SHINE: Ms. Wenchie Flores-Sabban

"Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile."

I met Wenchie during the 2010 presidential campaign of Senator Manny Villar, I asked her how old is she? and she asked me to guess? I said 29?! then she giggled… since then we became friends and I discovered she’s in fab 40′s.

She’s one of the people who has a golden heart that really helps other to excel and I am a living proof of that generosity.

Wenchie is a Mass Communication graduate and finished Bachelor of Laws. She is currently the Chief of Staff to one legislator and a consultant to four representatives and has worked at Senate of the Philippines for 12 years and served 8 Senators!

Aside from that, she also writes political commentaries at As hardcore as it gets in the political world, she’s also fond of concerts that drew her attention to produced concerts and movie premiers as well. Also a volunteer to the Hydrocephalus Foundation of the Philippines (pro-bono web writer) and help in raising funds for the unfortunate sick
kids. That’s her favorite charity group, she said.

I asked her why she chose the world of politics as it was also my first love, “I’ve been in politics since I was in grade school, going around places to campaign for my Dad’s friends. During my teenage years, I have been a KB Chairperson in Manila for 2 terms.” Wenchie said.

I truly admire her because of her burning passion in everything she does, be at work, family or charity undertakings.

She shyly shares below the products she uses.



I start my day with a healthy breakfast with my family and not to forget my daily Vitamins 🙂

Hair Products

I love our local hair products such as Pantene shampoo, Pantene and Cream Silk conditioner, sounds like cliche but it really makes my hair shiny and smooth 🙂


When my skin feels dry I opt for Victoria Secret’s Lotion in Endless Love, it smells romantic and it really hydrates, good job!

For face

For my face, I use Clinique to exfoliate and Human Nature sunflower oil for my feet, elbows and knees.


For my every day look, I love using: Revlon Color stay pressed powder, Lancome and CD eye shadow kit, VMV matte lipstick, Elianto concealer, Organic Wear bronzer & highlighter and Victoria’s secret lip gloss for that kissable lips 🙂

Secret to sexy lips

I discovered this plump potion and I am so impressed with it! It really makes my lips look fuller, fabulous product. Secret weapon, indeed.Wanna look like Angelina, try this out ha ha ha!

Shimmer body spray, Victoria's Secret

I use this product occasionally, it makes your skin more glowy not only for the summer but also in special events that calls for more glamorous skin 🙂 It really blends good in the skin. A must have in vanity kit.

All That Jazz!

I believe in taking good care of ourselves, I think everyone should be 🙂


SHINE: Imee Li

I haven’t met her personally, but I would love to in the future 🙂 She’s an online friend from LJ where I pour my heart out and she never fails to give such a moving advice from time to time. I love to call her mimi and I admire her from head to toe because of her great character, attitude and accomplishments, like her business (I ❤ Berries Frozen Yogurt) etc. Her blog is one of my bible in life.

Aside from her lusty bag collection (Chanel, Givenchy, LV etc) High end make-up stuff, food porn, travel and taste in clothing… damn this woman knows her thing 🙂 most of her to-die-for collection is from her hard earned money and that is simply amazing. I always admire girls who buy their own stuff because I am just like them 🙂 She touched my heart when my husband got sick due to dengue, she informed me about a herbal medicine to increase the platelet of my sick hubs 🙂 During the time I was desperate to get all the help I can get from Politicians to my good friends!

Also, when the right time has come… I will come to her for to end my lust for a Chanel bag, so help me god LOL


(Above pic: my favorite mimi’s swagger pic 🙂 )

My name is Mimi and I love taking pictures of my food and talking about makeup! My family, Andrew and friends are the most important people in my life and I love spending time with them. I love shopping and I admit I have an addiction.

Current Skin Care

* Cetaphil Cleanser- Best cleansers hands down. I’ve tried a ton but I always go back to this. Gentle and effective.

* Clarins gentle refiner exfoliating cream – It’s super gentle and safe to use on a daily basis. I really love this scrub.

* Shiseido Benefiance emulsion- This is my day cream. It’s very rich but it doesn’t make me breakout and it doesn’t look crazy greasy on me, like some other cream

* Dermalogica multi-active toner- I don’t use this often, only when my skin feels and looks dry.

* Dermalogica pre-cleanse – I’ve been using this for about a month and I seriously think this is better than Shu Uemura cleansing oil…seriously. Will review this more thoroughly soon 🙂

* Bio-Oil for those pesky stretch marks -’nuff said

*Lucas Papaw – It’s like vaseline but made out of papaya and some other fruits. It’s from Australia and this tub lasts forever, I use it everywhere from my lips, heels and toes and I’m barely halfway through 😀

* Shiseido eye cream- very creamy, I have to be careful not to put too much on because i’ve gotten millia from it. Sometimes I use it as a lipbalm.

* Shiseido Benefiance night cream – This is my second jar of night cream. I will keep buying and using this until I find something that works better. I like that it’s super moisturizing yet not so rich that I break out from it.

* Lush Mint Julips- when I feel like exfoliating my lippies. I love how it smells like Andes mint chocolates. Mmmmm


Thanks Mimi for sharing us your skin care xoxo

SHINE: Mary D.

Mary D. is the author of the fantastic (with perfect web traffic) that already appeared in several glosses all over the world, very influential and well known in her Make-up Monday and detailed review on beauty products. I have known her from Imee Li through Twitter, since then her blog became my daily dose of my everyday read 🙂


I am a beauty junkie currently residing in Toronto, Canada. My obsession with makeup and skincare started at a very young age and was, for better or worse, nurtured by my like-minded aunts.

I’d have to say that of the two (makeup and skincare), skincare is my passion for I truly believe that good skin is the best canvas for makeup. I obsess day in and day out about sun exposure and sunblock/sunscreen much to the chagrin of my loving bf. And I know I’ll sound like a broken record, but it really is so important to take care of your skin. Prevention is a million times better than correction.

This blog allows me to write about my obsession as well as share tips and information with other beauty junkies out there. Also, it helps ease the my bf’s pain from having to hear me talk about it 24/7 haha 🙂

Moving on, those are the products that I use on my face. I am constantly changing my skincare products because I find that my skin plateaus no matter how good one product is. That said, there are still a few mainstays in my routine that I’ll get even if it’ll go untouched for at least a couple of weeks.

Every morning I use Cetaphil or just plain ol’ water to cleanse my face — it really depends on how lazy I am feeling that morning. While my skin is still damp, I immediately apply one pump of Lancôme’s Génifique serum and allow it to sink in. Of course, moisturizer and eye cream follow. Right now I alternate between my beloved Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and a couple of oils. My current favourite skin oil is a toss up between the Argan Oil and Avocado Oil. Coconut Oil takes second place and Sweet Almond Oil takes last place just because it is SO damn– I mean darn! (ahem, Doug/Polly/Maddy’s mom, ahem)– thick.

I never let too much time pass before applying sunscreen (a must even on dark and cloudy days!) because I find that my skin doesn’t feel so dry after. Lancôme’s Bienfait UV SPF 50 and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunblock SPF 70 are what I use to protect my skin from the sun, but I have to say that Neutrogena is WAY better. It feels lighter on the skin and on the wallet at only US $10 a pop!

At night, I use Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil to take off all the gunk and environmental pollution that have accumulated on my skin, but I have also tried using natural oils and, truthfully, there really isn’t much of a difference, except the former costs 1 million times more! Well, ok, not really, but you get the idea. Every few nights or so, I exfoliate with Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion.

I will sometimes use Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion if I feel like my skin needs a little more cleaning. Then, I apply some Génifique again and follow it with either Kiehl’s, or an oil. When I feel like being wild, I use Weleda’s Wild Rose Night Smoothing Cream. Ha, get it?!


Visit her blog and get inspired:

SHINE: Bhenie Interior-Sta Maria

"an imperfect daughter, sister, family member & friend"

Bhenie is currently residing at Australia and have an empowered job that any woman would love! oh well, CPA ka ba naman 🙂

She’s been a good friend to me since Multiply blogging was uber hot until facebook appeared and conquered the world. Apart from her busy schedule, she managed to send me her favorite beauty products for my Shine entry! cheers ❤


Just to give you of what type of shopper am I when it comes to beauty stuff, I am tightfisted. It’s so hard for me to buy expensive beauty stuff even if I know that most of the expensive beauty stuff are way better than the cheap ones. And I am such a loyal consumer that when a certain product suits me, I really stick with it.

For my hair, I love using tresemme, but I buy them here when it’s on sale. It usually cost $10 per 750ml of either shampoo or conditioner, but when it’s sale, it’s becomes $6.99 or sometimes as low as $4.99 each. Not bad right?


Addendum to the shampoo & conditioner – I like those because for the shampoo, it does not make my hair dry and for the conditioner, it does not make my hair oily. Usually, I observe, even though Pantene shampoo is Ok with me, but its conditioner makes my hair oily.

I am using J&J Body wash. Ever since May 2008 (after we came from Boracay) my skin got so dry, maybe because of too much staying under the sun, that I could not use just any soap or body wash. Some soaps would make my skin itchy or flaky. And same is true with lotions. I used to love, Kissa (the product used to be endorsed by Kris A) lotion was so good on my skin but when it got dry, it didn’t help anymore. The dermatologist prescribed me to use Aveeno. I first bought my Aveeno products from PX goods store in Greenhills & Cartimar. I can also use QV. A friend from Multiply (Meg) sent me QV soap & lotion, and it worked well on me but since it was not available in the Phils then, I stayed with Aveeno.

And since it’s winter here in Australia, I used that type of Aveeno, because of it’s soothing feeling after. But right after taking a bath, before drying my skin with towel, I apply Alpha Keri Bath Oil first, esp that it’s very cold in here now. 

As for other daily stuff, I used that product as deodorant because it smells nice & not that strong. I don’t like the deodorant products here. I am afraid that it will make my dark (because of shaving) underarms darker hahahahah.
Of course, panty liners & feminine wash are given.

My deodorant was sent by Nanay because I couldn’t find it from Filipino/Asian Store here unlike Ph Care which is readily available here 

for everyday use

I admire girls (esp mgateh) who have eyes for make-up. I don’t know why that even if I was using make as early as 5 years old ( I used to join Sagala since I was a toddler), I didn’t have the heart to really invest or have passion about make-up although before whenever I see my aunts applying make up when they were in college, I told myself then that when I get to college, I would also have make-up on. But yeah, maybe people really change J

This picture is my everyday things, Aveeno for Babies is my face moisturizer. Then I just put on J&J Baby powder. For my lipstick, I love the not so glaring shades. The lipstick is Maybelline, the lip gloss/shiner are Nivea & Victoria Secret. It depends on my mood on what to use.

for special occasions

these are the ones I use during special occasions, like when we will attend parties. I use either of the foundation, Avon or Cover Girl. The other lipstick there (black tube) is also from Avon. The blush on & lipstick are from Maybelline.

Yummy scents!

These are my scents at the moment.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Philosophy by Grace & Body Shop perfume oil are for everyday use, it depends on my mood again. Then Bvlgari for femme is for special occasion, the smell is so nice & feminine  will you believe me that this perfume was given to me last 2006 pa! 😀 that’s how seldom I use it.

If only, I can find GAP Dream here, I would definitely get one as well.

Aveeno junkie 🙂

Last but not the least, just want to show you the pics of my Aveeno! & one of my essentials here in the office now. Bench Hand Sanitizer, this is my favorite scent together with the strawberry!

That’s all 🙂

SHINE: Vivian Lee

Her favortie quote: “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Dr. Seuss

Vivian Lee is one of the smartest gal ever existed and so glad to be her friend. She’s the epitome of modern Asian- successful, strong, smart and fearless 🙂 Not to forget, her awesomeness beauty!!!!

She is a TV producer by day, beauty junkie by night and aspiring makeup mogul/entrepreneur overall.

Besides (over)indulging in makeup products she usually doesn’t need, Vivian also devours chocolate and pretty sweets in excess, adores travelling whenever her budget permits and dreams of living in New York, Paris and Capri some day.

So, here’s the part 1 of her stuff:

For my face, I use either Cetaphil or Holika Holika Egg Soap in the mornings. Followed by LUSH’s Sweet Lips to exfoliate my lips. I use Biore’s Cleansing Oil at night to remove makeup, and then cleanse again with LUSH’s Angels on Bare Skin. Oh, the big bottle to the right, Inseta, is a makeup remover I picked up in Hong Kong. Not too bad, it looks kinda like Bioderma’s. I also have Maybelline’s Total Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover for more stubborn products. Sometimes I use witch hazel to tone my face, and also SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence.

For moisturizing purposes, I stick to Olay. Lotion during the day and a heavier cream before bedtime. Clinique All About Eyes Rich for my peepers and Vaseline for my pucker. I switch between The Body Shop’s blueberry body butter, Vaseline’s lotion and Jergen’s for my body. Once a week, I will exfoliate in the shower with St Ives’ Body Scrub. Lovely stuff there. Cheap and effective! Oh, and not pictured is my all-time favorite shower cream – Johnson & Johnson’s. If it’s good for the baby, it has to be good for you.

I absolutely love switching shampoos daily, and I blame that on my fickleness. But I do love the Tsubaki range. The white one smells beautiful and it doesn’t make me shed as much as the other shampoos. Burts & Bees is terribly drying, but it’s the most expensive product of the lot, so I feel I should at least finish it. Once a week, I’ll use either the Sunsilk or Essential intensive conditioner to keep my hair soft. I also use LUSH’s solid shampoo bars, but the one I have looks like a pile of crap, so I decided not to snap a photo of it. If anyone’s interested, it’s called Godiva. Google. 🙂

While we’re on the subject of hair, here’s the stuff I use to style mine. Love love love Pantene and Tresemme’s hair sprays. The only brands that work for me. Got the Herbal Essences Tousling Spray Gel in Oz and it’s fantastic to create beach hair. Gives volume and smells divine. The Body Shop’s Guarana Berry Volumizing Mousse is my HG volumizer. It gives you big hair without the crunchiness. Unlike the Matrix Design Pulse by L’Oreal. I have it only because I got it for half price, and I wanted to try. The Liese Curling Lotion is good to hold curls, and I use this when I actually have time to sit down and curl my hair. Love the Liese Hair Cocktail – shake the layered liquid and apply on hair for a peachy scent and to soften. The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Glossing Serum makes my hair shiny and smooth for the days when the weather is humid. And finally, another goodie I got from Oz – John Frieda’s volumizing spray. By now you should be able to tell that I’m obsessed with big hair. Haha. This one works beautifully too, and the best part is, it’s extremely lightweight. Perfect for that bouncy look.

Anyway, Vivi will update her SHINE about what make-up she is using 🙂 Stay tuned!

lifted from her tumblr:

Thank you Vivian Lee for sharing your beauty secrets!

SHINE: Janis Paredes

About her: Always Nonchalant, Pretending Not to Care.

Janis is one of my Love Doctors even she’s in Riyadh, we keep in touch from time to time 🙂 Thanks to uber technology, kung tumutubo lang ang pera sa puno, nabisita ko na lahat ng friends go sa buong mundo LOL

She’s one of the best blogger I know that really shares what life is all about. During Multiply days, I was super hooked on her entries and religiously commenting and waiting patiently for her reply. Chat was not available on Multiply back in the days.

We’ve been friends for so many years and I am glad that I met someone like her.

Lemme share you her Swagger Shine lifted from her blog.

I got inspired by my friend’s blog (Sofie’s) to write something that I use daily for grooming and prettifying myself 🙂 It’s amazing to be a woman… you could either be simple or complicated… I for one is the simple kind of person when it comes to toiletries etc…

My Shampoo and Conditioner

My Shower Gel

After scrubbing using Dettol, I see to it that I use Yardley after, I love the scent of this soap on my body, keeps me feeling fresh all day — this soap smells like Heno De Pravia (if you still remember that soap!?!)

This is way easier to find than PH care… inasmuch as I prefer the latter, I’ve no choice since they only sell PH Care in Pinoy Stores which are so far from our place… this would have to do…

After taking a shower, I go to the bathroom sink to wash my face with papaya soap 🙂 This kept me away from pimples for the longest time

I use the regular Colgate stuff

With the Oral B Toothbrush

I use the original scent Jergens for my body

and this….

Moving on,

This for the face… since it’s really really dry in here.. I am obliged to moisturize unlike in the Philippines, I can survive without any moisturizing stuff on my body!

For the Make Up…

It’s kinda different from day to day… but I will write about what I use regularly..

Shiseido Compact (I could not ever go wrong with this one!) Mary Kay Mineral Make-up

Mary Kay Make Up

Some Maybelline Lipstick

Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil

Liquid Eye Liner From Mary Kay (Funny how I don’t use mascarra!) I cannot be matured enough to use it… it always gets messed up!

Mary Kay Bronzer

Mary Kay Highlighter

Chopped Lips being chronic in Riyadh, everyone must have Labello (of any kind!)

As I start my day, I need to have some few stuffs with me…

Dettol Wet Wipes

Something I carry everywhere!

and my perfume of choice for the time being is D&G Light blue…

The Cologne that I carry around…. I initially bought this because it sounded like the surname of my friend Steff, but then I liked it so I started using it regularly…

Oh well, I’ve got less than that of the other girls but to some, I’ve got more… girls do have different preferences in terms of grooming and hygiene… I wonder what’s yours?!! Care to share?

Visit Her Blog:

Thanks Janis for sharing! Naloka ako sa make-up mo 🙂 sosyal, Now I want to try Mary Kay soonest! naglaway ako sa make-up mo hee hee!

SHINE: Leona Jane

Her favortie quote: Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck...

I met leona jane on twitter together with #mgeteh group, she’s one of the cyber addicts that I know who tweets all the time about her whereabouts in workloads and other stuff that will tickle your funny bones hence she’s also good in giving advices and lends an ear if you need. I lover her to bits as she calls me from time to time just to have chika and God knows how much her call cost 🙂

She’s the one who introduced me to Benefit Cosmetics that I’m dying to have ever since I read a good review about it. She gave me my first Benefit cosmetic which is the Bella Bamba! I swear on that product, it gives the perfect glow to me like my favorite brand NARS.

She spoils me like my other friends do, fairy godmother much? 🙂

If you read my previous entries, she’s the one that I am talking about na ginagawang QC to Divisoria ang Pinas! Whenever she’s on official leave, she will go home in Bulacan from Singapore then will go to City to visit her friends! Isn’t she fab?

Moving on, since I haven’t visit her place! what I did was forced her to show me her purse here in my SHINE!

Charles & Keith

What’s inside:

She always have cash on hand and other cash cards 🙂 mayaman!

Coin purse, Umbrella, USB broadband (ADIK!!! sa net), Tissue and her Black Berry (a thing that I think, she can’t LIVE WITHOUT!)


Bath and Bodyworks Perfume, Mary Kay Face Powder, Lotion, Gatsby Blotting Paper, Ponytail, Comb and Ecotools Brush set (I drool for this! haha 🙂

Ecotools Make-up Brush Set

That is soo dope! very neat and lovely.

Make-up Kit


Muntik na akong mang-arbor dito ah! 🙂 LOL,

She’s a fan of Benefit too and she swears on Benefit’s “That Gal” primer, I must say it’s good and smells terrific. Body Shop eye make-up, ZA lipstick, Nivea Lip Balm, L.A. girl eyeliner and Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner.

I enjoyed documenting her stuff inside her purse and fell in love with “That Gal” concealer. Calling all local malls here in the Philippines!! Can someone bring Sephora here or Benefit Cosmetics?! 🙂 I am burning a lot of money just to have your stuff!

Thanks Leona for sharing this for my readers! Next, goodies in your house 🙂

Visit her Blog: