Suesh Brush Guard

Suesh Brush Guard (Php 250.00)

Hi everyone!

I really invest with great quality make-up tools because obviously, it last longer than make-up and it’s all about blending and using the right makeup products. I love make-up brushes than sponges, so when I discovered Suesh Brush Guard from a friend… it was truly a blessing for my brushes.

You can even use the brush guard while drying your brushes whenever you cleanse it and the result is great because it makes the brush stay in shape. I do cleanse my brushes every week which is a must for hygienic purposes! 🙂

10 pcs. per pack

It has 10 pieces of brush guards per pack with random sizes. There’s no other variety than this tho’ but I highly recommend brush guards to take care of your beautiful make up brushes 🙂


Stylish Pocket Mirror

Before I bore you with my wedding stories 🙂 let’s have a commercial break!

Aside from being a hardcore corporate lady! I am very passionate when it comes to the world of beauty madness! from Spa services, Make-up trends, Toiletries, Make- up tools and everything ka-kikayan… name it!!! I’m all ears… I swear we can talk about it 24/7!

Anyway, I like to share my new found friend!

Pocket Mirror with LED Lights from Suesh

I only bought this for Php 300.++
It is so cheap but gawd I love the “reflection” and lights!

Actually I am also getting their round mirror with light! it sells for only Php 2,500++ 🙂 I swear, it’s a steal!

Make-up Brush Set from Elianto

“Beauty by Elianto” 🙂

Beauty By Elianto

I am a huge fan of Make-up world even I am having a hard time applying those cute little shimmering splendid 🙂 I don’t mind! I am happy to collect and see them everyday on my vanity table!

I used to apply make-up using my finger tips when I was little 🙂 Then right after College Graduation (I know I am such a late bloomer!)  I am addicted collecting make-up and make-up tools!

I already owned few major brushes from MAC but it won’t stop there 🙂 I am still collecting good brushes from other brands like Clinique and E.L.F professional etc.

Moving on, my latest purchase is from Elianto 🙂

"please don't mind the 3 way Nail Filer :)"

I am always amazed by Elianto’s Shop especially the one located at SM North the Block. It’s like I am in a candy store!

It has a fine quality and affordable! I have tried few eye shadows from Elianto and it stayed for  straight 8 hours without primer! what more if I applied some 🙂 Honestly, there are some eye shadow from high-end brands that failed me. I hate when it gathers to make a line or something at the upper part of mobile lid.

(photo credit: Beauty Review)

Anyhoo… Here are some Foto’s of my new Babies!

Elianto Make Up Brush Organizer

Nice 🙂

Face Brush: Not too Big, not too Small

Elianto’s Brushes has a soft texture that will not  make you feel itchy 🙂

Sophisticated Handle 🙂


This set is good for "On the Go" Ladies 🙂

The set does not include everything  I want, it only has the basic brushes that is need for everyday use. So I still need to buy few Make-up tools from Elianto:

Small Flat Corrector
Dual Tip Shadow
Shadow Sponge & Brush
Eyes Blender (Big)
Fan Brush
Medium Eyeshadow Brush
Nose Shaper Brusher

I bought this for only Php 999.00 🙂

Now I have to complete the stamps 🙂

pretty exciting!

SM North Edsa, Third Floor, The Block SM City North Ave. Corner Edsa Pagasa Quezon City, Manila
Tel : +63 2 442 0025