I am very keen with skin care regimen. It is very important to have a clean “canvas” (face) as much as possible in able to have more natural polished look.

To have a healthy skin is one my main priorities because even as a makeup artist, sometimes we must let our skin breathe by not applying anything from our face.

Without further adieu, I found a holy grail from our local market. SNOE Beauty Inc. which has a wide range of beauty products! so imagine me whenever I am in their store, it’s like candy shop.

Php 199.00

Obviously I didn’t waste the last drop of EMU.CLEANSE! and that is my 6th bottle to date (Started using it April 2012) I love washing my face especially when I feel my skin is oily and need to refresh. I have oily, acidic and acne-prone skin and this is the only local brand that has a similar consistency to Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Facial Wash. Why did I compare? My skin loves Kiehl’s and when I tried EMU.CLEANSE, I switch from time to time and glad my skin has no violent reaction and I still get the result that I want and much more. I trust both brands when it comes beating the stubborn oiliness of my skin.


EMU. CLEANSE is anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, damage repair, skin regenerator , skin repair, skin protection, moisturizing, non-comedogenic, whitening, anti-bacterial and pain management.

A blend of Emu Oil, Acai Berry and Singkamas that will eliminate surface impurities, protect from environmental pollutants, heal, moisturize while whitening your skin. It leaves the complexion feeling fresh, healthy and radiant!

SNOE is Available in the following locations:

SM Muntinlupa- 2nd Floor, Fashion Ave.
Festival Mall- Ground Floor Behind Jollibee
Cinderella Glorietta 3, Ground floor ( Near the cashier)
SM Valenzuela,Ground Floor Beside BDO
Market Market- Taguig ( Ground floor in front of Forme)
LandMark Trinoma
Robinsons Place Dasmarinas Cavite
Robinsons Galleria
SM Las Pinas
Shopwise San Pedro
One Pavillion Mall, #7 Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City. (We are on the second floor of the Department store.)
SM CITY Sta. Rosa. ( Near BearCuddler by the SM Supermarket entrance)

Tony and Jackey Salons Locations
1. Tony & Jackey Magallanes- 2F Rustans Shopwise Magallanes Gate Way Paseo de Magallanes St., Brgy. Magallanes, Magallanes Village, Makati City
2. Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato- C.T.T.M Square Tomas Morato cor. Timog Ave. Quezon City
3. Tony & Jackey Makati- West of Ayala Bldg., Makati City
4. Tony & Jackey Malate- Unit H Bellagio Square, J Bocobo St. Malate Manila

Salons/ Spa
1. Beauty Glow salon- Visayas ave. QC
2. Salon 28- Pacita rd. San Pedro Laguna

YOU can also do online shopping!

That’s all!

Sofie M.

(This is not a sponsored/paid post)

also featured in my professional portfolio:


Belo Essentials: Underarm saver!

We are having such a stormy weather and glad that my office announced that we don’t have work today. Since I don’t have anything to do, I will blog today 🙂

I am sharing you my favorite underarm weapon. I must confessed that I am one of the mortals who are not blessed with not-so-good underarm skin. I am suffering from chicken skin due to cold waxing and uneven skin tone. Most of us wish our underarm is perfect right? especially us ladies.

I have blogged about Belo underarm whitening cream since the first week of using it. Now it’s almost a month and I even let my sister touched and even my husband for the love of god! my underarm. The verdict: They both said it is smooth regardless of cold waxing! yipee 🙂

Belo Underarm Whitening Cream

I obviously use it every night. I don’t know how long this will last vs Mosbeau. My skin is acidic so I am most prone to darkening of skin plus my hormones is currently at war which leads to more body hair growth. ( I truthfully dread on it)

I also switched deodorant upon using the underarm whitening cream and it is a good combo. Belo Essentials whitening anti-perspirant deodorant (24H) whitens skin and controls darkening before it starts. Now if you are wondering about the price, it’s really affordable. 25ml sells for Php49.** not more than Php 50.00.

I can’t really say how dramatically my underarm changed but according to my husband and sister and lightened a bit for almost a month of usage but they are (also me) 100% satisfied on how my underarm skin felt: SMOOTH. Even my hair starts to grow a bit, still there is no roughness! I swear on it. Now I feel not so embarrassed when my husband is touching my underarm! I know it is weird but some men are so into- underarms haha! 🙂

Unboxing: Tory Burch in Distressed Leather Reva

I had my first pair of Tory Burch way back 2010 because it was one of the cult shoes of working ladies in Makati when I was still gracing the area. We are all like robots wearing same shoes with long champ bags and that was the simple image of corporate slaves. Shoes and Bags that will make you feel less guilty when broken and you can never go wrong with these just like wearing a Chanel bag and braving all your everyday work load.

As my first pair said goodbye after 2 years of service, I let it go. Usually Tory Burch flats can only last for 6 months with heavy use. The leather will start to crumple and sophisticated battle scars will show off little by little. But one thing I love Reva is that the sole is not too flattened compare to other flats I have tried. The sole was still compact and just  less faded embossed Tory Burch logo  but the appearance looks like a mess and not presentable anymore.

In my style, It’s very important for me to have classic clean shoes, nice bag and crisp looking clothes regardless of the brand.

Without further adieu here’s my  unboxing version of Tory Burch in Distressed Leather Reva.

Anyway, I hope you can use this as a reference when buying a pair of it to know the difference of fake and not. Nowadays there are a lot of Tory Burch sold online and at Greenhills shopping center, be careful in buying it 🙂 spending 4k or 5k just to make tipid and then knowing in the end it’s fake is useless. Still a lot of money burnt.

I bought this at Tory Burch Greenbelt, Makati. They have stuff on sale but too bad this one is not included. The Patent Eddie ballet flat is only 5k something++ such a steal huh? but I like the logo in metal, so that’s why I didn’t opt to buy the ones on sale. (Sale runs until July 31, 2012)

Tip: Tory Burch SA recommends buying half size bigger to avoid pain but I still chose to buy the one that fits me well. All I have to do is just break them in like I used to. After 2 weeks of usage (plus enduring the pain and preparing my medicine to fight blisters) everything will be alright. All you need is to break in!

Php 10, 625.00

I love classic Reva in Brown and Gold. It compliments my skin tone and it gives an illusion of longer legs. I always opt for shoes that makes my legs sexier and so as my feet. There are some shoes that can make your feet like a flat fish or bloated 🙂

(with photo filter in bloom)

That’s all 🙂 Enjoy your adventure when wearing Tory Burch.

Dry Shampoo: No Drought!

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo ( Php 575.00 )

Scalp type: Oily and Sweaty

Hair Strands: Thin and Shiny

Hair Color: Black

I’ve been searching high and low for the best available dry shampoo in the Philippines and thank god, I found one in LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics!

I just attended a grand opening of two luxurious brand (Shu Uemura and Kiehl’s Trinoma) when I entered Lush cosmetics which is just beside the two great stores! I asked for big shampoo and unfortunately they don’t have an available sample and before buying at LUSH, I always ask for samples since it’s too pricey.

Then I asked for another great hair product that adds volume and dishes out the oiliness, in short… Dry Shampoo! The SA introduced me to No Drought and upon trying it, I fell in love with it. It was the last bottle during that time  🙂

“Whether you’re with friends at a festival or stuck comb alone- for a quick freshness boost, no wash; just go!”- No Drought

I must confess, to make my hair thicken and avoid being so flat…I use baby powder! I read all about it and claims to be safe. So far, I was content with it. No build up or attack of dandruff! So, that’s one my tricks when I am attending a party or an event that needs for luxurious hair appearance haha 🙂


  • light weight
  • fresh scent (very lush store ang amoy)
  • long lasting (6-8 hours depends on location)
  • Adds volume
  • Say goodbye to oiliness and sweaty scalp!


  • Expensive (I used to buy dry shampoo back in the days and it only sell Php 100.00 but not lush..kaso nawaley na sila)
  • Messy upon application because it doesn’t come in spray bottle
  • Builds up with excessive amount of application
  • Some says it smells like medicine, worst… smells like Fissan powder.
  • It doesn’t come handy so you have to leave it in house unless you want to carry the bottle.

How to apply (similar to spray bottle)

keynote: This is not a good substitute for liquid shampoo. Only good for styling and avoidance of oily & sweaty scalp. Maligo pa rin kayo!


Most celebrities, local or foreign always use dry shampoo for a quick fix of voluminous hair and freshness. You can read this article about local celebrities who loves dry shampoo: KC Concepcion and G Toengi.

At bilang isang mortal na tao lamang ako, hinanap ko kung san nila binili ang mga hair weapons nila and unfortunately walang available dito sa Pinas 😦 I really searched for dry shampoo through online and malling. Som it’s a good thing I found this for a good start.

I really want to buy and try  Sexy Hair  and I will not stop searching for it. Ang hirap naman kasi ng manipis ang hair haha! Ayoko naman matuluyan makalbo kaka treatment for hair. Isang beses nga lang ako sa isang taon magpa- haircut and rarely do deep conditioning dahil takot ako mag mukhang may tipos haha 🙂

That’s all!


If you know a dry shampoo that is available in our country (Philippines) Message me or e-mail me (

Late Bloomer


I never thought of my self having an IPAD 2 or any version of it because I find it useless since I am not a gamer or needs to have presentation for work using this. The one that I was craving for was Kindle since I love reading. It’s been months since I told my husband that I am saving for the latest Kindle…

Until last week, he surprised me with IPAD 2. It was inside our walk in closet and I never noticed it until he told me to look really hard for his shirt (good excuse). I was totally surprised when I saw the white box!

I am not the kind to expect anything from someone so, yes… it’s a nice thing to surprise me 🙂

He didn’t failed to make me feel oh-so-special that day because he even treat me in a fine dining and all of these are just because gifts. I have simple joys in life and I highly appreciate every little things.

So, am I addicted to it? I thought I am sticking with ibook until…

First Instagram photo 🙂 #beautylibrary
I tried the craze of what Mr. Facebook bought for 1 Billion! INSTAGRAM.
It’s official, it’s a new social network that I am addicted to. Expect more pictures sporting places, food, beauty products, events, out of the day (OOTD) and everything in between.
follow me at: sofielicious19
I’m also addicted to Fruit Ninja by the way!


Hi everyone!

I had my first set of EcoTools from my friend named Leona 🙂 and since then I fell in love with it. During my trip to Singapore, we also tried to find a nearby store that sells EcoTools so I can buy more… unfortunately due to lack of time we didn’t find one. So, I am so happy when I found one at Trinoma in Pretty Goddess store inside Pop Culture. The shop is pretty cool as they also sell NYX makeup which I love and Pretty Goddess make up brushes.

This iconic EcoTools set is what started it all!  Whether you want to hide imperfections, define eyes and brows, or create a rosy glow, our set of five beautiful and incredibly soft brushes is the perfect start to your makeup routine. Brushes feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and incredibly soft, cruelty-free bristles.

Set Includes:

  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Lash & Brow Groomer
  • Hemp & Cotton Case (Room for both brushes & makeup essentials!)

Item #: 1206 (source)

Although I already have a set and I think it’s more than a year or two, the brushes are still soft and in good condition. I just don’t have Hemp & Cotton Case that I am so eager to have because it really saves space in my bag and good for travel too. What I love about my first set is that, I already have the bamboo holder for the brushes 🙂

I am a MAC brush junkie but I couldn’t help to own EcoTools  because it has the same quality but much softer compare to MAC brush, not to forget much cheaper. You can easily have it all in one buy which I can do if only we have EcoTools store.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy grip handle
  • Non-slippery handle
  • Blends well with make up
  • Gives professional result
  • Holds it shape after washing
  • Very soft and dense bristles


  • Not available in drugstores (Watsons- SG has it) but Pretty Goddess sells EcoTools #1206
  • I don’t like the powder  brush compare to MAC. It scatters and too big and messy upon application, I think it’s only good for finishing powder to “seal” all makeup.


I love it next to MAC brushes. I always make it a point to feel the bristles before I purchase and EcoTools passed my standards.


  • I believe in excellent quality that I usually get from branded makeup tools because they truly deliver compare to others, but if you spot a local brand that gives the same quality and satisfaction, go for it. Selecting a good makeup brush really affects the application of makeup.
  • A good set of brush will last several years if it is well cared for.
  • Clean makeup brushes every month or two.
  • Choose cruelty-free brushes! Most manufacturers note this information in the product description.
  • Brushes make all the difference in makeup application.
  • Consider investing in at least a few key brushes (like I do)

That’s all 🙂

Pretty Goddess

09228971099 or 09065147163

Store: Trinoma Mall and Alabang Twon Center

more about my Style & Beauty

Old glamor style of 50's

(an excerpt from interview guide that has been published for stylish bloggers, it was truly a compliment for me as a beauty blogger to be considered as one, will send the link soon!)

Tell us about your personal style: feminine, classic, and understated and definitely an expression of who I am.

What are your favorite shops: I am more of a beauty junkie than fashionista, but I love Tyler, The ramp, La Senza, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Missy (Bayo) and 7 for all mankind. How I wish I am more in love with local brands aside from Tyler and The ramp, but as a “plump” pinay I accepted the fact that most of large sized clothes from local brands doesn’t fit me and hello for “free size craze“. Fit is so “important”, you might caught yourself falling in love with a dress but  no matter how nice it looks on the rack, if it doesn’t flatter you well, let it go. I learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Queen Rania of Jordan and Ivanka Trump. For modern day, I am so into- Sex and the City and Mad Men clothing. Simply, ravishing.

Things you don’t leave the house without:

1. Make up Bag (Sephora)

I must admit, I can’t go outside with bare face except when I am working out. With my make up bag, there’s a wet tissue.

2. Wallet

Never leave the house without extra cash even it’s only Php 100 or Php 50. I learned my lesson in a hard way! Inside: Wallet size wedding photo, ATM (I don’t own credit card-ever, it’s dangerous to your health) Identification Card (in case I get lost lol) and I am proud owner of Tom’s World fun card.

3.Notebook and Pen

I love writing to-do list in a busy day, jotting down notes in a business meeting and writing inspiring words.

4.Hand lotion

I am currently in love with heathcote and Ivory country blossom hand lotion and coco Chanel. Both are great hand lotion and I love smooth hands and smell good all the time.

5. Alcohol

For sanitation purposes


I feel much closer to Him

7.Cell phone

But I don’t bring one during family day, same goes with my husband when we are dating. It’s one of our marital rules


My Jurassic Ipod that I earned during my stay at the Senate under Sen. Villar. It has a sentimental value because I asked for an autograph personally. It was 2 years ago, I can’t hardly see the ink boo hoo.


I don’t bring huge bottles of perfume that’s why I also buy smaller version of my signature scents.

Make up essentials:

My easy to reach beauty counter!

updated makeup essentials

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Toner– I have an oily, acidic and acne prone skin. I know right, it’s a fight for ages… but since I used a toner before applying make-up, I have an occasional attack of oiliness which I only retouch once. Hurrah!

Dr. Feelgood primer of Benefit– This makes my make up stay longer for more than 8 hours.

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush– gives a natural glow on my skin same goes with my old time favorite NARS orgasm.

Studio MAC fix in NC35–  My trusted foundation powder. Sometimes I still applied it using wet sponge to make it more visible, I swear it still works, like the good ‘ol times for makeup application style.

Lipstick- MAC Brave (Satin- Nude pink) my all around lipstick but if I feel more adventurous or lazy to apply makeup, I go for MAC Russian red (matte). It really gives life to my boring skin in an instant! I skip any lip conditioner when applying lipstick, it works well on me.

Benefit Mascara– Who doesn’t want more flirty eyes?

Shu Uemura eyelash curler– cult favorite and mine too. It doesn’t cut my lashes or pulled plus “parang tinupi” na eyelashes look.

Stila Bronzer- for contouring.

The magical makeup for brows!

Benefit Browzings in Medium– My partner in crime to have that beautiful eyebrows well defined. The kit has brow wax for setting and brow powder to fill in all gaps in the brow hair plus it has a compact mirror, two small brushes and a tweezers.

MAC Brow set in Girl Boy- Also a partner in crime when I want to have a softer look when using a bright colour lipstick. It’s a cult favorite and a must have! This is a no-brainer product.

Make up brushes- I have 3 sets of makeup brushes, 1st  is an easy to reach set from vanity desk (as seen on picture), 2nd brushes that I used occasionally in train case  and 3rd MAC 217 and MAC116 my all around makeup brush that I always carry with me.

I really invest in good quality brushes, it might be a little expensive but it will last for 8 years with proper care. I have brush guards for extra protection and to make it stay in shape.

Brushes make all the difference in makeup application.


Diet tips:

I am in a yo-yo diet for years but as for my advice, don’t take diet pills especially the one that you can’t understand in Chinese or unfamiliar alphabet and wrong grammar instructions. I’ve been there done that, and it has taken its toll on me. Don’t even skip meals and avoid sodas if you can.

Take diet as a serious lifestyle change and stick with it not because you want to be a skinny bitch. It’s more mental challenge, because if you will starve yourself to death and go back to your bad eating habit again, it’s useless and will make you sick.

Right now, I am taking the natural way with Doctor’s advice and its effective, slowly but surely because I am not healthy anymore:

Portions of food:

  • ·         Vegetable – size of your fist
  • ·         Pork/beef/white meat- size of your palm
  • ·         Rice/Potato/Pasta/bread- ¼ or none at all. It’s safer for adults to totally avoid rice in take as per my Doctor.

I don’t eat pork & beef anymore, 4 months and counting. I don’t drink soda, coffee and any kind of juice. If I really want to drink something aside from water, I’ll have Passion Red Tea from Starbucks once a week or a month. My sugar in take is limited and only if needed. I don’t use much oil when cooking so thank you to Non stick pans. If you need oil, use coconut or soya. I rarely eat junk food and if I do, it’s only Cheetos.

Just make sure you don’t starve yourself and move, have small 6 meals in a day, instead of bigger one, hit to gym or jog for 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you can only do it once a week, again make it a lifestyle.

One more, “Think French” I love Parisian vanity, they love to walk! So, the tamad-to-walk that I am, I remind myself “Think French

These changes are good for a lifetime and not a short term commitment.

Note: I used to weigh 150 pounds (height 5’1) and lose 30 pounds after 2 months in year 2007. I gained it all again because of unhealthy lifestyle and now my body is different due to age. 4 months ago, I was 160 pounds and now I am weighing 140 pounds. (no diet pills and crazy work out) My goal is 120 for healthier me. No insane cravings and I thank my Doctor for that!

A lady must remember that:

In style: Don’t follow trends just to conform, dress according to your body type, comfort and your personality.

note: words and photograph by me. Please don’t steal!