Late Night Alumni

One my favorite music artist: Late Night Alumni ♥

I love Late Night Alumni Songs… it’s classy and relaxing to me aside from other instrumentals and jazz songs that I adore.

Lemme share to you few of my favorites on late Night Alumni’s Album:

You can be the one

Empty Streets

Rest of Me

Great songs! I also love Samantha James and Kaskade my Itouch playlist if full of their songs. I love listening to it especially on my way home after a long day at the office. Anyway Miss Independent of Neyo is my first song of the day ♥

I love music! so magical it calms you down 🙂


Chris Botti

My i-touch Albums:

1) Classic ( Frank Sinatra, Carpenters, etc)

*by the way I am crazy about the song “That’s All”

2) Jazz (Michael Buble, Mishka Adams, Norah Jones, Chris Botti etc)

3) Instrumentals (Chris Botti, Beethhoven, Mozart, Korean Soundtracks etc)

4) Beach Sounds (Late Night Alumni, Kaskade, Samantha James etc)

5) Bossa Nova (Olivia Ong, Sitti, Starbucks Bossa etc)

6) R&B (Corrine Bailey, Brian Mcknight,  Cassie,Koffee Brown, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, 50 cent etc)

7) OPM (Jose Marie Chan< Gary V, Lea Salonga, Basil Valdez)

Also randomly selected for my ipod shuffle for work-out seesion.

Well, I am here to share you my favorite Jazz artist playing trumpet:

He is so damn great! Looking good and plays very sexy!!!

I love JAZZ… sexy sound, very sensual.

I always loved the song “I’ve got you under my skin” and still working it for my videoke session LOL but will sing it in Chris Botti version. 🙂

If one day Chris Botti will visit our country, no matter what the price is…

I will watch front row or VIP seat! Whatever he is my idol when it comes to thin kind of genre!