I am still half-way organizing my vanity desk until I am contented. I just need to complete all the essential organizer and ready to blog πŸ™‚

IΒ  store all my make-up & beauty toolsΒ  in a train case (click, click here) and in a 4-layer durabox green drawer even the one that I use for everyday but unfortunately it takes time for me to find what I really need so I bought this clear acrylic lipstick organizer in Rustan’s.

I just need one for vanity desk so I can easily pick my favorite’s for the chosen bullet for the day. I love this one because it’s a bit roomy πŸ™‚ it can accommodate 2-3 lipstick depending on the size. If you have MAC bullets, two pieces will be fine in one square without popping out!

And for those I use occasionally or depending on my mood… stays inside the train case and durabox.

Thanks Mary for your wonderful entry! I am so inspired to finish my vanity project and buy those MAC inspired beaker πŸ™‚

This is how I organize my everyday lippie loves in clear acrylic organizer.


What’s in my bag (Month of August)

As much as possible, I try to use different bags, each month! sayang naman kase and I will not see them rot to death in dust bag πŸ™‚ Mas type ko pa masira sila kakagamit ko!


I am using my first Long Champ bag that I bought last year, glad it has siblings na:

Longchamp Le Pliage Badges in medium size

I love this bag especially when I go somewhere that requires waiting and casual look. I can put almost everything I need… to avoid boredom πŸ™‚ busyness ang drama ng lola mo ngayon.

What's inside

1.Moleskine Legendary Notebook

– as I always mentioned in my previous post about wimb! (What’s in my bag) I love to write things down! ideas popping everywhere and just in case when “forgetful Lucy “strikes, I have it: noted.

2. Pilot sign pen (black) & Tree Hugger pen (Blue)

3. Kenneth Cole Leather Wallet

4. Card Holder

I think, di ako maka-get over noong kabataan ko (sounds so old!) It became a trend where you have a photo taken in a Studio with your ka-berks and SO! (significant other) tapos lalagay mo sa plastic holder then to your wallet! Aminin, dumaan ka din sa stage na yan? πŸ™‚ kulang na lang maging photo album ang wallet mo hehe. Ngayon, less picture more cards. Dinadala ko lang ito sa mga important na lakad or else… LOL walang basagan ng trip!

5. Make-up Bag

-you can check what’s in my make-up bag! just click πŸ™‚ it changes, depends where I am going.

6. Tissue

7. iTouch (Senator Manny Villar signed the back of it! memories– fan mode)

8. Alcohol

10. Perfume Atomizer

-right now I am using, D&G light blue. I lovet πŸ™‚ I use atomizer, hassle free! I have no plans to take the whole bottle of perfume unless needed. Check BEABI (trinoma) for more OC-ness stuff.

11. Hair Brush (ACCA KAPPA professional 365)

12. Blackberry

13. Starbucks strong mints

14. PSP slim (I confess, that cityville really broke my heart! shaking it off through SIMS)

15. Earphones

AND this last one is a must!

Medicine organizer

Because of Neuralgia, I can’t go anywhere without my medicine organizer πŸ™‚