On being a Teacher

Hi everyone!

"They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel." - Carol Buchner

As a young wife who also loves working, my career has gone through several reinvention. Well, just two for now. I started in political world as a regular staff in the office of Senator Manny Villar (Senate of the Philippines) under SAGIP-OFW department headed by Ms. Judith Sto. Domingo. Then after a year, I got transferred and had an increase (bravo!!!) under Ms. Jing Serrano ( President and CEO of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.) as a newmedia content writer and all around nice gal πŸ™‚ lol

After 2 years andΒ  a few months, during my stay at Villar office… I got an offer from International company as PR executive. I took the chance and very proud of it. I am in despair as I leave the Villar office but I needed more exposure and experience to hone my skills.

I am blessed to be handled by career-driven independent woman that inspired me to be so much more in my career path and believed in my capabilities,Β  together with my mentor Mr. Jojo Terencio (now, AVP of Deutsche Bank).Β  They are all master of their crafts and amazing. They are fierce with golden heart, not monsters in the Industry. Truly inspirational and a role model.

Moving on, after years of service in my chosen field as a Mass Communication graduate… I resigned as a PR executive and cried a bucket of tears. I needed to focus in my family, that is why. In our life, there will come a time when you have to set your priorities right and being in the battlefield in PR heaven, you will need a lot of time to be a maven.

I am starting my family during the time and my husband took pride and said, he wants me all the time by his side. I remember talking to one of my superiors in the said International company, Ms. Bayen Elero- Tinga (One of the Director’s in the office that is truly inspiring and superb career track) before leaving the company, I asked for her understanding on my reason of leaving the company. I know that is very weak but my family is important. I also said that I wanted to improved more as an employee as I pour my heart out but my resignation letter was irrevocable. She touched my soul before saying good bye to corporate world… this is what she told me: “Never lose yourself”

I will never ever forget that piece of advice.

Then, I embraced the “housewife” role with arms wide open for five months and I really learned a lot about household chores plus it draw me closer to my husband. I never thought that we almost grew apart! You can’t blame me, I also wanted to have a career growth and my husband is just lucky to have his own business so he is not bothered by waking up so-early and going home so-late with a lot of pressure with other people+work.

When I learned how to balance everything, we talked about my career. I told him, I wanted to work again outside. Being a part time writer bores me and I needed some action, new environment and see other people. He finally said “yes” but he doesn’t want me to have a full time. So, as you can see- when you are married… making a decision is not yours alone anymore πŸ™‚ it’s a teamwork in all aspects.

I searched for 9-5 jobs. I got an offer, great ones based on my resume but I have to turn it down and choose wisely. As I lay my cards to my husband, he said that the offers are prestigious but then he noticed the part time teacher. He said, “you wanted to be a teacher” Me: Yes, just a part time. How I wish I can teach in Universities but I don’t have masters yet.

Then he said, go ahead be a teacher. It will make you happy for sure πŸ™‚ Then, I said “yes” to the school with a happy heart.

with my favorite student : Mimi

I am a teacher in a language school. I teach English subjects and basic writing for adults. I handled man to man and group class and god knows how these chikitings are so kulet to the max. But, fortunately I am makulet too so I took it as an advantage. Their class is seasonal so very good in my lifestyle plus near to our place (hassle free sa mrt!)

Why I fell more in love teaching kiddos:


Husky is a very smart kid and damn he is very good in origami. He taught me a lot but I can’t still figure how to make a crane! confusing. I only master the art of making heart and star. We had a lot of fun times and his mom same as mimi hugged and thanked me for teaching their kids.

Husky even gave me an alcohol! haha πŸ™‚ such a sweet gesture. I was surprised when he gave me a present.

Me: Why?

Husky: Because I am leaving.

Me: Why alcohol??!!

Husky: Because you always spray alcohol in your hands and you have a lot of stock.

@_@ bukelya sa oc-ness.

His letter for me in flower origami πŸ™‚

Also, Rachel, one of my students who has a beautiful hair πŸ™‚ wrote this at the back of her book!

Sige nga, paano ka naman di maiiyak sa tuwa!

I didn’t even know that she wrote it, I just saw that when I am checking her book. Then corrected her grammar jejeje.

She’s so sweet and here’s more:

Homework notebook

During Valentines, I gave all of my students a chocolate. I was surprised when she kept that label! very thoughtful ❀ awww.

They are all sweet and the adult students are gentlemen. I really fell in love with this profession same as writing…

It also allows me to have time with my husband and do household chores since I am hands-on in everything.

Plus: I gained friends! (L-R Paola, moi and Janeth)

I am just happy that God blessed me with a part time job as a writer and a teacher. It is very important in a marriage when something defines individuality aside from being US.


A dream come true and more

When I graduated college, I told myself I will search for a job that is meant for communication arts. It’s not easy as i thought it would be, but it didn’t hinder me to spot a great one.
I remember back then, with help of a great friend and a mentor, Jojo Terencio (former writer of President Fidel V. Ramos, not to forget the other outstanding politicians he worked with and now an executive in an International Company) he asked me if I want a glimpse of the Senate. I said yes in a jiffy πŸ™‚

That on-the-job training under the media office of Senate of the Philippines really opened a lot doors for me. I am travelling from Fairview to Senate (Manila, near Mall of Asia) every single day in public transportation. I am so determined and inspired from everything I see and learn from the Senate until I scored a job under the office of Senator Villar. Although I was torn between due to an offer in a Global network that will train me to be a news correspondent (thanks to Peachie Urquiola, a good friend and executive staff of Sen. Gringo Honasan)

Jojo Terencio & Peachie U

It’s hard to decide, both offer is great. I opted to work at the government. I was thankful for my wonderful friends, Jojo and Peachie who helped me from where I start.
I enjoyed the world of Politics and if you’ll read my previous blogs, you will perhaps remember how happy I am in every adventure I had while working for a Senator.

With my first Boss, ever- Senator Manny Villar

Moving on, just last year, I decided to join corporate world in a multinational company. There are so many things to learn and I am always going for professional growth. I want to know my limits…
I became a Public Relation Executive at the age of 25. It was all hard work and a lot of trials that really tested me both professional and not-so-professional terms.

In an event at the company with Executives, (sorry I look like a drunken master LOL πŸ™‚

with great mentor and a friend: Jojo Terencio in ym favorite Japan Japan pose!

Corporate Affairs Family

On the other hand, it was also the time I first saw my name in a corporate magazine! It was awesome.

One of the magazines, I have my name with πŸ™‚

After all the drama and stuff, I just can simply look at it and remember the good times I had while writing those stories. Even the interview with the executives in the company for internal viewing made me feel so good as it was my first time to feel like a news reporter.

unforgettable MIC πŸ™‚ my bestfriend in covering an event!

All this started from a dream and an inspiration. I am truly blessed for having all these opportunity and from loving friends who believed in me, my mentors (Jojo Terencio, Roy Mabasa, Peach Urquiola, Bryan Edang, Judith Sto. Domingo) same goes with my family that supporter me all the way! My husband and my best friend, Mylene and Amiel. They are my top cheerers!
Now, as I embrace the world of a full time housewife and a part time writer, all for the best in next adventure I am up to that will make me a buy another designer bag, just kidding!

Make all your dreams come true, impossible is nothing. Learn and master the craft, be passionate, have faith, be prepared and never lose yourself.

Me and my work

At Senate President Office (My Boss' Villar's term)

I must say, Election 2010 is the busiest days of my life… especially right now we are down to 2 weeks before May 10, 2010.

I mastered the 2-3 hours of sleep and off to road in a jiffy… Also the power of “NAP”. I sometimes feel my self snoring in a matter of minutes! That’s how sleepy and tired I am! But then when i think about my Boss and his vision for our country together with my officemates and supporters: I feel much alive. (plus my lola cheering for me!)

My team gives me strength (Joyce, Hazel, Kap and Sir Brian) I can be my self around them. I am more productive when we huddle up and then share some funny conversations (after a hardcore- serious meeting) that will make my face turn red until I give up laughing.

Sofie, Gil, Brian Edang, Hazel and Kap Aguila

They are my inspiration and also one of my Idol too is my former head in OFW department, Ms. Judith Sto.Domingo! I look up to her πŸ™‚ I refer her as my mentor.

(OFW TEAM 2009- RJ, TIN, sen villar, MS JUDITH STO.DOMINGO, Ms. Lerma and Amie

The first time I saw her at the office of Senator Villar… I am so starstrucked! She is so pretty! Very well dressed, elegant and when she began questioning me for interview… I really gave my best and there were times I can’t speak because I am loving what i see and hear! (kakahiya hehehe)

She’s Intelligent and has a strong personality! that’s what I admire most.

From that moment, i told my self I want to be simply like her… but she’s way too smart but I guess I can meet her half way from time goes by πŸ™‚ Also she is very kind and will help you to achieve your dreams.

Sofie, Mitch, MS. JUDITH, Joyce

She even guided me for what to do in my career path. Only few people will teach you nowadays for free. She is simply the best and I light up when I see her at our office just like Senator Manny Villar’s impact to me πŸ™‚

I admire people who helps you to achieve your dreams, goals and other aspirations in life. I say to nega-peeps… I even stay away from them because I got no room for downers LOL πŸ™‚

I am so lucky to work with them! I am so proud to be an Employee of Senator Manny Villar.