Happy Colours for Nails!

Fun Nail Colors!

It wasn’t my plan to buy nail polish since orly, chanel and dashing diva polish already owned my heart 🙂 but when I saw that Elianto is having a SALE for nail polish… I didn’t think twice and bought the colors that looks fun to me.

I know… summer color much? but happy colors makes me happy 🙂 I am currently wearing the yellow one as shown in my previous post. I don’t mind experimenting when it comes to beauty products but when it comes to clothing, I stick with black, white, nude and pink if I want to look perky- that’s all. I can’t sport happy colors when it comes to clothing, it’s not bagay sa akin hehe 🙂 Anyhoo- I only got it for P50.00 each! YAY! great huh?

So far, people seeing me with this color on my nails says: “Oh yellow” haha, is that a compliment? 🙂 LOL whatever.


I didn’t know why I have to write about what colors I like when it comes to clothing hehehe nevermind.


Reddish Hype

Nail Polish from Elianto, Base and Top Coat from Revlon 🙂

Red is all over the place especially when it’s hearts day or ho! ho! Merry Christmas! But as of me Red is a color that makes me feel oh-so lady and think of happy thoughts. Fierce color indeed!

Eye Candy!

As much as possible I don’t want anyone like professional manucarist clean my finger nails due to its sensitive and thin skin. I always end up with bloody nails instead of a simple hint of “Mertayolet” 😦 So, I am hands on cleaning my fingernails from simple buffer from The Body Shop  and a nail clipper! But If I want to do the basics, I have cuticle remover and all those basic materials needed for cleaning luckily I am not suffering from bad ingrown 🙂

I have a few colors in the rack that I usually put on my nails whenever I am in the mood in perking it up!
Though I am not that adventurous in color but the boldest are color Red, Purple, Black and Green.

So I am being adventurous… Red is the lucky color for this week!

Happy week ahead 🙂