Pamper time @ Bioessence

Bioessence: Skin * Slimming * Spa

I was first introduced to Bioessence when I had an emergency 🙂 LOL, just a big zit and Belo was fully booked when it happened. (Thank God I met yong, a good friend of mine at the office in PMI)

The procedure: extraction and injectiing AB solution.

It’s also as effective like Belo when it comes to making a zit dissappear!

I am just not the type who can face the world if my face is the problem. I am wired that way! very sofie 🙂

Moving on, here are some pics:

comfy lounge filled with health & lifestyle magazines

I am sucker in mint scent, that’s why I am addicted to spa. Also, Bioessence serves Ice Tea too 🙂 don’t you just lovet? some hot choco and some twinnies and I appreciate it so much.

I love magazines, I am even one of those who will take read for free at bookstores LOL

The Spa-Addict strikes again 🙂 & hello eyebags!

I just had European Spa Facial and Queen of Sheba’s Milk Bath 🙂

Cheers to Bioessence

Love the branch at: 68 Carbal Bldg, West Avenue, Q.C. 371-2931 / 372 – 2649


Konigin Salon Facial Spa

Ear Candle Therapy

Nowadays, I am always working inside the car while campainging in the road. It’s a multi-tasking stuff so sometimes my feets gets numb especially when I travel for 4-5 hours.

It’s way too different in the office because you can walk around and chill for a while. Since I got no choice in my assignment which I find very exciting, I find ways to entertain my self during break time… In fact munching junkies became an option! it’s very poor option! 😦

So, my spa adventure has increased. Been into Cagayan De Oro to Davao and everywhere and experienced luxurious spa services to downgrade ones.

Moving on, would you believe that I found a Spa in Monumento!!!

If you’ve been there in LRT area, all you will see is fake dvd’s, dried fish and all sorts of 50 pesos clothes and 10 pesos accessories. Never did I expect a paradise of spa and it’s called: KONIGIN SALON FACIAL SPA.

My driver saw the promo girls outside our vehicle and told me “Ma’am there’s a promo girl and I think it’s a Spa crew”  I called the guard and asked for a leaflet! TA-DAH  Spa nga!

It’s a 3 minutes- away from my car so I went and avail body polish (with natural milk) and wrapping! (Soysal!) for only P200.00! it’s 50% off. (original price: P400.00

But what I enjoyed most is the “Ear Candling” it’s only P250.00 and I got it for only P125.00 My first time! So I was kinda scared… But the spa attendant made me feel comfortable and got my trust.

As she put the Indian Ear Candle Dense I felt something tingling sounds… it took 3-5 minutes each and I can’t believe what I saw… a lot of dirt that a cotton buds can’t take! eww but it felt good on me. My ears feels so clean and my hearing somewhat cleared, it’s hard to describe but it’s good especially I am an avid ipod user for 5 years now.

Thanks to Konigin Spa for my wonderful experience in Ear Candling.

Very friendly spa attendants and attentive!

Konigin Salon Facial Spa

Managed & Operated BY: BM Marketing. Ph Company

#120 Mazenoid St. 11th Ave., Caloocan City

Tel. No. (02) 332-8036


Cagayan De Oro: Prycegas Hotel

The best Hotel in the city of CDO!


View from my room

Budget! Panalo!

Lady in Black 😉

Where the magic happens LOL

it's nice to have breakfast with a view like this 🙂

Well, Spa Queen continues her adventure in Cagayan!

Welcome to Prycegas Elite Spa!

Magical Steam Room 🙂 Nakatagal ako ng 15 minutes!

Spa Queen @ Cagayan De Oro City!

I love the hotel accommodation! Feel na feel ko ang stay ko dito. Very cozy with a lovely environment!

I even hit the Gym early morning then steam bath for 10 minutes.

Actually, steam bath made my skin more soft and glowy!

Now I am loving steam bath! so glad we have it here in Quezon City with Honeyall over your body (It’s called Honey Steam Bath 🙂

Tycoon Envy Spa

as the Spa Queen continue her adventure in experiencing different Spa’s in our country…Here where my golden shoes drag me:

The entrance leading to spa rooms…


(note: I am loving my tan skin)


The Room: I guess this is good for couples. Since I am alone during that time I opted for largest room so I can relax more. I didn’t add something to have the room, super baet lang talaga ang mga crew ng Tycoon Envy Spa especially Ms.Sheryl na super sarap mag masahe 🙂

It was my first time here at Tycoon Envy Spa and I can say panalo ang location, minty smell (I love menthol aroma) and yung service… energetic ang mga crew and smiling face. I experienced irate attendants kasi maybe they’re pagod na rin pero for me it’s not a good thing 🙂


Nag pa wax na rin ako sa kanila, just a regular one.

They only do waxing sa underarms, facial hair, legs and arms wala sila for you know where 🙂 malamang ito lang ang room for waxing!!! 🙂 and pedi/mani.

Nice and Neat 🙂

I will surely go back here pag nasa Ortigas Area ako.

Long Live the Queen of Spa! hahaha LOL

If you have recommendations where to hit a nice spa (from the cheapest to expensive one’s e-mail me @ Thanks!

Dermcare Luxe & Wellness Spa

Dahil araw ng kagitingan ngayon I took advantage the Holiday and spent my time blogging and hitting another new spa as part of my life adventure 🙂

Well, this one is also great nabakla ako sa mga crew, cuteness and magaan ang kamay sa facial treatment. I availed the pure body bliss (facial, body scrub, massage, foot s…pa, hand spa, hair works and steam bath) It lasted for almost 5 hours! pero para sa akin parang 1 oras lang sa sarap!

(i feel like I am at Polly pocket world, they have 2nd floor with mini rooms, mini elegant rooms 🙂

(mini CR, pero clean 🙂

(I enjoyed hitting the spa cuz it takes away the stress, grabe na ang work nowadays kaya I am happy to have time for this 🙂
I enjoyed it super energetic again!
I think dito muna ako mag papa-facial and scrub but if I am in Ortigas area Tycoon will be my spa 🙂

Dermcare Luxe the Block
5th floor, the block SM city North Edsa QC

672 3180

672 3120