Anti-Gravity Yoga (AGY)

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”- Napoleon Hill.

When I hit 160 pounds this year, I nod and told my self “Where is that 118 lbs healthy girl way back in 2008?” I lost her and the healthy ways. My health and lifestyle was in perfect shape back in the good ‘ol days. I tried so hard but I think not harder to bring the sexy back. It is the lack of conviction and focus that I don’t have. With baby steps, last year, I avoided any soda and I am glad, coming this November 2012… it will be my first year without even a sip of soda and I am very proud of my self for totally erasing it to my life.

Then, I practice running once or twice a week and right now I am hitting the gym as my usual start. I pray to God and keep thinking that I can do it. That I need to do it so I can have a healthier body especially when my husband and I decided to have a baby. My goal is to be more flexible, healthy and active. It will make me happy and all the people around me.

I officially practiced yoga in year 2010 before and after my wedding. My first teacher was Anna Unson-PriceΒ  I tried my best to give time on this, right after my work at the heart of Makati. Juggling work and newly-married life was never easy for me. Yoga helped me along the way to balance everything, as to be a good employer, love my self and be a good dutiful wife. It relaxes me and makes me more focused and disciplined.

Again, I stopped with the class yet forget to continue due to busy life. I guess, it’s not enough excuse not to give even 30 minutes of your time to exercise. I am lazy! I have my own yoga mat and there are a lot of yoga videos out there yet, I don’t take the step to start it again nor getting serious with my exercise, it’s a big dilemma!

After months of yoyo diet and exercise, I am proud to say that I have been consistent for five months right now (consistency is the key!). It’s better to start right and determined than to be one lazy monkey in a day. I am happy with my development, I took swimming seriously and not think about my skin getting burnt, I run and practice basic yoga at home and hit I go beyond yoga.

I was introduced to this few months ago during a blog event for sexy solutions. I tried few fun pose and all I have to do is make time for it. Today, I took a full time class without a hurry and worrying about my business and work. I kept in mind that when I do this, it’s me and yoga only!

The staff ofΒ  Beyond Yoga in Quezon City are very accommodating and helpful to all my questions. They assisted me very well and I fell in love with the facility and their dainty comfort room. Yes, I love clean and beautiful comfort/dressing/powder room πŸ™‚

My teacher was Monica for Fundamental AGY.

“As soon as she enters a room, one can’t help but notice her confidence and commanding presence. “You are as good as the chances you take,” says MONICA ELEAZAR-MANZANO, who, at 28 years old, is more than grateful for all that she has accomplished.

A yoga practitioner since 1999, it was in 2009 when Monica decided to complete teacher training with Greenpath, and in post-natal yoga with Dr. Jean Byrne. Aside from being a yoga instructor, Monica is the founder of FLOW SurfYogaSamba, which has pioneered events that combine surf, yoga, and samba. She is also a Retreat Master for Bahay Kalipay in Palawan. Did we mention that Monica also has a brown belt in Taekwando?

But Monica’s greatest accomplishments are the roles she plays as a wife to Montri, and as a mother to her young son, Santiago Andres, who have both inspired her to become an advocate for Natural Parenting and Waldorf Education.When not on her yoga mat or planning for her FLOW retreats, you might find Monica enjoying a good read, dancing, or at the beach with her son. Her zest for life is not only evident, but inspiring.”- Profile on I go beyond yoga
The first time I met her, as a makeup artist an beauty junkie… I can’t help but study her face and all the colors I can put to make her more prettier than she is πŸ™‚ She has a lovely skin tone and wonderful set of eyes! but again, I am in a Yoga class hee hee.

She assisted me very well as the clueless and scared that I am. I have a lot of fears especially doing exercise with elevation. I had my worst fear when I rode Singapore’s Universal Studio crazy roller coaster! Since then, I am scared in heights! even the smallest ride here in our country makes me feel oh my!

I took the risk and trusted her as well as hammock at that holy hour. My body and mind is prepared and open to take new challenges and I am ready. Monica was very patient, I have difficulties of stretching my body due to a lot of fears!

Fear of my bones get broken, my head will knock down on the floor etc! Monica, erased it all. She made me feel at ease in her class, she didn’t give me a hard time and took time to motivate me to get the pose that intended for the class.

Front: Teacher Monica, Back: L-R my classmate and I

Teacher Monica stretching my legs!

She made me feel comfortable and she gained my trust by her words. I don’t know what you call when they are talking during the class, but her voice and chosen words made me feel relaxed and it felt like we are the only people in the world. Free and relaxed! It is like reaching our limits and seems nothing is impossible.

I feel embarrassed as I asked her if the hammock can hold me and she said “A baby elephant can hold that, are you a baby elephant?” She has a confidence that can affect you. She will make you feel great and awesome! She made me trust my body more when it comes to challenging it for more activities. Monica is like Hillary Clinton of YOGA world LOL πŸ™‚ simply astonishing.

I am simply grateful to have her as one of my teacher in I go beyond yoga because I can see my self as a regular there right after I finish my first 3 AGY Classes.

They also offer Dance which I am highly interested too! Now, I found a yoga that makes my body happy. I’ll be forever student of this craft, being a teacher on this is not on my plate haha!


If you are planning to take AGY class, make sure you are decided. In preparation, make sure you have an active lifestyle if not, take time to hit the gym or exercise at the comfort of your home for 30 minutes. Take this for 1-2 weeks before you go all the way for AGY but it’s up to you. It is much better that your body is prepared for something much bigger than your usual routine. This what I did before i took AGY class.

Talk to your teacher first if you have vertigo, concern in spinal or lower back problems etc. Anything that concerns your physical body! It is much better to be safe than sorry.

It is also important to follow instructions during the class, if you can’t get in the rhythm, don’t be shy. Approach your teacher and ask for help.

I also wore my favorite shirt from Sexy Solutions πŸ™‚


For inquires:

Phone +63917-5BEYOND (239663)

Human Nature Makeup

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a makeup review due to my busy schedule as I belong to working class and have to attend wifey dutiesΒ  πŸ™‚ and of course makeup ban.

Now that I am at the time of the year in buying new makeup, I am trying the local ones. I am a bit makeup snob and anti-fake! (Please, not the makeup) Once, I found the local products that compliments my skin, then I’ll try the high ends that is totally worth it.

If you’ll ask me why I opt for high end makeup brands? because they usually deliver. Highly pigmented, good texture, good smell, nice packaging and long lasting. Mostly doesn’t need to applied with damp makeup brush which local makeup normally instruct! yay.

Without further ado here’s the review:

Mineral Lip Gloss in Island Berry
Human Nature claims to be a natural & organic, Philippine-grown and chemical-free products. They are very famous local product that gracing our country right now.
As for my first set, I bought several items and that includes this lip gloss. I am not a lip gloss person but nowadays, I appreciate it but not for everyday use. Island berry compliments my skin color (yellow undertone) and it doesn’t make my teeth look yellowish (Be warned with lippie colors, one should not give you that aura!).
  • Goes well with or without lipstick
  • Doesn’t draw white line inside my lips
  • Not too glossy that will make you look like you just ate lechon
  • Good for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • No parabens, silicons, FD&C lake dyes, glycols, mineral oil or other toxic substance (sabeh!)


  • I have to re- apply after 4 hours

Goes with bendable lip sponge? lip sponge daw haha!

Mineral Blush in Tropical Rose

This is the best local blushΒ  to date! (yipeee) In fact, I am planning to collect all of ’em. This one is the darkest and also good for sculpting (based on my skin color: yellow undertone)


  • Compliments my yellow undertone skin
  • last for 6-8 hours without re-applying
  • No harmful chemicals (sabeh)
  • Highly pigmented for local brand
  • Goes well with powder foundation (using MAC & in2it)
  • Affordable


  • I am not quiet sure if how soon will this break into parts? you know? pag madalas gamitin mabilis mag crack lalo na pag paubos na. My high end brands of blush like Benefit and Nars ay super tipid! hangang sa gilid gilid intact pa din πŸ™‚

Mineral eyeshadow in Sweet Innocence

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow failed me 😦 I am sorry to tell. Maybe it’s because of my skin type.


  • The packaging has a suggested diagram on how to apply it
  • Good for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • No harmful chemicals (sabeh!)


note: I have oily acidic eyelids

  • Needs to apply with damp eye shadow applicator
  • Not highly pigmented so, you need generous amount
  • It fades after 2 hours
  • Doesn’t blend well


I bought all of this with a legit reseller at my work that has a discounted price! (winner)

Lip gloss: Php 175.00 (retails at 200+)

Blush: Php 175.00 (retails at 200+)

Mineral eyeshadow: Php 225.00 (retails at 200+)

I am not sure if this is a regular price through resellers or it changes every month, but still it’s affordable considering the packaging and quality. The nearest Human Nature store in my place is at Trinoma (Beauty Bar) yehey!

If I am going to buy some Human Nature makeup products again, it will be the Blush! I am going to try their lipstick perhaps in a week or two! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

For more details:

Official Website:




Vanity desk project

Where the magic happens...

Hi everyone!

This is my vanity desk project. It is not yet done πŸ™‚ I am still finding the right chair and thinking what kind of aesthetic lighting I should put in both sides. I was thinking about getting the popular Hollywood style but I am a bit hesitant since my electrician and trusted salons told me that those light bulbs are high maintenance. It attracts more “dust” since anything electronic does it. So, I had a change of heart.

The idea came from Kim Chu’s vanity desks, she have both. I opted to buy and installed the straight light instead (thank you to my loving husband who supported me to do this, its labour of love!)… I don’t know what is the technical term for that but I asked some salons what lighting are they using and ta-dah information complete. It also has diffuser to avoid strong lighting. The great thing in warm light is you can still see the actual make-up (because some light can be tricky at times)

I am so inspired whenever I see my vanity desk and hopefully I can finish it in no time.

Shine: RC Cortes

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a shine entry πŸ™‚ Now, here it is!


The Bruno Mars Addict!

RC Cortes (Ruby Claire) is one of my close friends since College. She’s currently staying and working in Qatar.

I don’t remember how exactly we met, but it was truly a god’s gift (our friendship). We also became neighbors and even we were no longer teens, we even do some pajama parties and late night movies with lots of food.

If there’s one thing I am looking for in my friend’s house it’s the: Bathroom. I love taking luxurious shower when I feel like it and RC’s bathroom won my heart not only once but twice since they bought their new house a year ago or two (bad memory!). Of course, the first bathroom that swept me off my feet was my bestfriend’s Mylene (next entry post).

We shared a lot of wonderful and funny moments plus drama during the unforgettable theater class.

Not to forget, she’s the most OC person I ever met and really magaling eating fish! as in- tinik na lang πŸ™‚

I am so happy and truly inspired as one of her dreams came true…

RC with her brother Karl (Dream house, now in reality)

600 sq meter lot and 3 story customized house with pool and a garden… what else can you ask for? taguan na ito!!! πŸ™‚ The house was built with full of love, hard earned money and so-into-details interior.

Charity Work

One thing that I love with my circle of friends, we love charity works. We have been blessed and eager to share it in our own little ways. This year, RC shared her blessings and time at Payatas. They also have foundation in Aklan πŸ™‚

Moving on… here’s her top picks for SHINE edition:


She’s not into make-up at all because of her beautiful skin but can’t live without eyeliner. She has a beautiful eyes and lining them makes her more va-va-voom. Her favorites:

E.L.F concealer

Rimmel Lip Gloss

Lip Balm/ Eye liner/ Mascara

Kenneth Cole Perfume

Body/ Face

One of my favorites in her bathroom is the unlimited stock of Nivea lotion that I love to smother whenever I sleep in her house heehee πŸ™‚ It truly works! She loves Nivea lotion and her skin really shows the quality of Nivea. Lux hand soap, alcohol junkie, OFF for mosquitoes and ShiseidoΒ  skincare.

Perfect Smile

Way back in college our group has name: BAKAL girls. All of us have braces and retainers haha! anyway, now we are bakal-free… RC still loves to use Colgate and Dentiste Plus. (arte lang may, petals pa hehehe πŸ™‚ )

Led lights in Vanity counter

She uses led lights for her vanity counter πŸ™‚

Umuulan sa shower πŸ™‚


She’s also a fan of econo pack like me πŸ™‚ Lovet! RC loves Pantene and Head&Shoulder.

She’s also have an extensive watch collection and soon will feature it.

Happy week end everyone! Stay beautiful inside and out.

Suesh Brush Guard

Suesh Brush Guard (Php 250.00)

Hi everyone!

I really invest with great quality make-up tools because obviously, it last longer than make-up and it’s all about blending and using the right makeup products. I love make-up brushes than sponges, so when I discovered Suesh Brush Guard from a friend… it was truly a blessing for my brushes.

You can even use the brush guard while drying your brushes whenever you cleanse it and the result is great because it makes the brush stay in shape. I do cleanse my brushes every week which is a must for hygienic purposes! πŸ™‚

10 pcs. per pack

It has 10 pieces of brush guards per pack with random sizes. There’s no other variety than this tho’ but I highly recommend brush guards to take care of your beautiful make up brushes πŸ™‚

M.A.C Hug Me

Buying new bullet from M.A.C

After a half-day spent at the spa and experiencing cauterize (warts removal) for the first time that which ironically didn’t know I have…

I went shopping with my husband and bought some furniture at Dimensione (thanks to payday!). Actually, I really want to buy wow magic sing but that can wait πŸ™‚ My husband and I wanted to revamp our love nest with modern things and hopefully my mini-beauty library because all my books are pricey and valuable to me that I can’t bear to see in a durabox only. Seeing my collection really makes me happy… kanya kanyang trip lang yan hehe…

After the furniture shopping… I went to beauty store! it’s my reward naman to my self πŸ™‚

With that said, I have a new goal this 2012 for my vanity table project… I want to fill my lipstick organizer with M.A.C bullets (lipstick) It really looks nice on my vanity table πŸ™‚

Trying new shades that compliments my skin

I tried almost all the best sellers and 2 of ’em won my heart!

1. Plumpful

2. Hug me

Now, I am showing you hug me first πŸ™‚

(It's not red, my camera setting is in vivid sorry!)

It’s a great day time lipstick and absolutely my go-to lip colour. It gives me a pink-beige nude look and gives fresh look which I am looking for a nude lipstick. Not all nude lipstick compliments my skin, it’s either I look like sick or dead person hahaha! I am so happy that I found my match when it comes to nude shade for lips πŸ™‚

Thanks to Ish Dizon of M.A.C Trinoma for always guiding me on what to buy whenever I am fantasizing everything at M.A.C store πŸ™‚


President & Founder of Snoe: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

President & Founder of SNOE: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

I heard a lot of good reviews about SNOE and was so thrill to meet the President and founder behind the intriguing stylish and high-end cosmetics which is a local brand. Yep, you heard it right… our very own.During our meeting, I couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful Jen in her age (35) I even asked her what’s her secret haha!

She’s very passionate when it comes to skincare and worships SPF which is contagious.


SNOE is named after the only daughter of Jen, Justine Emmanuella Diaz or Noe for short.

When Noe was born, everyone who would see Noe would say she is a white as snow. Hence the name is SNOE. The logo is the Snoe snow flake:

I love Snow flake, in fact it is the design of my wedding cake πŸ™‚ That’s why I fell in love with the design of SNOE. It has a fine taste especially with the packaging and store lay out! Moving on, aside from being stylish and high-end cosmetics it really delivers beauty and value for money. It was created to cater and benefit all kinds of consumers as SNOE believes that every woman deserves the best and can reach their fullest potential.

SNOW is dedicated in understanding the value of health, beauty and passionately pursue to serve the consumers’ daily beauty needs. The products that is available in the market will have more to come as the continue to create new products to exceed customer expectations.

Soon this brand will be a Filipino market leader in cosmetics, SNOE in no doubt will be the biggest global Filipino brand in no time. The brand represented by the snow flake that symbolizes the uniqueness and diversity of each individual.

L-R: Lan (Web Manager) Moi and Jen at SNOE in Glorietta

Jen showed me her SNOE store in Glorietta and met one of her pioneer staff who assisted me to take a closer look and try some samplers I’m interested with…

This Holiday season, SNOE also offers a perfect gift set for lovely ladies!

Gift package

As I continue to observe and try the products like a kid in a candy store, these caught my attention:

Beso Balm (not tested)

I am a sucker for lip balm! from Burts bee,Β  Carmex to EOS (which is the one I love to use right now) Beso Balm of SNOE is kinda interesting as it plumps, soothes,protects and FRESHENS Breath!!! it has even a warning: Prolonged use may attract the opposite gender and cause intense flirting. Oh lala πŸ™‚

EMU.THOLOGY (not "yet" tested)

I really want to try EMU (for short) as I am into total skin care. It has grade pure EMU oil (ACAI BERRY + SINGKAMAS) it promises to be forever young πŸ™‚

MASK (not "yet" tested)

I love whitening products and this one is for every skin type, from dryness to breakouts to fine lines!

Whitening Detox Clay Mask (not "yet" tested)

Stem Cell sunblock cream (not "yet" tested)

I am so intrigued with Stem Cell products, I haven’t tried anything with Stem Cell and this is interesting huh…

Instant white SPF 45 Sun Lotion (tested)

I love this sun block because it is notΒ  greasy and Paraben free!!! Its like you have nothing onΒ  that any other lotion makes you feel πŸ™‚

Magic Apple Whitening Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Milk Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Another interesting product! it is Cleopatra’s secret to incredible skin. it contains real milk to gently buff away rough and dry skin. It has sea salt that will exfoliate to make the skin bright and smooth all over the body.

Body Ritual Perfum with Anti-Oxidants (tested)

It smells scrumptious, light and refreshing! It feels lusciously good about yourself minus the calories πŸ™‚ It is also moisturizing and contains anti-oxidants.

Happy Heels Therapy Set (not "yet" tested)

For shoe lovers (like me) I think this is good for us for foot whitening spa kit!

Sponsored Products (All tested)

Skin Softener (tested)

I used this product every night for 4 days up to present and I am loving the effect πŸ™‚ I am still young yet I am crazy with anti-aging products. This moisturizer is also good for whitening and contains collagen! It delays the effects of aging.

Will surely buy this again once I empty the bottle!

BB Cream (tested)

I use this during work days as a primer and it works well with my make-up and doesn’t made me break out. Yipee πŸ™‚

No.12 Maximum Whitening soap

Will get back to you once I finish this one:

Singkamas Soap (tested)

I use this soap during night time because of the (smell) It has natural ingredients filled with high-grade whitening ingredients, essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables! It might be a my sensitive nose, but I love what how it works on my skin. Even without lotion at night… still it makes my skin smooth early in the morning. Will surely buy this soap!

Hand Sanitizer (tested)

The first foaming hand sanitizer in our country πŸ™‚

It smells nice, not too sticky!It comes in 4 different scents πŸ™‚

THE BEST EVER! must have hair product (Php 499.00) Tested

I am the kind who loves being so mabango all the time. I want to leave traces of my scent to people I meet everyday as much as possible πŸ™‚ From my hands to hair strands haha!!! yes, a lady should smell nice.

SNOE hair heroes will definitely save you from a bad hair day!!! it helps to save you it from hair abuse such as hair blower, iron and styling products. It has rich formulas that contain powerful healing powers from oils, fruits and vegetables to create awesome hair days, everyday. Not only that, this intense Argan oil is also good as a leave-on hair conditioner!!!

I have only tried the conditioner and I am so in love with it already! The SNOE product I highly recommend (wait for EMU,I want to try that one so badly)

There are 3 products under hair heroes.


I tried the glam jam goddess (smells chocolate!) and glam jam blush (fruity gum!) and it is good for dry skin πŸ™‚ All cosmetics has infused with skincare.


Ground floor Cinderella (Glorietta, Makati)

Ground floor festival mall (Alabang Muntinlupa)

2nd floor fashion ave. (SM Muntinlupa)

Ground floor (SM Valenzuela)


0999-888- SNOE (7663)

0917-558- SNOE, 0922-8436567


MMG compunds, Magsaysay Road, Barangay San Antonio San Pedro Laguna