I am very keen with skin care regimen. It is very important to have a clean “canvas” (face) as much as possible in able to have more natural polished look.

To have a healthy skin is one my main priorities because even as a makeup artist, sometimes we must let our skin breathe by not applying anything from our face.

Without further adieu, I found a holy grail from our local market. SNOE Beauty Inc. which has a wide range of beauty products! so imagine me whenever I am in their store, it’s like candy shop.

Php 199.00

Obviously I didn’t waste the last drop of EMU.CLEANSE! and that is my 6th bottle to date (Started using it April 2012) I love washing my face especially when I feel my skin is oily and need to refresh. I have oily, acidic and acne-prone skin and this is the only local brand that has a similar consistency to Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Facial Wash. Why did I compare? My skin loves Kiehl’s and when I tried EMU.CLEANSE, I switch from time to time and glad my skin has no violent reaction and I still get the result that I want and much more. I trust both brands when it comes beating the stubborn oiliness of my skin.


EMU. CLEANSE is anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory, damage repair, skin regenerator , skin repair, skin protection, moisturizing, non-comedogenic, whitening, anti-bacterial and pain management.

A blend of Emu Oil, Acai Berry and Singkamas that will eliminate surface impurities, protect from environmental pollutants, heal, moisturize while whitening your skin. It leaves the complexion feeling fresh, healthy and radiant!

SNOE is Available in the following locations:

SM Muntinlupa- 2nd Floor, Fashion Ave.
Festival Mall- Ground Floor Behind Jollibee
Cinderella Glorietta 3, Ground floor ( Near the cashier)
SM Valenzuela,Ground Floor Beside BDO
Market Market- Taguig ( Ground floor in front of Forme)
LandMark Trinoma
Robinsons Place Dasmarinas Cavite
Robinsons Galleria
SM Las Pinas
Shopwise San Pedro
One Pavillion Mall, #7 Duterte St., Banawa, Cebu City. (We are on the second floor of the Department store.)
SM CITY Sta. Rosa. ( Near BearCuddler by the SM Supermarket entrance)

Tony and Jackey Salons Locations
1. Tony & Jackey Magallanes- 2F Rustans Shopwise Magallanes Gate Way Paseo de Magallanes St., Brgy. Magallanes, Magallanes Village, Makati City
2. Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato- C.T.T.M Square Tomas Morato cor. Timog Ave. Quezon City
3. Tony & Jackey Makati- West of Ayala Bldg., Makati City
4. Tony & Jackey Malate- Unit H Bellagio Square, J Bocobo St. Malate Manila

Salons/ Spa
1. Beauty Glow salon- Visayas ave. QC
2. Salon 28- Pacita rd. San Pedro Laguna

YOU can also do online shopping!

That’s all!

Sofie M.

(This is not a sponsored/paid post)

also featured in my professional portfolio:


Debut of Diana Stalder

Hi everyone!

April 28, Saturday—It was a great privilege to attend the fabulous and heartfelt celebration of the 18th Birthday of Diana Stalder who is the owner of Diana Stalder Professional Skin Care.

Diana Stalder is the First Filipino-owned company that ventured into the direct selling of skin care and beauty products and has high ethical standards that compete in the global market.

As for first hand experience,   Diana Stalder Casmara facial is one of my favorite facial treatment! The first time I tried it, I knew I’ll be hooked on it and I was right 🙂 Glad they have a near branch and no need for me to go all the way to Magallanes hehe…

Moving on, I’d like you to meet the beautiful Diana Stalder, dressed in sophistication with elegant manners…

and not to forget such a sweet lady! I was truly amazed upon meeting her because of being such an eye candy with contagious smile. I’d love to know more about this lady and her passion in skin care regimen to share for my dearest readers. I know you’re dying to know her skin care secrets as the owner of a well-known beauty brand— because, I myself was very intrigued to ask but kept my excitement as I tried enjoyed the night with star studded intimate party!

Ang hirap mag concentrate pag maraming magaganda at makikinis sa palaigid mo hee hee 🙂 I appreciate beauty everywhere! lalo na kung pagpapaganda rin naman ang pinag uusapan!

On stage— Mother and daughter momento!

I was also touched by the mother and daughter momento 🙂 and this was the time I missed my mom (+) I always get so dramatic in such scenarios. Diana and her mom has a strong relationship and I can’t help but totally adore Diana because of her being sooo “malambing” with her mom and whole family. She is so down to earth and can easily win your heart.

She is also a great singer as she sang together with Ryan Cayabyab’s singers and with her little sister. I love going to the parties with so much love flowing in the air, a love that comes from the family 🙂

With Mrs. Stalder, mother of Diana Stalder
I also met and had a great chat with Mrs. Stalder who is passionately hands on with everything. Her gracious manners and air of confidence presenting her daughter in a lovely night is such a one of a kind in every mothers out there.

Ms. H

It was also a pleasure to meet Ms. H of Diana Stalder Professional Skin Care

I had a fabulous time chatting with the relatives of Diana too, they are so maasikaso and made me feel like part of the family. A more reason to fall in love much deeper in Diana Stalder 🙂 the people behind it.

Travelogue: Ilocos Sur

We always look forward to holy week vacation due to busy schedule of my dear husband. This is the longest days we can be so-disconnected in city life. It’s a good thing once in a while. This year my husband opted to go for a long drive, take note: during peak season, NLEX and SCTEX can be your worst nightmare. We’ve been stuck for an hour just to get ticket. My husband said that in U.S. there is no such thing like that, why can’t it be free, if not now, when? le sigh.

My husband was the one who always make our itinerary, it is very detailed all the time 🙂 from the hour we should we wake up until dinner time! he is full of surprises man. I am, on the other hand, in-charged in everything! from being a mother-packer to master chef. I lovet!

This year around, it’s different. We visited not only one church as we used to be, prayed, discovered new culture and take tons of picture. Walkathon is the main event! so to speak. In our 5 days in Ilocos Sur, we only spent three times walking beside the beach and took the plunge for 10 minutes. I guess, we are sawa na kaka-swim sa beach.

From the place we stayed in “Camp Hope” which was owned by a rich family (former Gen. Reyes ++) in ages, the place is to die for! It’s a front beach with a divine fish pond- right before your eyes! Oh my, I just fell in love and from the healthy brekky they served.

Crisologo Museum

I couldn't stand Mr. Sunshine anymore and bought me a hat for Php150.00. My first kikay hat 🙂

Calle Crisologo

Cafe Leona

Baluarte ni Chavit (Hacienda)

Not even wearing a makeup cos it will literally melt in your face! anything when you are doing a walkathon.

Narvacan Beach, sporting my no-brainer warrior yoga pose 🙂

The famous- Vigan Garlic Longanisa

Pinsal Falls, Sta. Maria

Suso Coral Beach

Old abandoned bell tower (picture not edited)

I feel that husband wants to learn rock climbing! (at Biak na Bato/ Bat Cave in Candon)

Inside a rock mini cave on the way to huge bat cave!

Emote time! a great rock formation.

We shared one bed, and I am so okatokat (scared) on the other one! hehe 🙂 I am claustrophobic, so if there's affordable bigger room, we get it.

This is where we usually have our food trip together with an old dog 🙂

How can you not fall in love with place 🙂 so peaceful, no banging sounds of party. (yeah, I am a boring person)

Ahhh, moments like this.

Sta. Maria Church (where my husband was totally amazed)

Sta. Maria Bell Tower

Husband and I really had a good time, discovering new things together, laughing and flirty glances. Priceless.

Places: Ilocos Sur, Sta. Maria, Narvacan Beach, Suso Beach, Candon and Vigan.

Travel time (Holy week): 12 Hours MNL-VIGAN

Stop over: 3 times, max 30 minutes.

Transportation: Car

Universal Studios Singapore (USS)



Walk of fame: Audrey Hepburn


Best friend and I ❤


Jumpshot with Alconcel family


help? :">



USS will not be complete without "me" experiencing Battelstar Galactica



with girl friends! L-R Leona, Moi and Mylene





Thank you Lord so much for the wonderful blessings in life ❤ I really enjoyed Universal Studios Singapore! Fun rides, delicious burger, breathtaking ambiance, cool mascots, cheerful friends,Madagascar dance! Totally kid at heart 🙂


Carpe Diem!

Singapore Day 1

My travel pals "Alconcel Family"

This is my first time to travel internationally from my hard earned money and with my bestfriend,  Mylene who also treat me for fun rides ❤ and the very hospitable Leona Jane 🙂

I stayed for (3) days while her family stayed for a week to catch the Formula 1 event… As soon as we landed, we met our friend Leona and braved the streets of Orchard right away! due to its popularity as the shopping mecca of the tourists.

Lavender MRT Station

I am so jealous how clean and organized the country of Singapore!less hassle and bustle, even no heavy traffic. The train stations are unbelievably neat and fast, even the escalator is even fast compare to what we have here and you must always stay at the left side unless you want to overtake.

Inside the train

The Ion Orchard Mall

Pagbaba pa lang ng station, mall agad.. no checking of bags!

Amazing ceiling at Ion Orchard Mall 🙂


my favorite lingeri shop, as of we don't have it here LOL

One of my fave characters! Paul Frank 🙂

I finally see the mall itself and ready to experience Sephora!!! its my main target during my visit 🙂 and met with my LJ friend for years, Vivian Lee of E Channel, Singapore. (She also appeared in my Shine category)

Dream come true!

I have little dreams in life, to have a career and be an executive for young age which I gladly did.. to be a wife and mother (soon)  and to travel beauty stores all over the world possibly. When I saw Sephora, I almost died and gone to heaven 🙂

I made a rule that I will not buy stuff that is available in our country (Philippines) so, I opted to buy Sephora brand (will blog about it)

L-R Mylene, Vivian Lee, Sofie, Leona and baby Travis

Vivian Lee used her Sephora card on my purchase so I can get 20% off in each stuff!!! drooling 🙂 I had so much fun here and its a fleeting moment.

The F1 store

The other side from Ion Orchard, TANGS


SG mall, version of GH! 🙂


I took lots of pictures and I guess that is mostly the highlights of Day 1 plus food porn in next post 🙂 I am also amazed that SG MRT station has a lot of flat screen TV’s that shows ads, information and serves as surveillance too, why LRT & MRT can’t have that? plus the glass harang to avoid suicide in my opinion? and make it 3 to 5 minutes faster in ever stop? LOL

I Shall Return!

At Mc Arthur's Park in Tacloban-Samar


“I Shall Return!” As per General Mc Arthur who once said the famous line during world war 2.  

I’ve been longing to see the place since my lolo daddy grew up in Samar . It’s nice to know your roots and everything… So finally I visited the place! it was wonderful, fresh air and more tree’s that you don’t usually see in the city.  

(sorry for the low quality pic. it's from my BB)


It is really something… Also different from local cities I’ve been to during my Pilipinas City Tour. It’s actually small and most of the houses in Tacloban is big. I also noticed that their tricycle is like from the ancient times LOL 🙂  

Tricycle in Tacloban


Cutesy huh? ♥ I wanted to ride on that thing but I am so busy that I couldn’t squeezed it in to my schedule… so I just snapped it out and ta-dah! lovely foto.  

Moving on, when it comes to foodtrip you can never go wrong here:  

Stephanie's Eat ALL YOU CAN for only Php 200.00


I even had my embarrassing moment here… I went earlier than the said opening like 5-10 minutes. All the food were served and I was starving and “naglalaway” from those yummylicious foods! So I end up being the first one who get something from the buffet table together with my manager. I was curious tho’ wondering why the other customers seems like waiting for something… and there you go! 11:00 a.m. the bell rang! which means you can start now… Holy Molly! I turned red! 🙂  

Inside Stephanie's Restaurant (parang sa bahay lang ♥)


Again wait for the Bell ♥  

And yes I shall return!