Shoes 101: to find shoes easily!

Hi everyone!

I always believe in the saying that “Beautiful Shoes will take you to beautiful places” as heard in one of my favorites: Meteor Garden. Since then, I only invest with good pairs. I don’t just buy shoes or anything (except for beauty products) to see them piling up and rot. I always go for the quality, style and compliments my skin! that’ why I make sure that every thing that I have is well kept. Every week, I check my things to make sure its free from dust.

My husband and I shares a life size shoe rack and organized according to his and hers to make life easier 🙂 but mine was a bit detailed.

Shoe box with picture!

I must admit, I don’t memorize all the shoes I have!  some of ’em have came from the same store which means, similar boxes. It always gives me a hard time to find the one that I like to use and it takes time to find it, since I have look what’s inside the box and after that my mood is ruined. So, I took time to take photos of my shoes and attached it on the box where I can easily see it.

I just need to see the style and color of the shoes I want to use and that’s it *hassle-free*. I am a self-confessed high heels lover and got few flats when my feet needs rest 🙂 Anyway, it take me a while to finish organizing our shoe rack. I suggested to husband that I’ll do the same in his shoe collection but he refused since he loves looking around *le sigh. Things is much easier this way, sofie’e way 😀


I love organized things, even our closet has the same color of hangers (Black) and clothes are folded according to color and all pantay-pantay!