Sto.Nino Shrine Museum (Tacloban)

Sto.Nino Shrine Museum in Tacloban

Ang Santo Niño Shrine, ay isa sa mga 29 na bahay pahingaan ng dating Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. Meron itong olympic size na swimming pool sa likod ng gusali.

Sa papasok ng Santo Niño Shrine, makikita ang imahe ng Santo Niño sa dulo ng pasokan (ang Santo Niño ay naglalarawan sa batang si Hesu Kristo na patron ng Leyte). Sa gilid nito ay mga kwarto para sa mga bisita na may iba’t ibang tema.

Matatagpuan ang Santo Niño Shrine sa Real St. siyudad ng Tacloban collector’s. Makikita dito ang mga larawan ng 14 stations na ginawa ng mga Pilipinong pintor, wooden bas-relief ng unang babae-lalake (Si Malakas at Maganda), magagandang kwarto na may iba’t ibang Filipino motifs, imahe ng Santo Niño, malaking ballroom, at ang mga koleksyon ng mga orihinal na larawan na ginawa ni Fernando Amorsolo.

While travelling around Tacloban city, I was amazed upon seeing the facade of Sto.Nino Shrine… at first I didn’t know it was a museum! I thought it was one of the great mansion of a local citizen in the city because usually from the places i’ve been to… the houses of local rich peeps in the area is awesomeness!

Moving on, I asked my driver and my officemate to accompany me and see the museum! Amazingly the local driver who worked there for years never visited the museum! Great!

It is so cheap, I only paid Php 200.oo – good for 5 person! you’ll just add Php 20.00 for additional guest! But if you are only 1 you still need to pay Php 200.00 🙂 Also you need to pay for your digicam’s entrance! Php 30.oo.Viola and you are ready to go… just take off your shoes and wear those cute slippers in the main entrance.

With local driver "Kuya Jojo"

more pics…

Fernando Amorsolo

Hand Craft Walls and Ceilings

Salute to Marcos family!

wooden bas-relief ng unang babae-lalake (Si Malakas at Maganda)

Let's eat here 🙂

Presidential Chair

The Palace Grand Piano

The Pure Silver Chair

Pure Silver Chair

Anne Klein in Marcos Time 🙂 wow pillow case pa lang yan ♥

Vinatge Closet (*wanna take home*)

Imelda Marcos's Walk-in-CR 🙂

Imelda Marcos's Giant bed all- alone. Pres. Marcos has his own 🙂

Who do you think plays this in Former First Lady's room?

It’s been a long time since I had a tour in a museum… well Giant Aquariums are obviously not museums 🙂 It’s a nice adventure once in a while since during our school days we do this yearly right? The Planetarium and Manila Finest Museum not to forget Museong Pambata! The book reading! marvelous! 🙂

Anyway, I just love my work… it’s business and a little pleasure! I fell in love in travelling around our country. One more destination and bucket list for Philippines is done!

Guess where? starts with letter "A"

or let’s make it 3!

Hundred Islands

Rice Terraces

(I’ll stop– I am thinking there’s more LOL)


Up in the Air

I am like a kid 🙂 Instead of being happy over a colorful sweet candies…

My eyes were enjoying 🙂

I am more excited for what my eyes can see during my endless flights roaming around the country: Philippines.

I can’t help but take foto’s whenever I am up in the air. it’s a fleeting moment to see God’s wonderful creation. Marvelous indeed.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have and what experience in our lifetime… sometimes too shy to express our feelings.

For what? for those opinionated people who will laugh about your first’s? the hell with them 🙂

Life is too short not appreciate small things in life… which I love more.

Honestly, whenever I am up in the air… I feel so great. Turbulence or what… it excited me 🙂

If only I have the height and shape of a Stewardess… that will be job and not a media practitioner LOL!

The view from the top is so marvelous! 🙂

Can’t get over with.. my face almost break the airplane’s window glass ha ha ha 🙂

and presenting the fish farm 🙂 (I think)

What's this?

Correct me if I am so wrong about this fishy thingy 🙂

Anyway… just sharing my thoughts to you. Also in a short period of time I managed the art of pack and unpacking 🙂 I already have a ready to go travel kits and Clinique 3 step facial care is my buddy when it comes to travelling  and a laminated Itinerary 🙂