bookstore. Hokay, shuddup daldal ko nanaman.

Top 5: Face Powder/Foundation

I don’t know when will I stop finding the right one for me when it comes to make-up and skin care!

In fact it’s been a long journey! from high-end brands to cheaper… toss or keep it, Allergies or it will make me shine! Name it, I am still half-way finding the right one that will last for more than 5 years or a lifetime.

What makes it worst, my skin type is sensitive, combination plus acidic! Welcome to my world πŸ™‚

So, that’s the main reason why I am so choosy andΒ  trying everything I can. Fortunately when it comes to face powder, I think I found my soul mates πŸ™‚







Since I’m a working gal I use make-up regularly, I opt for pressed powder for everyday use and foundation occasionally like Max factor Creme Puff, MAC Studio Tech and IN2IT 2 way foundation.

I don’t use moisturizer anymore since I have a deadly oily skin! also, any liquid foundation or base with SPF will surely kill my skin. I am just happy that MAC has a liquid foundation that has no SPF so yey to me!

For everyday use (as my recent favorite) , I always start with BB Cream (Maybelline) followed by Ever Bilena’s Studio Finish Concealer then finish it with IN2IT Pressed powder or M.A.C’s select sheer pressed NC25 depends on my mood.

I love switching products whenΒ  feel like it, more exciting and I’m glad no harm done with my skin. I get bored easily even with little things like these πŸ™‚ But don’t do this if a product is not your skin’s best friend.

I’ve been using these little babies for 3 years and counting (foundation and pressed powder) and I always get compliments from it. tee hee

The only downside is M.A.C is kinda expensive compare to Max Factor and IN2IT, heck it gives me the glow that I want so… not guilty πŸ™‚

note: Unfortunately if you have the same skin type like mine Oily and Acidic, you and I can’t enjoy Liquid Foundation and Mousse. Fortunately MAC has a liquid base with NO SPF that became my skin’s friend. So, NO to SPF for me πŸ™‚