My Make-Up Bag Essentials!

HiΒ  everyone,

What a perfect day to bum πŸ™‚ cancelled all my appointments and end up cleaning up our room and decided to share to you my everyday make-up essentials in my make-u purse. One must have a vanity kit inside her bag to freshen up when time calls. I have met few girls and some of ’em still use baby powder, or let me say… all they have is baby powder for their face and a hair brush, that’s all! Oh my, how I wish that will be enough for me but no πŸ™‚ and that’s okay.

The Make-Up Bag

Make-Up Purse

This adorable make-up bag is from Beauty Bar. It doubles as going-out bag too if you want!Β  It has a hand strap that can be carry around by simply attaching it to the other end as seen on picture above, oh may kili-kili bag ka pa LOL

One of the quality carrier for your most treasured cosmetics which is affordable too πŸ™‚ In my opinion, I rather have a spill of make-up inside the make-up purse than have it all messy inside my bag. It happened to me and never again.

this is a quality carrier for your most treasured cosmetics.

Make-Up Essentials

All that pixie dust πŸ™‚


Php 1,700++ available in MAC store (Trinoma,Β  Edsa Shang, Greenbelt) I love the not-zombie-effect of this product, similar to my favorite in2it foundation. I just love how long lasting it is and no to cakey foundation! I know MAC will get angry but if I want to double the coverage, all I have to do is add water on the sponge just like the old days! aminin. alam niyo yan πŸ™‚

2. MAC Brush in 116

Php 1,+++ I really forgot the exact price, because whenever I buy MAC brush… eyes closed at the counter! kidding, I am just so happy that I completed all the MAC brush that I need and now sitting pretty on my vanity table πŸ™‚ But as part of my essentials for every day use, 116 is my all around. I swear on that wand! I don’t like using as much as possible sponges or puff? ano bang tawag dun? because I strongly believe as tried and tested, brush is much better! also good for Benefit/NARS blush. Oh dear, bading na bading lang.

3. Maybelline Voum Express Waterproof Mascara

Php 200++ basta di lampas ng 300. I have tried few high end brands of Mascara and so far, nothing beats. I always go back to Maybelline! wish I have those flirty lashes but no,I accepted the fact I have to use a mascara if I want more flirty eyelashes. I only apply this when I have a meeting, making pa-cute with my husband, girl bonding and party. In normal days, nada!

4. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Php 1,000.00. The best ever eyelash curler if Chanel will not appear in my make-up tools. I really want to own a Chanel eyelash curler and I have made my name listed in all Chanel make-up store here in Manila, so help me God πŸ™‚ My friends abroad are now helping me. I still got my hopes up! Anyhoo, I highly recommend this tool from Shu Uemura because it last for years! I had mine since College 2006 and had to replaced it.

5. MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy

Php 900++ When Jigs Mayuga one of the top celebrity make-up artist, recommended this to me as I made kulit through twitter! I swear (again) this will be my brow super duper bestfriend! I had a lot of compliments using this product. Sabi nga nila “Kilay Artista” true naman, the makapal one- but hey, not Frida Kahlo kind ha πŸ™‚ it’s a no-no. Always remember that few things make you appear more groomed is have a well-plucked eyebrow. I recommend plucking, shaving or threading. I heard horrifying stories about waxing your eyebrows! it will really sag after 10-15 years if you are in my age right now 26. (yay bukelya) By the way, I normally have my brows done through shaving πŸ™‚

6. Carmex Lip Balm

Php 100.++ I love this, better than burts bee! It really depends on skin type and Carmex is the one for me πŸ™‚ It really makes my lips soft and moisturized. Also, perfectly goes with any lipstick.

7. Revlon Just Bitten

I don’t have any idea how much this product is, sorry πŸ™‚ I love using this in regular basis. It really gives me a natural look… just bitten! I also use this to give a natural rosy cheeks when I don’t have time to put a powder blush.

Enjoy the rainy day! time to snuggle LOL


Complexion Brush

Complexion Brush from Earth Therapeutics

Recommended by Aestheticians

Do I have to admit that I am a beauty junk? Anyway, as I wait for my husband at Trinoma mall, can’t help but go to my most 1st favorite place in the area… the Beauty Bar. It’s like a candy store to me. I just needed to buy something whenever I pass by. Fortunately my previous facial brush has to retire, thank you my good ol’ friend… you served me well.

Moving on, when I saw and felt the soft bristles that earth therapeutics brush has… I grabbed it and ka-ching!!! πŸ™‚ just for P325.00.

I am a believer of facial brush as it really washes away my make-up dirt aside from the make-up cleanser I’m using. I know it’s not healthy to use facial brush like everyday! but what can I do, I love the result. kanya-kanyang hiyangan lang yan hehe LOL. Ang importante matangal yung make-up ko sa mukha since I’m using face powder 6 days in a week. I just can’t go outside the world without wearing face powder and lip gloss.. let’s add corrector and sometimes mascara for flirty eyes πŸ™‚

As a make-up lover, I also take care of my skin even it’s too bratty! and I make sure it’s super clean before I go to sleep…. hokay not super but at least no make-up traces at all πŸ™‚

To wrap things up, as I read the instruction behind the box… it says: Use morning and night to reveal a softer; healthier and HAPPIER complexion.

I don’t know but that line made me laugh big time. Naisip ko tuloy, may sad complexion ba?! I don’t know but it’s catchy! LOL πŸ™‚

116 Blush Brush

I lost my MAC 168 and I’ve been using it for 2-3 years 😦  That’s why I decided to buy brush for powder blushΒ  immediately since its essential to my make up tools and a nice investment for my make up collection.

I don’t buy make-up tools “just because”

Investing good brushes is a must if you love collecting make-up. Remember Make-up has an expiration, but make-up tools last longer especially when you take good care of it properly.

I am still in search for my perfect match and hopefully I’ll be done finding them soonΒ  πŸ™‚

Anyway, I love MAC brushes because it has the softest bristles- ever.

116 Blush Brush

(without flash)

Lovely Bristles, so soft! I love it.


– soft bristles that i love to mention all over and over

–Β  full rounded shape

– good for small cheeks if there’s suchΒ  (I have) (i guess, because there are brushes that when you use it to your face it’s all over!)

– it does not itch! (I always feel the brush first and foremost)

– I love the wood handles, sakto sa kamay ko haha.

– not heavy


– it’s expensive

MAC make-up brush cleanser is also expensive but I use it to take care my little cute brushes πŸ™‚ sayang pag nasira noh!

– it has no pouch (some MAC brushes has πŸ˜‰ )

I bought this at Rustans at Shangri-la Mall Edsa. I love their staff kase πŸ™‚ di mayabang like the others.

I also recommend E.L.F professional Brushes (available at Rustans Makati) it’s more cheaper but the quality is great! Soft bristles too πŸ™‚


Do MAC cosmetics go on Sale? LOL if yes Message me agad.


Make-up Brush: Treat them with care and respect and the love they deserve and know when to retire a brush that has served its purpose.- xz