Suesh Brush Guard

Suesh Brush Guard (Php 250.00)

Hi everyone!

I really invest with great quality make-up tools because obviously, it last longer than make-up and it’s all about blending and using the right makeup products. I love make-up brushes than sponges, so when I discovered Suesh Brush Guard from a friend… it was truly a blessing for my brushes.

You can even use the brush guard while drying your brushes whenever you cleanse it and the result is great because it makes the brush stay in shape. I do cleanse my brushes every week which is a must for hygienic purposes! πŸ™‚

10 pcs. per pack

It has 10 pieces of brush guards per pack with random sizes. There’s no other variety than this tho’ but I highly recommend brush guards to take care of your beautiful make up brushes πŸ™‚


M.A.C Hug Me

Buying new bullet from M.A.C

After a half-day spent at the spa and experiencing cauterize (warts removal) for the first time that which ironically didn’t know I have…

I went shopping with my husband and bought some furniture at Dimensione (thanks to payday!). Actually, I really want to buy wow magic sing but that can wait πŸ™‚ My husband and I wanted to revamp our love nest with modern things and hopefully my mini-beauty library because all my books are pricey and valuable to me that I can’t bear to see in a durabox only. Seeing my collection really makes me happy… kanya kanyang trip lang yan hehe…

After the furniture shopping… I went to beauty store! it’s my reward naman to my self πŸ™‚

With that said, I have a new goal this 2012 for my vanity table project… I want to fill my lipstick organizer with M.A.C bullets (lipstick) It really looks nice on my vanity table πŸ™‚

Trying new shades that compliments my skin

I tried almost all the best sellers and 2 of ’em won my heart!

1. Plumpful

2. Hug me

Now, I am showing you hug me first πŸ™‚

(It's not red, my camera setting is in vivid sorry!)

It’s a great day time lipstick and absolutely my go-to lip colour. It gives me a pink-beige nude look and gives fresh look which I am looking for a nude lipstick. Not all nude lipstick compliments my skin, it’s either I look like sick or dead person hahaha! I am so happy that I found my match when it comes to nude shade for lips πŸ™‚

Thanks to Ish Dizon of M.A.C Trinoma for always guiding me on what to buy whenever I am fantasizing everything at M.A.C store πŸ™‚


President & Founder of Snoe: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

President & Founder of SNOE: Ms. Jen Gerodias Diaz

I heard a lot of good reviews about SNOE and was so thrill to meet the President and founder behind the intriguing stylish and high-end cosmetics which is a local brand. Yep, you heard it right… our very own.During our meeting, I couldn’t help but notice how truly beautiful Jen in her age (35) I even asked her what’s her secret haha!

She’s very passionate when it comes to skincare and worships SPF which is contagious.


SNOE is named after the only daughter of Jen, Justine Emmanuella Diaz or Noe for short.

When Noe was born, everyone who would see Noe would say she is a white as snow. Hence the name is SNOE. The logo is the Snoe snow flake:

I love Snow flake, in fact it is the design of my wedding cake πŸ™‚ That’s why I fell in love with the design of SNOE. It has a fine taste especially with the packaging and store lay out! Moving on, aside from being stylish and high-end cosmetics it really delivers beauty and value for money. It was created to cater and benefit all kinds of consumers as SNOE believes that every woman deserves the best and can reach their fullest potential.

SNOW is dedicated in understanding the value of health, beauty and passionately pursue to serve the consumers’ daily beauty needs. The products that is available in the market will have more to come as the continue to create new products to exceed customer expectations.

Soon this brand will be a Filipino market leader in cosmetics, SNOE in no doubt will be the biggest global Filipino brand in no time. The brand represented by the snow flake that symbolizes the uniqueness and diversity of each individual.

L-R: Lan (Web Manager) Moi and Jen at SNOE in Glorietta

Jen showed me her SNOE store in Glorietta and met one of her pioneer staff who assisted me to take a closer look and try some samplers I’m interested with…

This Holiday season, SNOE also offers a perfect gift set for lovely ladies!

Gift package

As I continue to observe and try the products like a kid in a candy store, these caught my attention:

Beso Balm (not tested)

I am a sucker for lip balm! from Burts bee,Β  Carmex to EOS (which is the one I love to use right now) Beso Balm of SNOE is kinda interesting as it plumps, soothes,protects and FRESHENS Breath!!! it has even a warning: Prolonged use may attract the opposite gender and cause intense flirting. Oh lala πŸ™‚

EMU.THOLOGY (not "yet" tested)

I really want to try EMU (for short) as I am into total skin care. It has grade pure EMU oil (ACAI BERRY + SINGKAMAS) it promises to be forever young πŸ™‚

MASK (not "yet" tested)

I love whitening products and this one is for every skin type, from dryness to breakouts to fine lines!

Whitening Detox Clay Mask (not "yet" tested)

Stem Cell sunblock cream (not "yet" tested)

I am so intrigued with Stem Cell products, I haven’t tried anything with Stem Cell and this is interesting huh…

Instant white SPF 45 Sun Lotion (tested)

I love this sun block because it is notΒ  greasy and Paraben free!!! Its like you have nothing onΒ  that any other lotion makes you feel πŸ™‚

Magic Apple Whitening Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Milk Scrub (not "yet" tested)

Another interesting product! it is Cleopatra’s secret to incredible skin. it contains real milk to gently buff away rough and dry skin. It has sea salt that will exfoliate to make the skin bright and smooth all over the body.

Body Ritual Perfum with Anti-Oxidants (tested)

It smells scrumptious, light and refreshing! It feels lusciously good about yourself minus the calories πŸ™‚ It is also moisturizing and contains anti-oxidants.

Happy Heels Therapy Set (not "yet" tested)

For shoe lovers (like me) I think this is good for us for foot whitening spa kit!

Sponsored Products (All tested)

Skin Softener (tested)

I used this product every night for 4 days up to present and I am loving the effect πŸ™‚ I am still young yet I am crazy with anti-aging products. This moisturizer is also good for whitening and contains collagen! It delays the effects of aging.

Will surely buy this again once I empty the bottle!

BB Cream (tested)

I use this during work days as a primer and it works well with my make-up and doesn’t made me break out. Yipee πŸ™‚

No.12 Maximum Whitening soap

Will get back to you once I finish this one:

Singkamas Soap (tested)

I use this soap during night time because of the (smell) It has natural ingredients filled with high-grade whitening ingredients, essential oils, fresh fruit and vegetables! It might be a my sensitive nose, but I love what how it works on my skin. Even without lotion at night… still it makes my skin smooth early in the morning. Will surely buy this soap!

Hand Sanitizer (tested)

The first foaming hand sanitizer in our country πŸ™‚

It smells nice, not too sticky!It comes in 4 different scents πŸ™‚

THE BEST EVER! must have hair product (Php 499.00) Tested

I am the kind who loves being so mabango all the time. I want to leave traces of my scent to people I meet everyday as much as possible πŸ™‚ From my hands to hair strands haha!!! yes, a lady should smell nice.

SNOE hair heroes will definitely save you from a bad hair day!!! it helps to save you it from hair abuse such as hair blower, iron and styling products. It has rich formulas that contain powerful healing powers from oils, fruits and vegetables to create awesome hair days, everyday. Not only that, this intense Argan oil is also good as a leave-on hair conditioner!!!

I have only tried the conditioner and I am so in love with it already! The SNOE product I highly recommend (wait for EMU,I want to try that one so badly)

There are 3 products under hair heroes.


I tried the glam jam goddess (smells chocolate!) and glam jam blush (fruity gum!) and it is good for dry skin πŸ™‚ All cosmetics has infused with skincare.


Ground floor Cinderella (Glorietta, Makati)

Ground floor festival mall (Alabang Muntinlupa)

2nd floor fashion ave. (SM Muntinlupa)

Ground floor (SM Valenzuela)


0999-888- SNOE (7663)

0917-558- SNOE, 0922-8436567


MMG compunds, Magsaysay Road, Barangay San Antonio San Pedro Laguna



Bobbi Brown: Makeup Manual

Available @ Powerbooks (Php 735.00)

Hi everyone!

I love books (and the smell of it!) and right now I am crazy about collecting make-up manuals and other Parisian books. Last week, I decided to buy the best selling manual of internationally renowned makeup artist, Bobbi Brown.

This book is the best beauty-manual I ever red so far! Concise, informative, most comprehensive makeup lesson you will ever have and definitely for everyone from beginner to pro! As quoted “Indispensable… tons of foolproof beauty tips… includes everything” is so true!

What’s inside:

Chapter 1: Makeup Artustry

Chapter 2: Equipment

Chapter 3: Skin (VERY useful!)

Chapter 4: Face

Chapter 5: Lips

Chapter 6: Eyes

Chapter 7: Ten-Step guide to perfect make-up

Chapter 8: Special makeup applications

Chapter 9: Atistry

Chapter 10: Essential equipment for the professional

Chapter 11: Advanced makeup applications

Chapter 12: Memorable makeup moments & legends

Overall: Worth it and if you are a beauty addict like me, this is a nice bible for you. Really a page-turner and I can’t get enough!

note: Powerbooks charges Php30.00 for plastic cover πŸ™‚

Sofie’s Must Haves

Hi everyone!

I am going to share you the best 3 must haves that never fail me:)

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

With or without occasion… when greeting the world outside with mascara or none, you can never go wrong with Shu Eumura eyelash curler. I always brag about this trusted buddy πŸ™‚ No matter how short your flirty lashes is, this will do the magic alone.

M.A.C. Boy Girl Brow Set

M.A.C Boy Girl Brow Set! πŸ™‚ I’m obsessed with perfect brows and sometime when life gets in the way, I really dramatically forget to visit a salon to clean my rebel brows because sadly I can’t do it myself *le sigh*Β  So, M.A.C brow set is the solution whenever because it really grooms my brows easy as a breeze. But don’t get me wrong! even with groomed brows I always use this as it lightens up my face. It comes in 3 different tubes πŸ™‚


I love lipstick πŸ™‚ it makes me feel so girly and can give you an instant glow. My trusted brands are: M.A.C & NARS. As much I want to be a gloss-type gal, I am not. I only apply one when there’s an occasion in top of my favorite lipstick.

M.A.C: Russian Red (don’t be afraid to wearΒ  lipstick), Pink Shade: Pink Nouveau, Girl About Town and limited edition Lady Gaga and Please Me. (you can never go wrong with pink shades anyway, just find the right one for you πŸ™‚

NARS: (I only buy the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil) Red Shade: Dragon Girl and Cruella Pink shade: New Lover


Its fun being a girl…. I swear!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Original Cover from Fully Booked (Php 399.00) free cover protection πŸ™‚

Hi everyone!

The first time I saw the movie Twilight… I know I’ll be hooked! I am a sucker for love stories and the like. I watched it all over and over because it was hypnotizing πŸ™‚ the chemistry plus the story is just too damn good in the movie so I didn’t bother to buy the book because when it comes to series in paperbacks, am not really a fan. To make the story short… I watched the following twilight saga by collecting DVD (to watch and watch it all over) then- Breaking Dawn came. As I watched the movie, all I did was giggle, laugh, tensed and the feeling of “OMG! now what?”

Since the part two will be (hopefully) launched next year… I had a sleepless night wanting to know what happened next. I lust to buy an e-book that very moment but couldn’t find a reliable source or simply a free download paradise… I woke up today and finished all my wifey duties then had an hour of rest to make sure my illness won’t attack me the moment I stepped out the house (vertigo, just happened last week/ friday)

As I braved the outside world, I am so giddy with a friend to hunt the book. I went to NBS (National Bookstore) but unfortunately they don’t have the original cover of the breaking dawn. The only available was the super big book that cost Php600.00 and the mass book (small) for Php 325.00. But as a book lover, once the story of the book hits the silver screen… I really dislike celebrity covers. It is not so- appealing from the luxurious pages of the book.

As I continue to search for braking dawn, Powerbooks (sister company of NBS) doesn’t also have the original cover. I was just losing hope… but fully booked saved the day! It might be a little expensive than NBS but heck, they provide free covering of books that you bought. Its a win-win situation! fyi, Powerbooks charges Php 30.00 for the cover of one book.

So, I bought the book and go home happy. Don’t get me wrong, I started to read on Chapter 18 already where I was so damn bitin from where the movie ended.

πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicholas Sparks: The Philippine Tour

Live @ The Podium (10/28/2011)

17th Book of Nicholas Sparks: The Best of Me

Nicholas Sparks (45 y/o)

Courtesy of NBS

waiting for my number to ba called #710 after 3 hours!

Signed copy of Nicholas Sparks' The Best of Me

I have a long time relationship with books and the scent of it makes me oh-so-high. Whenever I am in a book store or in a library, the feeling is so euphoric and magical πŸ™‚ Nothing beats an old school way of reading.

As I am watching news as a nightly-habit before I sleep, I was amazed that it was Nicholas Sparks that Boy Abunda was interviewing! What I imagined him is an old man, wrinkled skin and white hair. I was surprised that he is a gym buff, 45 years old and youthful- handsome. He is a family man with 5 kids and a loving wife, which he always adores like he said in his books and live interviews. Imagine… the man who made the – Notebook. Le sigh*

I love the works of Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook and A Walk to Remember) He really makes me feel like I am in his world whenever I am reading his books. My heart sings praises in his every works like my favorite authors (Paulo Coelho, Judith McNaught, Haruki Murakami etc) His stories is just simply romantic, moving and profound.

So, I decided to go to his book launching and all I wanted is to have a picture of him with or without an opportunity of photo ops or even signature. It was all set on my mind… fortunately, God gave me more than my heart desires. I am lucky to be with a friend named, Wenchie with her daughter who is also a Nicholas Sparks’ fan. We decided to go together,Β  bought one book each and got lucky to have a signing pass through lucky draw out of 1000+ fans who are hoping to get it. Some already bought five (5) copies of book (The Best of Me Php 549.0 each) just to have a chance to get a signing pass. he signed more than 1000+ books literally and imagine how his hands felt during longs hours of signing which I believe he also enjoyed. I am #710 and waited for 3 hours for a seconds moment with him.

I really consider my self blessed in such a wonderful event. If you read his works, touched by it and even carved his wonderful quotable lines in his book in your heart or even take it as your guide in life… you’ll understand my heart desires upon meeting a genius man behind the wonderful stories of all time. I just admire his talent!

I am so thankful that National Bookstore brought him here which is the first Asian country that he had visited πŸ™‚ My 2nd time to attend book launching (first was at the Peninsula, Abueva)